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PageSeeder installation and upgrade instructions

Release Notes – Version 5.9607 (18 September 2018)


Added: references to non-PSML files to publication TOC.

66229618 Sep 20185.9606

Fixed: problems viewing and editing MathML that uses namespace prefixes.

66203617 Sep 20185.9606

Fixed: only 10 images appearing on insert image page.

66215317 Sep 20185.9606

Added: support for attribute repeat/@daysofweek in schedule-config.xml to schedule the event for only the days listed. For example:


The value must be a repeat interval of 1 day or less.

6617314 Sep 20185.9605

Added: new ps:diff ANT task that uses DiffX to add a <diff> element under each <compare> element in portable PSML.

6618503 Sep 20185.9605

Fixed: errors when deleting a document that is a publication root and has versions.

66091921 Aug 20185.9605

Fixed: possible errors when PSML contains an XML namespace.

66012031 Jul 20185.9604

Fixed: stripping XML namespaces such as MathML, and the creation of a duplicate <media-fragment> element when uploading PSML.

65974627 Jul 20185.9602

Modified: to display URLs as links in validation reports.

65981727 Jul 20185.9602

Fixed: slow saving and validation of Schematron files.

66002527 Jul 20185.9602

Fixed: saving usage schema in the wrong location and added an option to save it under a Document Type.

65974425 Jul 20185.9602

Fixed: the incorrect display of changes in document history for upload events.

65974125 Jul 20185.9602

Fixed: listing publications for a URI when using an OAuth token. Use the following new service for this:

GET /members/{member}/groups/{group}
65969024 Jul 20185.9602

Fixed: uploading a folder path with a different case to a folder or shared folder expressed with UPPER case.

6578246 Jul 20185.9600

Modified: default import and export mapping of "HTML Code" and "HTML Preformatted" styles in Word to <monospace> and <preformat> elements in PSML.

6576733 Jul 20185.9600

Added: support for the following parameters to the Default servlet:

  • publication – whether to make publication adjustments (e.g. numbering) in content - requires ps-transclude=true (default false).
  • publicationid – the ID of the publication context for this document. This will default to first publication found for URI.
  • position – the position (instance number) of this document in the publication. This will default to first embedded position.
65689729 Jun 20185.9600

Added: The following new services:

GET /groups/{group}/uris/history
GET /groups/{group}/publications
GET /groups/{group}/publications
GET /members/{member}/publications
GET /groups/{group}/uris/{uri}
POST /members/{member}/groups/
GET /members/{member}/groups/
GET /members/{member}/groups/
GET /groups/{group}/uris/
GET /groups/{group}/uris/{uri}
GET /projects/{group}/publications
POST /projects/{group}

Modified: The existing services as follows:

  • Added publicationid and publicationtype parameters to:
PATCH /members/{member}/groups/
  • Added publicationid and position parameters to:
GET /members/{member}/groups/{group}
PUT /members/{member}/groups/{group}
  • Added publicationid parameter to:
GET /members/{member}/export
GET /members/{member}/uris/{uri}
GET /members/{member}/groups/
GET /members/{member}/groups/
POST /members/{member}/groups/
65689629 Jun 20185.9600
  • Added: support for publications to ps:process ANT task by allowing the following element under <ps:process>:
  config="[publication config path]"
  rootfile="[path relative to src]"

Publications have made the following elements/attributes obsolete under <ps:process> :

  • @generatetoc
  • xrefs/@levels
  • <number>
65524229 Jun 20185.9600

Updated: default word-export-template.docx to support footnotes, endnotes and citations.

In word-export-config.xml the default/xref element has been renamed to default/xrefs. Any projects with this element must be updated.

65669927 Jun 20185.9600-beta-5

Modified: cross references (XRefs) as follows:

  • Added: support for xref-config.xml file which can be used to configure XRefs across a whole project to make it easy for users to create XRefs consistently for different purposes.
  • Updated: XRef user interface to give users a choice of predefined XRef configurations such as footnote, definition, citation and so on.
  • Added: to <xref> and <blockxref> elements an optional @config attribute and support for @display="template" to dynamically replace the following tokens in @title :
  • Added: support for @type="math" to transclude MathML or AsciiMath equations inline.

For consistency editor-config.json files have been replaced by editor-config.xml files (files will be automatically converted when PageSeeder is started).

To preserve the integrity of template files in a source code control systems, the new editor-config.xml files created by PageSeeder must be copied in and the old editor-config.json files removed.

6380925 Jun 20185.9600-beta-4

Fixed: duplicate document label problem when multiple document-config.xml specify the same creation label.

6560014 Jun 20185.9600-beta-4

Modified: indexing of .docx files so the document.xml file is indexed as XML. Also increased the default maxIndexingSize to 30MB. For docx this means the uncompressed size of document.xml.

6559614 Jun 20185.9600-beta-4

Modified: services and default servlet so that gzip is used for response only if content size > 1024 bytes and gzip is accepted by client.

6547054 Jun 20185.9600-beta-4

Added: support for publications document collections expressed by embed or transclude XRefs and stored in a document with a publication ID. Among other thins, this enables documents to be displayed as part of a numbered table of contents spanning multiple documents.

6543461 Jun 20185.9600-beta-4

Fixed: list-uri-discussions service returning empty archived discussions when archived=false.

65589928 May 20185.9600-beta-3

Added: "Sort by" option to Image search pages.

65473825 May 20185.9600-beta-3

Fixed: problem with folder names that have a space, when displaying bread crumb bar in Search and Images pages.

65474125 May 20185.9600-beta-3

Added: Created date and Version date to Change columns dialog on Search page.

65559025 May 20185.9600-beta-3

Added: the following fields to the index for comments and updated index version to 5401:

65423723 May 20185.9600-beta-3

Added: support for displaying and editing AsciiMath to the standard perspective.

65546223 May 20185.9600-beta-3

Fixed: markdown problem when line starts with 4 spaces within fenced text.

65530221 May 20185.9600-beta-3

Upgraded: to Lucene v5.5.5 for Java 9 support.

65537016 May 20185.9600-beta-3

Added: 'Validate All' button on Publish scripts page to check all ANT scripts for obsolete or deprecated code.

65530815 May 20185.9600-beta-3

Removed: preview page from document view because table of contents and numbering are now available through the publication feature.

65397415 May 20185.9600-beta-3

Added: a location filter to the Edit sheet which also preserves the location when navigating to the Edit Sheet from the Search or Document browse pages.

65474215 May 20185.9600-beta-3

Fixed: problem with deleting Edit Notes.

65466515 May 20185.9600-beta-3

Modified: document activity page to be consistent with the individual document history page and added an “Export as CSV” button to both pages.

Added: filters for location, label and document type to document activity page.

64207315 May 20185.9600-beta-3

Modified: upload so that each document has an upload event even when numbers are large. But not to list documents in the upload notification if numbers exceed the


(default number is 20).

65383615 May 20185.9600-beta-3

Modified: upload to log a warning, rather than fail, on a validation error in the PSML metadata.

65385215 May 20185.9600-beta-3

Added: to services and the Default servlet, support for CORS requests from URLs matching any OAuth client URI configured in PageSeeder.

65279415 May 20185.9600-beta-3

Modified: the document view page now automatically outlines transclusions on mouse over.

65291415 May 20185.9600-beta-3

Fixed: problem when starting PageSeeder with Java 9, by upgrading to Tomcat 9.0.8, Tika 1.18 and adding JAXB library.

65281215 May 20185.9600-beta-3

Fixed: the display of edit notes created after a version not appearing with that version.

65471311 Apr 20185.9600-beta-3

Fixed: problem inserting image by listing images from another group.

65397526 Mar 20185.9600-beta-3
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