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PageSeeder installation and upgrade instructions

Release Notes – Version 5.7121 (2 May 2015)


Added: progress for currently running exports in Admin Console page and improved performance of export for deep folder structures.


2 May 2015


Modified: ps:process Ant task so that "Transclusion depth is suspiciously high" message only appears if depth > 10, added source/target path to message and made it appear as WARNING level in publish logs.


2 May 2015


Added: support to edit-group-member service for role parameter.


2 May 2015


Fixed: problem selecting XRef labels in Internet Explorer.


7 Apr 2015


Fixed: error deleting fragments that have not been edited.


1 Apr 2015


Fixed: XRef titles not being indexed in PSML documents.


30 Mar 2015


Fixed: table column properties not being updated when editing PSML.

53463519 Mar 20155.7116

Fixed: problem with image upload when editing PSML using Google Chrome.

53513619 Mar 20155.7116

Added: to document browse an option to "Apply sharing" for non-default group folders.

53761019 Mar 20155.7116

Fixed: upload overwrite creating extra edits and unresolved XRefs when @level attribute is changed.

53724219 Mar 20155.7116
Fixed: error on revert to original when there are XRefs after converting documents to PSML To avoid this error you need to upgrade to this version BEFORE converting to PSML. 53467425 Feb 20155.7113

Added: support for <options editnote="[optional|prompt|required"/> under <editor> elements in the PSML document-config.xml. They need to be under <editing override="true"> to override the default editor options and can have the following values:

  • optional: user is not prompted to enter an edit note (default).
  • prompt: user is prompted to enter an edit note but may save without typing or selecting an edit label.
  • required: user is prompted to enter an edit note and must type something or select an edit label before saving.
53319224 Feb 20155.7112

Fixed: problem uploading multiple images while editing a PSML document.

53176023 Feb 20155.7112

Fixed: PSML source editor problem when editing images and tables.

53373423 Feb 20155.7112

Fixed: old reverse XRefs still being displayed when a document is uploaded onto itself with different fragment IDs.

53443523 Feb 20155.7112

Fixed: only 100 Reverse XRefs displayed for PSML documents. The limit is now taken from the maxReverseXRefs - default 1000.

If maxReverseXRefs is changed, the document cache needs to be cleared for it to take effect.
50695320 Feb 20155.7112

Fixed: workflow updates in comment thread page not being indexed.

53405918 Feb 20155.7112

Added: @docid attribute on <xref>, <blockxref> and <reversexref> when outputting PSML.

53410317 Feb 20155.7112

Fixed: error adding workflows via search results when there is a custom status.

5325116 Feb 20155.7111

Fixed: move error when document has no default group.

5325106 Feb 20155.7111

Fixed: some images in transcluded tables not displaying in document view.

5323654 Feb 20155.7111

Added: back to index the latest pspriority, psduedate and psassignedto for PSML documents.

5323644 Feb 20155.7111

Improved: performance of document cache for shared documents.

5323634 Feb 20155.7111

Improved: performance of list-group-members and list-group-members-details services.

Subgroup members are now not returned if members or usernames parameters are specified.
5317792 Feb 20155.7109

Fixed: reverse XRefs in document view not appearing if too many XRefs or if internal to the document.

5313752 Feb 20155.7109

Improved: performance of find-group-members and create-group services.

53152328 Jan 20155.7108

Fixed: some groups/members missing from list groups page and find member services.

53038319 Jan 20155.7107

Improved: conversion of PS standard XML tables with cell widths to PSML tables with col widths.

53023114 Jan 20155.7106

Fixed: labels not working and sometimes not appearing on new document page.

53020214 Jan 20155.7106

Fixed: edit clash detection not working in PSML.

52985013 Jan 20155.7105

Fixed: transcluded images not being displayed in document view.

53015213 Jan 20155.7105

Fixed: problem with edits to PSML by deleted members not being loaded.

5298176 Jan 20155.7105

Fixed: problem importing docx files when "Use external configuration" is ticked.

52940419 Dec 20145.7104

Fixed: same label appearing twice if defined for project and document type.

52934919 Dec 20145.7104

Added: support for setting the maximum number of concurrent HTTP connections in Tomcat on Linux using "service pageseeder config".

52934417 Dec 20145.7104

Added: support to for:

  • MaxConnections - the maximum number of connections in the database pool - default 100.
  • If MaxConnections > 140 (and < 990), it is recommended to add the following to /etc/my.cnf on Linux just under [mysqld].
  • max_connections=1000
  • open_files_limit=8192
52859215 Dec 20145.7103

Fixed: possible problem with email notifications not being sent in groups with more than 20 members.

52750025 Nov 20145.7102

Added: support for assigning tasks to subgroup members.

52731524 Nov 20145.7102

Fixed: due date not appearing on task notifications.

52755224 Nov 20145.7102

Fixed: Resolve Cross-references corrupting documents with unresolved XRefs in <properties-fragment> or <xref-fragment>.

DO NOT USE Resolve Cross-references on PSML documents in PageSeeder versions less than 5.7101.

52739718 Nov 20145.7101

Fixed: possible error creating personal groups after new install.

52733317 Nov 20145.7100

Fixed: possible unresolved XRefs with labels after conversion to PSML. If this occurs, use Resolve cross-references on the Group Manage page to fix them.

52726817 Nov 20145.7100

Added: database constraint to stop duplicate subgroups being created.

52720212 Nov 20145.7100

Fixed: problems using preserve email address [group]

52616011 Nov 20145.7002

Fixed: possible access forbidden error when exporting shared documents.

5260175 Nov 20145.7002

Fixed: destination on Upload Documents page not updated when breadcrumb bar is changed.

5254605 Nov 20145.7002

Fixed: Rename option on Group Manage page missing.

5254093 Nov 20145.7002
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