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PageSeeder installation and upgrade instructions


Following are the details to upgrade an existing PageSeeder installation.

Before upgrading, backup the PageSeeder install folder and the PageSeeder database. To preserve the cache, stop the PageSeeder service before backing up.

Before upgrading, read the NOTE sections in all relevant release notes to ensure all necessary upgrade steps have been followed.

To upgrade from an old version of PageSeeder, see Upgrading (from version 5.6 or earlier).

To upgrade from a recent beta version, use the following normal procedures. If you have any questions about options for upgrades, contact Allette Systems.


To upgrade from version 5.7 or higher follow these steps:

If not installed already, install Java 8 or higher (see which version of java) as follows:

  • Go to  and choose Java for Developers / Java SE.
  • Download the JDK or JRE .exe for windows (x64 for 64 bit) and run it.

Stop the PageSeeder windows service (if there is one).

Download the latest pageseeder-x.exe file, available under the Install folder on the Download page and run it.

Once the install commences, follow the instructions provided by the on-screen prompts.

It might take a few minutes to update the database after PageSeeder starts. To see the progress or if PageSeeder fails to start, view the pageseeder/webapp/WEB-INF/state/logs/general/general.log file.


To upgrade from version 5.7 or higher, follow these steps:

To upgrade to Open JDK 8 enter:

$ sudo yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk
$ sudo alternatives --config java

Stop the PageSeeder service as follows:

$ sudo service pageseeder stop

Install the latest PageSeeder production version as follows:

$ sudo yum update pageseeder

To upgrade to a beta version use rpm and remove hyphens from the version identifier. So, if the source version is called: 
change it to this:
fully expanded, the version name should follow this pattern: 

So, to upgrade to a beta PageSeeder, use the following URL but replace [ver.num~ber] with a valid beta identifier:

$ sudo rpm -Uvh[ver.num~ber]-1.noarch.rpm

When first upgrading from 5.7, configure Tomcat 8 as follows (if upgraded to Open JDK 8 or higher remove -XX:MaxPermSize=128m when prompted):

$ sudo service pageseeder config

Start the PageSeeder service as follows:

$ sudo service pageseeder start

After the update, it might take a few minutes for the database to start. To check the progress, or if PageSeeder fails to start, view the log file.

$ cat /opt/pageseeder/webapp/WEB-INF/state/logs/general/general.log

During the update any warnings such as ... created ... .rpmnew or under Cleanup No such file or directory can usually be ignored.

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