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PageSeeder installation and upgrade instructions

Release Notes – Version 5.9303 (2 May 2017)


Added: option to display XRef labels on document view page.

6265602 May 20175.9300

Removed: the following servlets:


Any projects using these servlets directly should be modified to use services instead.

6266211 May 20175.9300

Modified: default notification in user interface to be 'minimal' only if the task/workflow has been assigned.

6262981 May 20175.9300

Added: the following services:

GET /members/{member}/discussions
GET /groups/{group}/unsubscribe
POST /groups/{group}/unsubscribe
DELETE /members/{member}

Modified: the following services:

GET /members/{member}/tasks/find

Added: project parameter.

GET /members/{member}/uris/{uri}/discussions
GET /uris/{uri}/discussions
GET /members/{member}/uris/{uri}/fragments
GET /uris/{uri}/fragments
GET /members/{member}/discussions/forurl
GET /discussions/forurl

Added: archived parameter and support for comments=none, improved performance.

GET /members/{member}/projects/find
  • Added titleprefix and archived parameters.
POST /members/{member}/groups
  • Added from and groups parameters.
POST /groups/{group}/members/invite
  • Added firstname, surname parameters and removed extended group XML from response.
POST /groups/{group}/members/inviteself
POST /groups/{group}/members/{member}/manage
PATCH /groups/{group}/members/{member}
POST /groups/{group}/members
GET /members/{member}/invitations
  • Removed extended group XML from response.
POST /members/{member}/unlock
  • Changed response <member-account locked="false"> to <member-unlock>.
GET /groups/{group}/externaluris
​​​​GET /groups/{group}/externaluris
GET /groups/{group}/hosts/{host}
  • Added archivedfolders parameter.
62656728 Apr 20175.9300

Added: the following fields to the index for comments and tasks:

  • pscontexturiid: the ID of the URI a comment or task was posted on. If there was no URI (i.e. general context) it will be 0.
  • pscontextfragment: the URI fragment that a comment or task was posted on. If there was no specific fragment it will be default.
62628011 Apr 20175.9300-beta-8

Deprecated: @includes and @excludes attributes on all elements in ps:process ANT task to resolve issues with dynamic values containing commas.

Any implementations that use these attributes should be modified to use <include name=""/> or <exclude name=""/> elements.

62618011 Apr 20175.9300-beta-8

Modified:  URLs (external URIs) as follows:

  • Add "psurl" index field for URLs and an option to display in the table view of search results.
  • Add "pshost" index field for URLs and support it as a facet in the search interface.
  • Add "List URLs in group" link to bookmarklet web form.
  • Improve performance for groups with large numbers of URLs (>200k).
  • Add settings icon for the following options at the top of the browse URL page:
    • Hierarchical view
    • Show archived URLs
    • Display path & date

If existing URLs are not visible in the hierarchical view, archiving and then re-creating the deepest URL in the hierarchy should fix the problem.

6260043 Apr 20175.9300-beta-8

Added: degree symbol to CK editor "Insert special character" dialog.

62594128 Mar 20175.9300-beta-8

Modified: the notify options as follows:

  • Email replies to tasks use notify 'minimal' by default. This is the same as the UI.
  • Notify 'minimal' now includes discussion authors as well as the assigned member and approvers. Except for workflows which only include assigned member and approvers.
  • Notify 'minimal' is now enabled for comments.
62580727 Mar 20175.9300-beta-8

Enabled: 'Add label' and 'Remove label' in search results column view for URLs.

62574427 Mar 20175.9300-beta-8

Modified: URLs (external URIs) so that query parameter order is preserved but URL queries are still order insensitive.

62579427 Mar 20175.9300-beta-8

Modified: performance for faster browsing in groups with large numbers of URLs (external URIs) .

62574027 Mar 20175.9300-beta-8

Enabled: notification emails for comments with contenttype not equal to text/plain. In this case notify defaults to silent.

62584322 Mar 20175.9300-beta-8

Fixed: problem uploading URLs containing '&' or missing the port number.

62562413 Mar 20175.9300-beta-8

Modified: default of statusBroadcastApprovers group property to "Resolved,Complete" so approvers will now receive notification when a task/workflow is changed to Resolved or Complete.

6253818 Mar 20175.9300-beta-8

Added: support for "Service provider" PageSeeder license. It has a 28 character product key beginning with "s" as opposed to the "Standard" license which uses 27 characters. A "Service provider" or "Developer" license is required to enable organization customization features. A "Developer" license can only be used on localhost or *.localhost URLs.

6254033 Mar 20175.9300-beta-8

Fixed: empty search results when selected facet value contains a comma.

6250942 Mar 20175.9300-beta-4

Modified: email subject handling as described below to stop "re: xxx re: xxx re: xxx ..." being added to thread titles for custom emails:

  • By default, the subject / title on replies will be ignored and the title of the source comment will persist. In other words, the thread title cannot be changed by email.
  • If the group property "Mail New Thread By Title" is true (default is false) and the previous comment title string is not in the reply title of the email message, a new thread will be created by the reply.
61585222 Feb 20175.9300-beta-3

Added: the following notify option (tasks/workflows only), ensured that only group members are ever notified and that notify Silent will never send a notification:

  • Minimal: Send notification to assigned member, and depending on status, to group approvers

Also added notification settings to ensure that members with 'Announcements only' will only ever receive announcements from the group.

  • Essential: Receive only tasks assigned to me and replies to my posts
  • Weekly digest: same as Essential plus any new comments and tasks in a single message delivered weekly.

The Status Change Broadcast group property is deprecated and no longer used.

In order to keep receiving tasks assignments and message replies, members with notification set to 'Announcements only' must change it to 'Essential'.

62366721 Feb 20175.9300-beta-3

Added: organization-config.xml to more easily customize PageSeeder to support:

  • Custom legal agreements such as terms and conditions or a license can be presented to, and accepted by, users when they log in. 
  • Re-branded user interface pages to include organization logos and formatting styles.
  • Customized messages that reflect branding and modified links. This covers messages relayed to the group from members or any generated by the system, such as lost password.
  • Logins that restrict membership to email accounts from specific domains only. For example or

The organization config is only enabled for users with a “Developer” or “Service provider” license.

56195421 Feb 20175.9300-beta-3

Added: the following to member management:

  • Find/Create/Import members through the new Admin > Members page.
  • Find members supports fuzzy matches.
  • “Add/Invite member to another group” option will search by group title and support custom member details fields.
62377621 Feb 20175.9300-beta-3

Added: support for licenseExpires date in the which is tied to the productKey. From that date most pages under the Admin menu and all email notifications will be disabled. The date must be in ISO 8859 format YYYY-MM-DD and cannot be changed without a new product key. It can be entered on the setup pages where product key is also entered.

62444421 Feb 20175.9300-beta-3

Added: numerical ordering of document titles that start with numbers when browsing.

62448821 Feb 20175.9300-beta-3

Added: support for the following new type on publishing script <param> elements:

  • localdocumentversion – drop-down list of document versions used in the current document.
62387220 Feb 20175.9300-beta-3

Added: a More button to Document history page when there are more than 100 events.

62117410 Feb 20175.9300-beta-3

Added: improved validation reporting that lists the processing of document by 'folder', 'extension' and 'document type' and a 'Run again' button.

6159938 Feb 20175.9300-beta-3

Fixed: problem on Linux with image metadata not being embedded when the exported image src contains "..".

6237686 Feb 20175.9300-beta-3

Added: an “unsubscribe” link in emails displaying a page where users could unsubscribe without logging in.

Also restricted notification emails to group members only, even for public groups. Removed the user option for the notifyFromAddress group property so real email addresses are never revealed.

6156563 Feb 20175.9300-beta-3

Fixed:autosuggest” in editor-config.json returning incorrect results when using "with" "psancestor".

6159223 Feb 20175.9300-beta-3

Modified: permission so users now do not need to logout and login again to access a new group they have joined.

6163254 Jan 20175.9300-beta-3

Modified: service PATCH /members/{member} to not send a password changed email if member status is set-password (i.e. the member is setting up their account).

6161843 Jan 20175.9300-beta-3

Fixed: 404 error when using old ps-request ANT task caused by /ps/ps in URL.

61592420 Dec 20165.9300-beta-3
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