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PageSeeder installation and upgrade instructions

Release Notes – Version 6.0000 beta 7 (27 June 2022)


Fixed: warning "Looking for non existent catalog file" appearing in logs.

85432824 Jun 20226.000-beta-6

Fixed: unticking "Send a welcome email" in create member panel not working.

85676124 Jun 20226.000-beta-6

Fixed: folders containing space not being indexed.

85486815 Jun 20226.000-beta-4

Deprecated: the value assign-all-comments in reviewerEnable and contributorDisable global properties.

Now reviewers and contributors can always assign or be assigned tasks.

8545708 Jun 20226.000-beta-1

Modified: PageSeeder to use SubEthaSMTP for email instead of James but an external email server is now required for outgoing email. Also added an Email settings page and support for the global properties: smtpServerSSLsmtpServerSTARTTLS.

If the smtpServerAddress in is set to localhost outgoing email will no longer work. This property must be changed to an external email server or email provider such as Gmail, Mailgun or SendGrid.

8530548 Jun 20226.000-beta-1

Added: support for signing in to PageSeeder with an external identity from Google or Microsoft using a portal app and the webapp/WEB-INF/config/external-identity.xml configuration file. For more information see the Help on the System configuration > External identity page.

8524878 Jun 20226.000-beta-1

Modifications to the Version 6 user interface:

  • Added: editing of PSML source in edit mode or using single fragment editor in read mode.
  • Added: quick fix for schematron validation.
  • Added: list of recent searches.
  • Added: minimal view option selected by default for guests or reviewers.
  • Added: template samples.
  • Renamed: the page Document types to Template configuration.
  • Added: Schematron tab to Template configuration page.
  • Removed: access to the version 5 user interface.
  • Improved: the Server indexing page.
69080727 Jun 20226.000-beta-6

Updated: PageSeeder to require Java 11. Also updated Tomcat to v9.0.63.

Java 11 must be installed on the server BEFORE upgrading PageSeeder to v6.

8552078 Jun 20226.000-beta-1

Updated: Lucene to v9.2 and increased PageSeeder index version to 9201. Also added psxreftype, psreversexreftype,  pspropertyname and psmetadataname index fields.

All groups and URLs MUST BE RE-INDEXED from the Server indexing page after upgrading PageSeeder.

81344427 Jun 20226.000-beta-6

Removed: default schematron and media template files.

If required they can be added to individual projects by clicking the Load button when editing a template file or the Create button in the Template files page.

8551837 Jun 20226.000-beta-1

Added: the following services and servlets (all services and some servlets can now be accessed under /ps/api/):

GET  /authenticate
POST /authenticate
GET  /properties
POST /members/import
POST /groups/{group}/members/import

Removed: the following deprecated ANT tasks and namespace com.pageseeder.external.ant:


Removed: the following deprecated or old servlets:


Removed: the following deprecated services:

GET  /caches/{name}/info
POST /members/create
POST /groups/{group}/members/create
POST /groups/{group}/members/{member}/delete
POST /groups/{group}/members/{member}/inviteself
POST /members/{member}/edit
GET  /members/{member}/details
POST /groups/{group}/subgroups/{subgroup}/edit
GET  /members/{member}/projectfind
GET  /members/{member}/projects
POST /members/{member}/projects/create
POST /members/{member}/projects/{group}/edit
GET  /members/{member}/projects/{group}
GET  /members/{member}/projects/{group}/subprojects
GET  /groups/{group}/groupfolders
POST /groups/{group}/groupfolders
POST /groups/{group}/groupfolders/create
GET  /groups/{group}/groupfolders/forurl
PATCH /groups/{group}/groupfolders/{id}
POST /groups/{group}/folders/create
GET  /groups/{group}/folders/forurl
POST /members/{member}/groups/create
POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}/edit
GET  /members/{member}/groups/{group}
GET  /groups/{group}/members/{member}/details
POST /groups/{group}/members/{member}/edit
POST /groups/{group}/members/{member}/registration
POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}/converttopsml
POST /members/{member}/resolvestandard
GET  /groups/{group}/images/find
POST /groups/{group}/images/find
POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}/publications
GET  /members/{member}/groups/{group}/uris/forurl
POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}/externaluris
PATCH /members/{member}/groups/{group}/externaluris/{uri}
DELETE /members/{member}/groups/{group}/externaluris/{uri}
POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}/externaluris/{uri}
POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}/externaluris/{uri}
POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}/externaluris/{uri}
POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}/uris/{uri}/xrefs
POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}/uris/{uri}/xrefs
POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}/uris/{uri}/properties
POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}/uris/{uri}/fragments
POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}/uris/{uri}/fragments
POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}/uris/{uri}/drafts
POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}/uris/{uri}/delete
POST /members/{member}/hosts/{host}/update
GET  /members/{member}/tasks/filter
GET  /tasks/filter
GET  /members/{member}/comments/filter
GET  /comments/filter
POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}/comments/{commentid}/reply
POST /groups/{group}/comments/{commentid}/reply
POST /members/{member}/comments/{commentid}/edit
POST /groups/{group}/resources/create
GET  /groups/{group}/resources/get
POST /groups/{group}/resources/put
POST /groups/{group}/resources/delete
POST /groups/{group}/documenttypes/converttopsml
GET  /groups/{group}/autocomplete/{field}
GET  /groups/{group}/autosuggest/fields
GET  /restartmail

Deprecated: the following servlets:

  • Login: use /authenticate servlet instead.
  • ImportMembers: use /members/import and /groups/{group}/members/import services instead.

Modified: the following servlets:

  • Setup: can now be accessed via the paths /api/setup/api/setup.xml/api/setup.json. The parameter names and output have been made more consistent but the old parameters are still currently accepted.
  • Default: added support for path parameter but no longer supports path info for accessing documents. Use /uri?path= instead.

Modified: the following services:

  • POST /members/resetpassword: removed support for key parameter (use token instead) and empty member-password (use GET /members/{member} service instead).
  • POST /groups/{group}/members/resetpassword: removed support for key parameter (use token instead) and empty member-password (use GET /members/{member} service instead).
  • GET  /members/{member}/activate: removed support for key parameter, use token instead.
  • GET  /members/{member}/memberships: added support for parameter inherited=true.
  • GET  /self/memberships: added support for parameter inherited=true.

Modified: the following ANT tasks:

  • process: removed support for @includes@excludes (use elements instead) and process/@generatetocxrefs/@levelsprocess/number (use publication config instead).
  • export: removed support for @resolveimages (use @loadimages instead) and @imagemetadataonly (use @binarymetadataonly instead).

Removed: the following config options:

  • organization-config.xml: removed support for values brick and lime in ui/style/@theme and for 1400 x 73 pixel images in ui/images/@logo-filename.
  • document-config.xml: removed support for attributes @name@mediatype@format on <editor> and attributes @html@tidy on <options>
  • xref-config.xml and editor-config.xml: removed support for attribute xref-config/target/@new as editing new target documents is no longer supported.

BEFORE upgrading PageSeeder use the Templates > Validate page under System administration to find and remove deprecated configuration options. Also BEFORE upgrading check the General logs for any warning about Request to service/servlet deprecated and update the app making the request.

You can no longer access documents using path info. In v6 use the path parameter (or docPath in v5 or v6). For example instead of /ps/acme/specs/my.psml use /ps/uri?path=/ps/acme/specs/my.psml

8525786 Jun 20226.000-beta-1

Modified: the Setup page to use the v6 style and changed the URL to https://[server]/ps/ui/setup.html

8549686 Jun 20226.000-beta-1

Fixed: existing table row properties not preserved when editing and display height of empty rows too small.

85361927 May 20226.000-beta-1

Fixed: default document labels not applied when creating a document of the same type twice from the insert xref dialog.

85354227 May 20226.000-beta-1

Modified: storage for new documents so that original PSML content is now stored in the database instead of the filesystem to improve reliability.

64207923 May 20226.000-beta-1

Modified: the database as follows:

  • Removed old table: DGROUP_FOR_URI
  • Removed the following unused fields on the MEMBER table: DateOfBirth, BounceDate, BounceSent, BadLogins.
  • Increased the size of the following fields on MySQL in the CONTENT table: Data to LONGTEXT, BinaryData to MEDIUMBLOB.

BEFORE upgrading backup the database. After upgrading, PageSeeder may take a while to start as it processes the schema updates.

84840023 May 20226.000-beta-1

Modified: document versions to use [major].[minor] format instead of treating them as decimal numbers, so that for example 1.10 will now be considered higher than 1.2. Also deprecated the following group properties which are no longer supported: documentTimeVersionStatic and documentTimeVersionIncrementing.

In some rare cases specifying a version to export which is higher than the document version may return a different version to previously, because PageSeeder chooses the next highest version.

85463820 May 20226.000-beta-1

Removed: support for old password format and blank passwords.

Any accounts created more than 10 years ago that have not changed their password in the last 10 years as per the warning message that has been appearing since that time must reset their password to access PageSeeder.

85461820 May 20226.000-beta-1

Added: support for target/@username in schedule-config.xml to run a scheduled publish script as a particular member. Also added support to publish tasks for access tokens so that the start publish services can now be invoked using a token instead of username/password.

65172411 May 20226.000-beta-1

Fixed: xref type sometimes set to none instead of math when a new target document is created while creating a math xref.

85353119 Apr 20226.000-beta-1

Fixed: project name instead of title being displayed on home page and menu when user is not a direct member of the project.

85322219 Apr 20226.000-beta-1

Fixed: current publication changing when clicking a TOC entry that is also used in another publication.

8533095 Apr 20226.000-beta-1

Added: support for global property sessionTimeout. If a user has not accessed PageSeeder for this many minutes they will be signed out automatically, unless they ticked remember me (default 120).

Any projects requiring the previous default value of 600 (10 hours) should set this value in the file.

85185223 Mar 20226.000-beta-1

Added: support for MySQL JDBC Connector/J v8 but it must be v8.0.23 or higher and using JDK 11+. On PageSeeder v6 or higher do not use Connector/J v5 due to a security issue. MySQL v8 is still not supported.

After upgrading to v6 download Connector/J v8.0.23 or higher and replace the mysql-connector-java-5.x.x.jar file with the v8 jar file under pageseeder/webapp/WEB-INF/lib and pageseeder/webapp/WEB-INF/drivers. Also modify pageseeder/webapp/WEB-INF/config/ to have DBDriver=com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver.

8517261 Mar 20226.000-beta-1

Added: IP address to access logs.

85249222 Mar 20226.000-beta-1

Fixed: License page setting licenseExpires=null instead of licenseExpires= in if users click on the License expires field before submitting.

85268014 Mar 20226.000-beta-1

Removed: support for quick_links.psml and changed title on new index.psml documents to "About".

Any groups using quick links should add the equivalent v6 links to the About page or use publications.

8524864 Mar 20226.000-beta-1

Fixed: error doing side-by-side compare on any document when running PageSeeder on JDK 11.

8516791 Mar 20226.000-beta-1

Fixed: not all groups listed when creating or editing a comment or task on a shared document.

8492891 Mar 20226.000-beta-1
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