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PageSeeder installation and upgrade instructions

Release Notes – Version 5.9203 (29 November 2016)


Modified: ps:process ANT task to make all XRef href attributes in embeded/transcluded content relative to the processed document.

Any projects relying on the original href value will need to be modified to use the new relative path.

61358128 Nov 20165.9200

Added: a Help link to the relevant developer documentation at the top right when editing any configuration file.

61327723 Nov 20165.9200-beta-4

Added: Publish scripts page on Publisher accessible to administrators via a link on the project Toolbox page. It shows a list of configured and unconfigured publish scripts with links to edit the configuration and create or edit corresponding ANT scripts.

61156723 Nov 20165.9200-beta-4

Added: Member publish configurations page on Publisher. It allows any manager to edit the PDF export and Word import/export config files specific to themselves without affecting the project. Editing can be done via the Edit config link on the Export and Upload pages.

61312823 Nov 20165.9200-beta-4

Added: Publish configurations page on Publisher accessible to project managers via a link on the Document config page. It allows editing of PDF export and Word import/export config files for a project or for specific document types in that project if applicable.

61155523 Nov 20165.9200-beta-4

Added: optional First name and Surname fields on the invite member page.

57766622 Nov 20165.9200-beta-4

Added: support for embedded images in incoming emails and the following group property:

  • ignoreEmbeddedAttachmentSize: Embedded files in incoming emails below this number of bytes will be ignored (default 20000).

Also, disabled embedding of images in outgoing emails by default except when PageSeeder webSiteAddress=localhost or *.localhost and added the following global property:

  • emailEmbedImages: A boolean indicating that images in outgoing emails should be embedded as attachments - useful for intranet testing (default false).
61326722 Nov 20165.9200-beta-4

Created: the following new ANT tasks supporting ps:config settings and deprecated the corresponding old tasks.

  • ps:loadingzone-delete
  • ps:loadingzone-get
  • ps:loadingzone-put

Projects using the old tasks ps-upload-delete, ps-upload-get, ps-upload-put should be updated to use the new tasks though the old ones will still work in this version.

61150021 Nov 20165.9200-beta-4

Split and renamed: The ps-ant-[pdf|docx|epub]-x.jar files have been split and renamed to
pso-[pdf|docx|epub]-ant-x.jar and
pso-[pdf|docx|epub]-core-x.jar .
Their java packages have been renamed from
com.pageseeder.ant.[pdf|docx|epub] to

Any projects using the old jars should be modified to use the new jars and package names.
Also ANT scripts containing xmlns:psx="antlib:com.pageseeder.ant.
should be modified to use
though the old format will still work in this version.

61144518 Nov 20165.9200-beta-4

Added: option to display description in search results table view.

61326414 Nov 20165.9200-beta-4

Added: URL labels which are now used by URLs (external URIs) in PageSeeder (previously URLs used document labels).

6128018 Nov 20165.9200-beta-4

Fixed: DocX import preview so that it shows a preview of the PSML documents.

6040307 Nov 20165.9200-beta-4

Added: psauthorid and psassignedtoid fields to index and increased index version to 5003.

6130674 Nov 20165.9200-beta-4

Added: automatic validation of configuration files word-import-config.xml, word-export-config.xml and pdf-export-config.xml in publisher when saving.

61155431 Oct 20165.9200-beta-3

Modified: The PageSeeder publisher has been modified to support OAuth so that a single sign-on login will give administrators access to both PageSeeder and the publisher.

After upgrading to v5.92 the first time, an administrator needs to login to PageSeeder and click "publisher setup" on their home page when the message "PageSeeder publisher is not registered, please click publisher setup" is displayed. This will register the publisher with OAuth and enable access to the publisher user interface. For new installations, it should happen automatically as part of the PageSeeder setup.

61144728 Oct 20165.9200-beta-3

Ensured: that empty configuration files are not created via the project files page.

61279526 Oct 20165.9200-beta-3

PageSeeder now requires Java 8 release 91-2 or later.

PageSeeder servers must have Java 1.8.0_91-2 or later installed before upgrading to v5.92+.
Versions of Java 8 earlier than 91-2 may give an error when setting up the publisher due to HTTPS certificate issues.

61284026 Oct 20165.9200-beta-3

Renamed: The ps-external-api-x.jar has been renamed to pageseeder-publish-api-x.jar and it's java packages have been renamed from com.pageseeder.external to

Any projects using the old jar should be modified to use the new jar and package names. Also, ANT scripts containing xmlns:ps="antlib:com.pageseeder.external.ant" should be modified to use xmlns:ps="antlib:com.pageseeder.publishapi.ant" though the old format will still work in this version.

61283126 Oct 20165.9200-beta-3

Fixed: "More about document labels..." on New document page displaying duplicate labels.

61182526 Oct 20165.9200-beta-3

Fixed: the filter by label functionality on the search results for Insert XRef, Move comment and Moderate comment pages.

61188525 Oct 20165.9200-beta-3

Fixed: "on vacation" email option not being displayed correctly.

61192025 Oct 20165.9200-beta-3

Fixed: possible problems with multiple and trailing slashes in the document-config.xml attributes context and path.

61251821 Oct 20165.9200-beta-3

When upgrading to v5.92 for the first time, the document cache will be cleared due to java class name changes.

The document cache can be primed again if desired by reindexing the whole server via Dev > Server indexing.

61269121 Oct 20165.9200-beta-3
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