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PageSeeder installation and upgrade instructions

Release Notes – Version 5.3002 (6 May 2013)

referenced by 5.3002: Download PageSeeder 5.0002 (reverse links to be added)

The ps-external-api-2.0.3.jar in the ps-publisher is not compatible with this version of PageSeeder which can cause errors when importing documents. To fix this the ps-external-api-2.0.2.jar should be downloaded and copied to pageseeder/ps-publisher/WEB-INF/lib replacing ps-external-api-2.0.3.jar. Then restart the PageSeeder service.

The following features have been added:


Added: "Resolve Cross-references" developer option on the Upload Documents page (ticked by default) and added a "Resolve unresolved cross-references" option in the Group Manage page. This is useful if the xref target documents do not exist at upload time and allows them to be resolved later.


05 May 2013


Added: support for @defaulttype attribute on <section> element which will default new content added to that section to the corresponding template type specified in the Document/*SecTemplates.xml


03 May 2013


Added: support for "autosuggest" configuration option in PS Label Values editor to customize the behavior of the autosuggest box for fields of type "xref", same as in the PS XRef List editor. Also allowed multiple xrefs and fixed problem with Create Document button.


01 May 2013


The following changes have been made:


Fixed: problem in Export to Word with images and with nested inline labels and changed the order of the export options


22 Apr 2013


Fixed: problem with image browsing not working


09 Apr 2013


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