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 Universal format

Portable, metadata and processed PSML

Universal format

The Universal format is a file organization designed to improve the portability of PageSeeder data. It can be thought of as the PageSeeder document data interface.

This format has been standard since PageSeeder Version 5.2. To meet the broadest range of use cases while still providing an optimal experience for developers, the format is defined in three variations: 

  • Universal metadata format – used to define metadata for non-PSML files.
  • Universal portable format – an expression of the format that has been optimized to deliver maximum fidelity and portability.
  • Universal processed format – designed for output rather than interchange, this variation will appeal to developers integrating PageSeeder with workflows based on Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, XML or other technologies.


Documents in the Universal format are in PageSeeder Markup Language (PSML) format. “PSML Quick Reference” can be downloaded from the download area.

Custom PSML document types can be created using PSML config files.

For sample documents, see PSML Sample Code.

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