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PageSeeder installation and upgrade instructions

Release Notes – Version 5.6012 (2 June 2014)


Fixed: duplicate membership problem when doing multiple Import Members simultaneously and improved performance importing to groups with many members.

51122930 May 20145.6012

Fixed: duplicate folder being created and title containing '//' when uploading to a folder with a space in it's name.

51113327 May 20145.6009

Fixed: possible error "null" when deleting documents.

51056326 May 20145.6009

Fixed: possible slowness and out of memory error when viewing Admin > Console page by automatically deleting old summary-[date].xml log files.

51027726 May 20145.6009

Added: document labels to New URL page used by URL bookmarklet. Also added list-labels service to get the labels configuration for a group.

50797720 May 20145.6008

Fixed: edit options menu appearing on top of content when new content is added to a PS Standard XML document.

50810020 May 20145.6008

Added: elements to Membership services as follows:

  • <member> to list-member-memberships

  • <group|project> to list-group-members

  • <group|project> to list-group-members-details

  • <group|project> to find-group-members

50791416 May 20145.6007

Increased: database connection pool maximum size to 100 for better performance.

50712314 May 20145.6005

Moved: the search box to the top of the Move Comment page so that it's easier to see the auto-complete list.

50471213 May 20145.6005

Fixed: revert to previous edit not working until document is refreshed.

50676313 May 20145.6005

Fixed: reverse xrefs missing after moving a document to a different group.

50689513 May 20145.6005

Fixed: possible problem removing labels from a document.

50705813 May 20145.6005

Fixed: XRefs resolving to wrong document on upload when exported from another server.

5066285 May 20145.6003

Moved: the default PSML export actions from document-config.xml to the new publish-config.xml.

Projects that require the default PSML export actions will need to have their groups converted to PSML using the Admin > Group Manage page.

5067202 May 20145.6002

Modified: Word docx import/export configuration file format and changed location from psml/default to document/psml/export and document/docx/import.

Projects using customized word-import-config.xml, word-export-config.xml or word-export-template.docx will need to be updated, see Import Microsoft Word DOCX Ant task and Export Microsoft Word DOCX Ant task for more details.

5067172 May 20145.6002
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