PageSeeder installation and upgrade instructions


Moving Installations

To move an existing PageSeeder installation to another server, follow the steps below:

  1. Install PageSeeder on the new server.
  2. Stop the existing PageSeeder and perform filesystem and database backups.
  3. Restore the PageSeeder database to the new server.
  4. Copy the following folders from the existing PageSeeder to the new PageSeeder:
    If migrating PageSeeder v5.96 or earlier copy the following instead of WEB-INF/state:
    [pageseeder]/ps-publisher/WEB-INF/template (but not template/default)
    [pageseeder]/webapp/WEB-INF/template (but not template/default*)
  5. Copy to the new server, the new database driver .jar files located in
  6. If using linux run the following command to ensure xinetd and tomcat are configured:
    service pageseeder config
  7. If the server domain name has changed:
    1. Obtain a product key for the new domain and update it in
    2. Update the webSiteAddress and emailDomain in
    3. Start PageSeeder and update the old domain name in the Admin > Hosts page


  • If migrating PageSeeder to a new version, look at the NOTE sections in the release notes of intervening versions to see if any DB checks or updates to properties, configurations or customizations are required.
  • If migrating to a new version from 5.6 or less then add the properties documentPort and documentScheme to the WEB-INF/config/ file using the same values as webSitePort and webSiteScheme respectively.
  • If the database password has not changed the existing EncryptedPassword in WEB-INF/config/ can be used but if the password has changed then edit the file and add a LoginPassword property that has the new password unencrypted. This will be encrypted when PageSeeder starts.

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