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PageSeeder installation and upgrade instructions

Release Notes – Version 5.9811 (9 December 2020)


Added: option for administrators in v6 to not send the password changed email to a user when updating their password.

7617289 Dec 20205.9811

Fixed: correct search columns from bookmarked searches not being displayed in v6.

7603759 Dec 20205.9811

Fixed: wrong values appearing in PSML properties with type markdown or markup when switching between documents in v6 edit mode.

7607079 Dec 20205.9811

Fixed: correct statuses not appearing in selection menu when updating tasks on v6 My tasks page.

7598259 Dec 20205.9811

Fixed: error when comparing document versions in v6 when a properties fragment has been added. Also fixed empty list items in diff and problem downloading original version.

7603879 Dec 20205.9811

Added: support to Schematron so the document function can return XML from the Get self and Get URI workflow services, for example:

<sch:let name="self" value="document('ps:self')" />
<sch:let name="memberid" value="$self/member/@id" />
<sch:let name="workflow" value="document('ps:workflow')" />
7607034 Dec 20205.9811

Added: archive document option to the “document view” page in v6.

74931530 Oct 20205.9809

Added: global search functionality in v6.

75746330 Oct 20205.9809

Fixed: missing import options for docx file upload in v6. Also fixed custom upload labels.

75806130 Oct 20205.9809

Fixed: notification emails containg a URL with an underscore.

74108830 Oct 20205.9809

Fixed: bounce emails being processed by Apache James instead of the configured SMTP server.

75736228 Oct 20205.9809

Fixed: slow rendering of ASCIIMath in v6 when switching off edit mode.

72851628 Oct 20205.9809

Added: support to display a comment with content type of application/xhtml+xml but without a root element.

75772828 Oct 20205.9809

Added: v6 option to also unarchive and reindex all groups when unarchiving a project.

74992328 Oct 20205.9809

Fixed: editing properties of a table column in v6 when the table has no <col/> elements.

7560009 Oct 20205.9808

Fixed: display of syntax highlighting within <monospace> element when using <preformat> and lang-* role.

7533399 Oct 20205.9808

Added: support to Schematron so the document function can process URL source metadata, for example: 

<sch:let name="url-metadata"

This will use the same parameters and return the same XML as the source-metadata-for-url service.

Also added to the default references Schematron validation – checking link URL.

75523630 Sep 20205.9807

Added: to publishing configuration, support for

 <param required="true" ...>

to ensure a value is entered before running the publish script.

74754122 Oct 20205.9807

Fixed: problem accessing .html.json, and .xml files generated by publish scripts under.

7481462 Oct 20205.9807

Added: a “Load events” button to the v6 Document Activity page instead of an automatic page reload, to improve performance.

7481362 Oct 20205.9807

Fixed: slow loading of feed on v6 home pages.

7539022 Oct 20205.9807

Added: additional table formatting options in v6 including roles, column width and column alignment.

7283622 Oct 20205.9807

Fixed: the display of the publish script parameter, drop-down menu extending off the bottom of the page.

7496902 Oct 20205.9807

Added: well-formed XML validation on comment creation or editing with contenttype ending in /xml or +xml.

7470884 Sep 20205.9806

Modifications to the Version 6 user interface:


New Search interface

  • Existing filters have been completely redone and new filters have been added.
  • The main scope filter is always available in filters bar.
  • The Refine modal allows users select filters and set a value.
  • All possible fields are now displayed in the Refine modal.
  • Facet filters now support multiple values and empty values.
  • Numeric filters now support ranges.
  • Date range filters support a choice of scales (hours, days, weeks, months and years)
  • Numerous minor improvements to the search user interface

New “PLUS” button

  • Available on the documents, comments, tasks and home pages of every group
  • Single click to:
    • post a comment,
    • create a task,
    • create a document or folder,
    • upload a document.

New Bookmark feature

  • Bookmark any PageSeeder page – including searches and documents.
  • Available in top menu (replacing publications).
  • Locally stored, bookmarks persist after session expiry but are deleted upon sign-out.


  • Added: allow location to be set when creating documents or folders, or uploading documents.
  • Added: display any change of fragment label in fragment history panel.
  • Added: display Help panel with F1 key.
  • Added: Reload button to the document history.
  • Added: Download button for PSML (developer mode only).
  • Added: Suggestions when search provides no results.
  • Added: New Features block to highlight updates in latest release.
  • Added: link to search page with location of current on documents page.
  • Added: link on group name in discussion / task context.
  • Added: minimal notification to batch action workflow.
  • Added: number of columns selected per tab in Select column modal on search page.
  • Added: loading icon when clearing loading zone.
  • Added: Reload button for organization on email templates page.
  • Added: metadata in document developer panel.
  • Added: file inspect option in loading zone.
  • Added: overridden document symbol in upload to improve accessibility.
  • Updated: automatically refresh Notes panel when a note is created.
  • Updated: improve usability of the location filter.
  • Updated: optimize loading of tickets and summaries.
  • Updated: grouping of tickets in index logs by hour.
  • Updated: avoid grouping of comment, task, workflow and note events in document history panel and group activity page.
  • Updated: option 'delete permanently' no longer selected by default.
  • Updated: made silent default notification for folder workflow modal.
  • Added: Archive, unarchive, and delete comment actions.
  • Added: edit document title from document bar.
  • Added: warning when document title does not match document heading.
  • Added: automatically open new links in new window.
  • Added: import script actions to mediatype view.
  • Added: white background to zoomed images that have a transparent background.
  • Updated: categorization of threads in server status.


  • Fixed: link to note, now going to edit history with edit highlighted.
  • Fixed: error saving after creating a new draft fragment.
  • Fixed: drafts lost after deleting or moving a fragment during editing.
  • Fixed: adding fragment in wrong position when added from xref modal.
  • Fixed: loading wrong publication when publicationid parameter is on the URL.
  • Fixed: incorrect display of shared documents and comments in feed.
  • Fixed: bug when adding comment to an empty fragment.
  • Fixed: missing fragment labels are available when editing.
  • Fixed: minor bugs with document folders and breadcrumb bar.
  • Fixed: Last archived comment when no unarchived comment has the same created date.
  • Fixed: workflow on upload.
  • Fixed: missing change event when entire content is deleted the first time.
  • Fixed: Disabled button on reset password modal when email address is already entered.
  • Fixed: binary files metadata lost on upload.
  • Fixed: group missing for document list in feed.
  • Fixed: workflow update on account task and group task pages.
  • Fixed: markup not showing in task titles and xref titles.
  • Fixed: use of incorrect email domain in user interface.
  • Fixed: minor presentation bugs in group dashboard and maintenance pages
7470874 Sep 20205.9806

Fixed: non-administrators unable to export URLs.

73501927 Jul 20205.9806

Deprecated: the global properties documentPort and documentScheme (the default values 80 and http are now used).

66561521 Jul 20205.9806

Fixed: possible out of memory error when entering a very large search string.

73184314 Jul 20205.9804

Fixed: searching help in sub projects affecting server performance.

73188314 Jul 20205.9804

Fixed: performance problem with help search and errors when comparing documents.

73152610 Jul 20205.9803

Version 6 user interface modifications as follows:

Document comparison

  • New panel to allow different versions of a document or publication to be compared in document view.
  • Documents can also be compared with other documents.
  • Improved support for publication versions in table contents and header numbering.
  • Document content and structure comparison available directly from the document view with added option in toolbar.
  • Improved document content comparison by providing consolidated and side-by-side views with an option to only show changes.
  • Improved document structure comparison to include properties
  • Added tooltip to view less obvious differences in links, xrefs and images.

Built-in help

  • search Help content from the header bar and the help panel.
  • New help built-in document type to create custom custom help articles for projects.
  • Help articles can be associated with pages and document types.
  • New help group allowing users to create help pages for their custom document types.


  • Added: flag in document bar to show when a document is public or shared.
  • Added: administrators can search for any group from the power bar.
  • Added: link to group and project home page from admin projects.
  • Added: support new type document and folder for publish script parameters.
  • Added: support for publication versions.
  • Added: force-email-change=true parameter when saving so email can be updated.
  • Added: Load more pages button and load errors and warnings from the server when not all events are loaded in log viewer.
  • Added: support for cancel during export.
  • Added: copy only the first 100 characters of a title to the filename when creating new document.
  • Added: search filter for assignee.


  • Fixed: edit saves for unchanged fragments using Ctrl-S.
  • Fixed: properly detect read-only documents in a shared group.
  • Fixed: display issues after password update.
  • Fixed: uploading sections when overwrite=false.
  • Fixed: security vulnerability with text interpolation in PSML content.
  • Fixed: xrefs indents in xref list editor.
  • Fixed: quote parsing in ASCII math content.
  • Fixed: display of password confirmation field for strong passwords.
  • Fixed: incorrect password update in getstarted page.
  • Fixed: unarchive message.
  • Fixed: group sharing bugs with a sub-project.
  • Fixed: deselecting errors only causing events not to reload correctly on log ticket viewer.
  • Fixed: progress bar not visible when creating a zip package for export.
  • Fixed: name creation rules for group / project.
  • Fixed: show diff not displaying after diff generation timeout.
  • Fixed: link to file history menu in project files.
  • Fixed: allow project shortname to start with non-alpha character.
7311797 Jul 20205.9802

Added: support to publish-config.xml for param/@type values document or folder which allow selection of a document or folder via browse in the v6 UI and then sends this selection to the publish script.

7298377 Jul 20205.9802

Fixed: <section overwrite="false"> not working on upload when fragment IDs are different or fragments have been added or removed.

7301293 Jul 20205.9802

Added: support for custom help groups, which is any group with the name name help (e.g. myproject-help). All members in the same project as a help group will have guest access to any document in the group. Also added the following services for searching PageSeeder built in help and custom help. They will only return documents with the document type help.

GET /help/search  
GET /projects/{project}/help/search

To keep existing groups named help private they need to be renamed. The file for a document type is no longer supported, use a help type document instead and add the document type to its metadata.

7284413 Jul 20205.9802

Added: support for version parameter on TOC (Table of Contents) services to return the TOC for that publication version. Also added comparison of auto-numbering when using the publicationversion and compare parameters on the Default servlet.

72917926 Jun 20205.9802

Modified: the conversion of AsciiMath in the ps:process ANT task to return an error if it finds "id" or "class" in the AsciiMath. This is because they are not supported consistently in the user interface and publish libraries. The content can be fixed by adding a space, e.g. "i d", "cla ss".

72840915 Jun 20205.9802

Fixed: problem with archived publications that have the same ID as non-archived ones. Newly archived publications will automatically be removed from the cache but existing ones can now be removed from the cache by doing a Repair publications under Group maintenance in the v6 UI.

72857715 Jun 20205.9802

Fixed: AsciiMath conversion in <ps:process> ANT task getting slower over time and also made it thread safe.

72845310 Jun 20205.9802

Version 6 user interface modifications as follows:

  • Added: Syntax highlighting for XML documents, properties and CSV documents.
  • Added: Indicator in the preview panel and workflow modal to show a document is archived.
  • Added: Support so that if image may be animated, we only process them if no threshold.
  • Added: support for TAB key and toolbar button to indent both paragraphs and list items.
  • Added: How-to documents to the help documentation.
  • Removed: Derby database option from the user interface.
  • Removed: moderator role from the import members role list.
  • Removed: unwanted XLinks from batch actions.
  • Updated: chronological ordering to general logs and added "load more pages" button.
  • Updated: 200+ help articles.
  • Updated: options for 'Nobody' and 'Anybody' to be always available when specified.
  • Updated: user interface for member imports.
  • Updated: buttons opening modals now include ellipsis.
  • Fixed: error handling when generating thumbnails.
  • Fixed: columns not loaded correctly from URL.
  • Fixed: issues with clearing fields in OAuth client edit panel.
  • Fixed: issues with change and undo Xref.
  • Fixed: unable to delete client.
  • Fixed: tracking time in general logs.
  • Fixed: some password values included in error report.
  • Fixed: permissions for autosuggest.
  • Fixed: comment or task permission when the context scope is account or project.
  • Fixed: processing Xrefs when the context scope is account or project.
  • Fixed: display reverse xref even if there is a note.
  • Fixed: usage link for comments and task labels.
  • Fixed: Xref lookup when target contains '*'.
  • Fixed: reverselink set to title instead of boolean.
  • Fixed: occaisonally using incorrect URI object as source in xref-modal.
  • Fixed: Administrator menus visible for non-administrators.
  • Fixed: display of group members link for administrators not in group.
  • Fixed: permission display for admin menu items to managers of projects.
  • Fixed: permissions for versions and resolve actions.
  • Fixed: display of xref labels in xref modal.
  • Fixed: display of template parameter titles when inserting xref.
  • Fixed: link for document types in a project.
72798722 May 20205.9801

Removed: Derby database option. Derby is no longer supported by PageSeeder.

7252721 May 20205.9801

Version 6 user interface modifications as follows:

  • Added: option to batch version the contents of a folder.
  • Added: browsing documents in different groups to the xref dialogue.
  • Added: sharing comments with multiple groups.
  • Added: automatic validation with default schematron by Ctrl-S (save).
  • Modified: display order of document versions to reverse chronological.
  • Modified: groups documents to default to top level group folder.
  • Fixed: incorrect display of long filenames/titles.
  • Fixed: the order of edit notes and missing labels.
72043421 Apr 20205.9800

Modified: the customFolder global property will be deprecated in favour of globalTemplate. It will be renamed automatically on start when merging into

72005721 Apr 20205.9800

Modified: create group user interface to not allow comments from public by default.

This means that by default new groups will not allow users to post emails from a different email to their PageSeeder account. In this case, their email will be returned saying they need to send using the correct email address.

7173598 Apr 20205.9800-beta-17

Fixed: error on Document types page in v6 UI.

71744314 Apr 20205.9800-beta-17

Version 6 user interface modifications as follows:


  • Moderated comments are now supported.
  • Developer panel in the document view includes document config, template information and index data with links to corresponding management pages.
  • Comments on PDF are now supported, including tasks. If either is on a PDF page, an indicator will be on the PDF thumbnail, also, page fragments display correctly in reverse xrefs and comments.


  • Added: {x} in forward title of a reverse xref to represent a string that the system will replace with a calculated value.
  • Added: resolve references on folder to developer options.
  • Added: PDF page labels to toolbar.
  • Added: the group name, as a qualifier for project-level search results.
  • Added: copy xref from view mode (instead of only edit mode) into the editor.
  • Added: style for unresolved images.
  • Added: Table of Contents (ToC) marker in documents.
  • Added: psauthor field as an option for search filters.
  • Added: warning when a document has multiple paragraphs formatted as heading 1.
  • Added: experimental css selector-based highlighting of validation results.
  • Added: placeholders and markup properties to autocomplete.
  • Added: support for creating a fragment when inserting a new xref.
  • Added: delete option for default.sch (schematron + delete) for empty publication document type / media type.
  • Updated: members import Vue component plus the added option to select a target group.
  • Updated: prevent editing errors from overtaking the entire editing space.
  • Updated: comment dialog to always display the URI context.
  • Updated: support for long logs by correctly counting types.
  • Updated: time displayed in the log ticket drop-down to use 24hrs format.
  • Updated: online help pages (22 new articles, 128 articles updated).


  • Fixed: editing losing fragment content.
  • Fixed: editing ignoring xref or image added to an empty fragment.
  • Fixed: editing drafts not correctly saving.
  • Fixed: editing drafts saved with the incorrect status in automatically numbered documents.
  • Fixed: the save icon triggering duplicate saves.
  • Fixed: comments not correctly processing list markup.
  • Fixed: error caused by toggling heading to para in PSML editor.
  • Fixed: headings incorrectly inheriting indent information.
  • Fixed: Chrome formatting of checkboxes.
  • Fixed: missing or incorrect labels for group tasks/workflows on tasks page.
  • Fixed: comment editing permission on document discussions panel.
  • Fixed: display of create/update workflow button in panel.
  • Fixed: computing the title for reverse xref on empty fragment.
  • Fixed: saving long comments note.
  • Fixed: panel link for publish script caused by validation error.
  • Fixed: order of document types in create document
  • Fixed: invalid XML caused by xref loop.
  • Fixed: xref status date when archiving.
  • Fixed: problems caused by not using the project autosuggest to add a new template to a server.
  • Fixed: user interface inconsistencies in the xref dialog.
7172696 Apr 20205.9800-beta-16

Added: to archive documents in v6 interface – if the content includes xrefs to other documents or images users have the option to:

  • Remove outgoing xrefs and image references from the document, then
  • Run the broken xref report to manually fix any xref ends orphaned by the archive process.

This will improve xref hygiene, document integrity and user productivity.

6043946 Apr 20205.9800-beta-16

Added: to delete member the option "Remove name and email from comments, edits, etc".

6877123 Apr 20205.9800-beta-16

Modified: <reversexref> by replacing {prefix}, {heading} and {parentnumber} in @forwardtitle with calculated values when in a publication.

68150620 Mar 20205.9800-beta-16

Added: group re-indexing by default after unarchiving.

71300018 Mar 20205.9800-beta-16

Fixed: problem adding an xref to an empty fragment in v6 UI.

71408717 Mar 20205.9800-beta-16

Version 6 user interface changes as follows:

  • Added: Ctrl+L and Shift+Ctrl+L to toggle labels in the editor.
  • Added: improved responsiveness of document bar.
  • Added: usability improvements of inline labels in editor.
  • Added: support for wildcard operators – “*” and “?” – in the search.
  • Added: support for diacritical marks in search and auto-suggest.
  • Fixed: block label auto-completer not loading labels correctly in editor.
  • Fixed: styling of drop-down button on home page.
  • Fixed: text overflow in result suggestions.
  • Fixed: “question field” selection not displaying correctly in search options.
  • Added: show more button on documents page.
71374111 Mar 20205.9800-beta-15

Fixed: matching special characters in search (e.g. search for café or cafe will now match content containing café or cafe). This fix only works after index has been updated to index ver.5404 or later.

70954211 Mar 20205.9800-beta-15

Added: the following new services:

POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}
POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}
GET /members/{member}/edit/drafts
DELETE /members/{member}
POST /members/{member}
GET /members/{member}/projects/{group}/autosuggest
GET /members/{member}/search
GET /members/{member}/search/predicate
GET /members/{member}/search/facets
GET /members/{member}/autosuggest
GET /externaluris/{uri}/source/metadata
GET /externaluris/forurl/source/metadata
GET /members/{member}/groups/{group}/discussions
GET /groups/{group}/schemas
GET /groups/{group}/versions

Modified the following services:

Added: publicationid parameter to:

GET /groups/{group}/uris/history

Added: clear parameter to:

DELETE /member/{member}

Added: removexrefs parameter to:

POST /members/{member}

Added: contents, position, publication, publicationid, publicationid, transclude parameters to:

GET /groups/{group}/uris/{uri}/drafts

Added: returngroups parameter to all create or edit comment services.

71350110 Mar 20205.9800

Fixed: error in v6 UI when posting large comments.

71349010 Mar 20205.9800-beta-14

Version 6 user interface modifications as follows:


Added: Batch Actions on Search Results – users can now run batch actions on selected search results (add/remove label, add version, add workflow, archive, export, move, validate) - for documents or comments in table view.

Improved: PDF support – scaling PDF in viewer using buttons and mouse wheel and document can cross-reference a specific PDF page, PDF pages are properly referenced in reverse xrefs.

Added: Markup Property Type – a new property type that supports markup in the content.

Added: Built-in, context sensitive Help Pages – many pages in the user interface now include built-in help documentation with links to related concepts. The help is always available from the help icon in the header bar. Help can also be added to custom document types.

Added: Preferences and Developer Mode – a new page to let the user set preferences for the theme, document and folder options, and enable developer mode. Preferences are persistent but stored locally.


Added: Analytics – HTML code snippets can be defined in the analytics.xml file to inject scripts required for analytics.


  • Added: support for upload preview.
  • Added: highlight a task, comment or page in the search results, comments or tasks page when open in panel.
  • Updated: comments page now lists discussions in left panel.
  • Added: updates in task panel now reflected in task list.
  • Added: publish / export / process button added to group home page.
  • Added: support for custom question fields in project / group search.
  • Added: @href attribute so the href is not lost when editing content that contains an unresolved xref.
  • Updated: the display of xrefs throughout PSML documents.
  • Added: link to group comments and tasks, for all group members.
  • Added: link to management page for managers.
  • Updated: how columns titles are displayed in search results.
  • Added: actions for de-registered group members – “add to group” and “remove permanently”.
  • Added: compute reverse titles in “create xref” dialogue.
  • Added: syntax highlighting for HTML / and stack traces in logs.
  • Updated: error message when user attempts to create a URL that already exists.
  • Updated: default indent level set to “1” when toggling paragraph numbering.
  • Updated: reduce default number of events loaded in activity panel to improve performance.
  • Updated: editing errors now displayed on top of document.
  • Added: support '*' in target/@folder in xref config.
  • Added: default sorting of tasks is “by priority”.
  • Added: filter for history of tasks in “group tasks” page.
  • Added: support for named xref configurations in property editor.
  • Added: Support xml type for checkbox properties.
  • Updated: Discussion viewer to display when a discussion is archived.
  • Updated: precision of fragment-location.
  • Added: folder to “document core” information in panel and dialog.
  • Updated: hide empty sections (no fragments).
  • Updated: display of xrefs and external links
  • Added: option to select level of logging as a publish parameter.
  • Updated: document links tab in xref panel, links are sorted and grouped by domain.
  • Updated: truncate long document titles too long for document view.
  • Updated: the “create/add administrators” panel with tabs to simplify the interface.
  • Added: display of account status and description for administrators.
  • Added: permalinks for v6 home pages.
  • Updated: the document right-side bar when the current document has an active workflow.
  • Added: better support for X-Forwarded-Proto and Forwarded headers for reverse proxy processing.
  • Updated: display of xrefs and reverse xref in panel.
  • Added: syntax highlighting for more languages in:
  • Added: support for developer options in publish action.
  • Added: “drop” support for upload button on “document browse” page.
  • Added: publish button to “document browse” page.
  • Updated: default set workflow notification to minimal.
  • Added: link to personal export / import configs page on publish form.
  • Updated: make columns in administrators table sortable.
  • Updated: sorting in tables made case insensitive.
  • Added: numbered paragraphs to Table of Contents (not just headings).
  • Updated: show URI titles in validation report panel and sort by title.
  • Added: progress bar and prevent interactions when document is being loaded or saved.
  • Added: editing the title of comment or task replies.
  • Updated: stop defaulting labels to previous comment when replying.
  • Added: button to download search results as a CSV file (comma separated values).
  • Updated: redirect access logs to version 6 user interface.
  • Added: flag document when archived in v6 document view
  • The following issues were corrected:
  • Fixed: Table of Contents links to section titles not working.
  • Fixed: access to binary files in member configs and document types pages for project managers.
  • Fixed: column titles in search results incorrectly generated from names.
  • Fixed: bug when creating a workflow without modifying any field.
  • Fixed: unique check for properties in metadata.
  • Fixed: formatting of labels in document history.
  • Fixed: wrong values for date facets.
  • Fixed: underline format not supported in editor.
  • Fixed: properties and xref fragments hidden when using fragment locator.
  • Fixed: issues with account configs template page.
  • Fixed: error when config is null in properties-editor.
  • Fixed: link to manage members on list membership when member is manager only.
  • Fixed: display of buttons and links when user does not have permission.
  • Fixed: missing tasks/comments/workflow badges in Table of Contents.
  • Fixed: editor keyboard shortcuts generating unsupported formats.
  • Fixed: parameter handling when creating custom fragments.
  • Fixed: incorrect path computed from group name.
  • Fixed: “home” and “quick links” pages not working in groups under sub-projects.
  • Fixed: incorrect error message when importing existing member.
  • Fixed: import members accepting empty first name and last name.
  • Fixed: error in fragment history when comparison was not computed correctly.
  • Fixed: missing number of incoming xrefs in left document bar.
  • Fixed: display of page number in forward xrefs panel.
  • Fixed: error caused by unknown languages in PSML preformatted content.
  • Fixed: auto-numbering of xref lists from Table of Contents.
  • Fixed: deleting fragment when section is locked.
  • Fixed: xref configuration not loading in xref dialog and editors.
  • Fixed: non-default, reverse xrefs not returned for non-PSML documents.
  • Fixed: potential issues running PageSeeder with JDK9.
  • Fixed: breadcrumb bar bug on group admin sharing page.
  • Fixed: archived xrefs not showing in xref-fragment and properties-fragment.
  • Fixed: wrong content type sent for HTML-only emails with no images and attachments.
  • Fixed: local and session storage not cleared when user signs out.
  • Fixed: auto-suggest query using negative occurrence (must not) filters.
  • Fixed: dirty flag incorrectly set in fragment content.
  • Fixed: “comment draft” function not saving all content.
  • Fixed: "zoom" not working for mobile users.
  • Fixed: events missing or incorrectly grouped in feed (edited).
7134289 Mar 20205.9800-beta-13

Modified: Microsoft Word import (*.docx format) to use:


this provides a much faster and more flexible importing framework than converting and splitting documents in a single process.

Projects using the <split> element from the earlier word-import-config.xml should remove it and use the psml-split-config.xml instead.

The <split> element will continue to work in existing implementations but cannot be modified. Any changes will automatically force a migration to the new split config.

7127889 Mar 20205.9800-beta-13

Added: support for a new property with datatype="markup", this property can contain the following elements and any content the can contain:

  • <heading>
  • <para>
  • <list>
  • <nlist>
  • <preformat>

However the user interface for this property does not currently support the following:

  • <xref>
  • <image>
  • <inline>
  • <block>
7058429 Mar 20205.9800-beta-13

Added: to editor-config.xml, a way to control document and fragment creation parameters.

<editor-config name="PSMLCreation">

this gives template developers the same options available for PSMLProperties.  For further details, see PSML editor config

7051789 Mar 20205.9800-beta-13

Added:  source/@type="batch" to publish-config.xml

This allows the results of a document search to be sent to a publish script for batch processing. The list of results is provided as a comma-separated list of URI IDs in the ps.config.default.batch.ids property.

Also added is a default publish script to batch export documents from search results.

7072363 Mar 20205.9800-beta-13

Deprecated: the upload-preview type on the publish <action> in the version 6 interface. Use @previewname on <target> instead.

7119873 Mar 20205.9800-beta-13

Added: bookmarks when exporting PDFs with a Table of Contents.

71254628 Feb 20205.9800-beta-13

Added: support for auto-numbering using <block label="????">on a <heading>.

A publication-config.xml with auto-numbering on block label wrapping <para> must be modified to use the computed publication Table of Content level in @level and @format instead of the para @indent. It is recommended to also use para-relative-to="6".

71282425 Feb 20205.9800-beta-13

Added: generation of webhook events if documents in a publication are added, updated, removed or deleted.

7090783 Feb 20205.9800-beta-13

Fixed: qualifier '-' (prohibited) not working in filters parameter of auto-suggest service.

70651129 Jan 20205.9800-beta-13

Fixed: incorrect search results for property values and folders containing commas.

70397516 Dec 20195.9800-beta-12

Fixed: possible duplicate fragments when editing after uploading a PSML document containing overwrite="false".

70482616 Dec 20195.9800-beta-12

Version 6 user interface modifications as follows:


Updated: Home Page – to display most recent comments, recently viewed documents and open tasks assigned to the user, new navigation allows user to access group hierarchy and main group pages.

Added: Folder Validation – run on a folder validation results are listed in a side navigation panel so the user can traverse from the validation error to the document view.

Added: Activity Page and Activity Panel – refactored activity page to organize activities by day, made activity panel accessible from the document view as an alternative navigation, history now links to the correct panels.

Updated: Login and Error Reporting – authentication errors will redirect users to sign in and server errors display a message that allow users to report the error.


  • display localized help for custom document-types by creating in:

when this file is present in the folder, an icon will appear at the bottom of the icon list on the right hand side of the document page.


  • Added: legal documents options now available in account-menu.
  • Added: email address in document discussions panel to allow users to send comments by email.
  • Added: support for flags and diagnostics in validation, filter results by flag, locate fragments.
  • Added: option to go back to previous panel (on selected panels only).
  • Added: save properties fragment with Ctrl-S in markdown editor.
  • Added: fragment locator in tasks, discussions, notes and edit history to highlight and scroll to target fragment.
  • Added: filter and sort document tasks in panel.
  • Added: support for lists styles in PSML editor.
  • Added: URL title to discussions and activity.
  • Added: new document button for xref properties in properties editor.
  • Added: print styles for documents and print button for PDFs and images.
  • Updated: buttons at top for file list and file count in folder page.
  • Added: Help panels created in PSML.
  • Updated: member panel to include all member details in separate tabs.
  • Merged: export, publish and process panels into a single publish panels with tabs.
  • Removed: my drafts/task from account menu.


  • Fixed: permission issue preventing access project menu for non-administrators.
  • Fixed: handling of xref config for xrefs pointing to URLs in xref lookup and xref modal.
  • Fixed: 400 errors erroneously converted to 502 errors.
  • Fixed: prevent invalid label values from being inserted.
  • Fixed: horizontal scrolling on certain panels.
  • Fixed: commas in values for checkboxes without multiple=true in properties editor.
  • Fixed: bug with dirty property for markdown datatype plus handle datatype=select with multiple=true.
  • Fixed: display of fragment type, fragment labels and xref labels.
  • Fixed: “task move” bugs when moving to single document and called from group tasks or account tasks.
  • Fixed: unresponsive icons in Safari.
  • Fixed: link to document viewer and task move in group-discussions.
  • Fixed: links in search suggestions.
  • Fixed: bug in header bar folder icon when viewing a URL.
  • Fixed: links in history panel.
  • Fixed: error for users an apostrophe in first name or surname.
  • Fixed: bugs related to xref config details and new document creation in “xreflist” fragment or “properties” fragment.
  • Fixed: restrict fragment selection if specified by xref config.
7040729 Dec 20195.9800-beta-11

Fixed: Table of Contents missing after changing root document, sharing or moving root to a different group.

70373829 Nov 20195.9800-beta-11

Modified: config file handling as follows:

  • Deprecated file. On start these properties will be copied to and the file will be deleted.
  • Enabled PageSeeder to start with no files in the config folder using defaults which are now all stored in sysconfig/
  • Renamed global property topics to groups. It will be renamed automatically on start when merging files in code repositories should be merged into

70345922 Nov 20195.9800-beta-11

Fixed: PSML schema to make @level required on <heading>. Also added a check to old_psml schematron to find headings without a level which can be fixed by editing the fragment.

70219918 Nov 20195.9800-beta-11

Added: support for unparsed-text-available function in schematron files.

7015838 Nov 20195.9800-beta-11

Removed: reverse XRefs from transcluded fragments to improve performance when there are many reverse XRefs.

7026538 Nov 20195.9800-beta-11

Modified: services that use fragments so they return an error if a fragment does not exists or has a different case to the one specified. Document upload and edit will automatically rename fragments to the correct case. The following services will not return an error for non-PSML documents where the fragment doesn't exist:

  • Create comment URI fragment
  • Comment (patch)
  • List URI fragment discussions
  • Put fragment
6895091 Nov 20195.9800-beta-11

Added: MathML to PDF export and support for custom formatting using the following PSML attributes:

  • preformat/@role
  • list/@role
  • nlist/@role
  • link/@role
  • xref/@config
  • blockxref/@config
70145225 Oct 20195.9800-beta-11

Modified: AsciiMath so that it is no longer enclosed in backticks inside <inline label="asciimath"> and <media-fragment> elements in PSML.

Existing AsciiMath in PSML will need to be edited manually to remove the backticks. For AsciiMath in <media-fragment> elements just opening it in the editor and saving will remove them.

69115822 Oct 20195.9800-beta-11

Added: auto-numbering of documents not in a publication using the default publication config. This numbering can be customized for a project by overriding the publication config for the default publication type in the Document types/config page.

70145316 Oct 20195.9800-beta-5

Added: psprefixcontent index field which contains heading or para content tokenized and any @prefix untokenized (It only contains para content when @prefix exists). This is used by the publication and insert XRef searches to make finding prefixes easier.

69210311 Oct 20195.9800-beta-3

Version 6 user interface modifications as follows:

Added: support for URLs

  • new “Explore URLs” page for a user to browse URLs across all their groups,
  • richer display of external URLs using the Twitter/Open Graph card format,
  • auto-detect and invoke native video players for URLs from YouTube and Vimeo,
  • a panel to browse the URLs in a group,
  • retrieve URL metadata from source (and confirm retrieval status).

Added: support for Open Labels

  • support for adding label values to comments and documents with no need to first define them in the label page,
  • auto-complete of labels to encourage reuse of existing values and prevent sprawl.

Other modifications to the user interface:

  • support to move and resize modal objects (dialogue boxes).
  • move tasks like comments.
  • zoom images when a document is in read mode.
  • display comment type on individual comments.
  • display re-index warning on search results and feed when applicable.
  • improved mobile navigation.
  • improve PSML and XML source code indenting.
  • add notification icon in group members, depending on their notification settings:
    • Announcement only:  
    • Daily or weekly digest: 
    • Essential:
    • Otherwise 
  • auto-redirect folders and documents to the appropriate page.
  • add psprefixcontent field to the index.
  • improve accessibility of search bar.
  • fix scroll-bar on navigation.
  • add CTRL+SHIFT+F shortcut to trigger power search.

Modifications to the editing interface:

  • add red border to images inside headings.
  • add default toggle for heading to level 2 (as level 1 is for title only).
  • improve paste filtering for safely copying PSML.
  • drag and drop an image directly into fragment.
  • copy and paste images.
  • create xref by dropping a link into a document.

Modifications to the Administration interface:

  • add “download properties” file button on server settings page.
  • document links point to v6 interface in indexing logs.
  • add link to full profile on administrator page.
  • add system libraries to system info.
  • make columns in generator statistics table sortable.


  • panel resized when using modal.
  • error when saving draft if one already exists for the discussion/task.
  • admin menu for member profile and cache info.
  • links in document history.
  • permission for URL metadata.
  • xref not traversing to the correct fragment.
  • label attribute missing from inline or block elements.
  • bug when the author of an edit has their account deleted (no ID).
  • wrong loading-zone when creating new comment.
  • “Add fragment” button not visible after displaying fragment properties in edit mode.
  • position parameter in Table of Contents (ToC) when document is referenced multiple times in publication.
70111011 Oct 20195.9800-beta-3

Modified: the PDF export as follows:

  • Updated: to use FOP v2.3.
  • Added: support for displaying SVG images.
  • Fixed: <filename /> in header/footer not being displayed.
  • Added: support for links to <anchor> elements in PSML.
  • Added: support for <element name="heading" level="[n]"> but for backward compatibility still support <element name="heading[n]">.
  • Added: support for heading prefix hanging indents which would inherit the corresponding heading level format but override it e.g.:
<element name="heading-prefix" level="1">  
   <property name="start-indent" value="-2cm"/>  
   <property name="text-indent"  value="2cm"/>  
   <property name="color"        value="#0077ee"/>  
  • Added: hanging indents for prefix on paragraphs using:
 <element name="para-prefix" level="[n]">


<element name="para" level="[n]">

Headings work the same way.

  • Removed: support from the export-pdf ANT task for document type formatting using <configs folder= …/>.
  • Added: support for formatting based on document labels with config example below. Existing config files with <styles> root are still supported.
     [default rules]  
   <styles label="appendix">  
     [rules that override default for
      documents with "appendix" label]  

Existing pdf-export-config.xml files that include any region elements (<body>, <header>, <footer>, <left>, <right>) will no longer inherit region properties from the default config and must be redefined.

Also for existing config files – to right align prefixes, add the following to each paragraph indent level:

<element name="para-prefix" level="1">
  <property name="text-align" value="right"/>
69275011 Oct 20195.9800-beta-3

Version 6 user interface modifications as follows:


  • Publication filter to search and document activity
  • Publication document search panel
  • Support search term highlighting in document
  • Update Table of Contents (ToC) to highlight parts which contain tasks, comments of workflows
  • Move default publish configs to publication folder
  • Repair publications option in Group maintenance page

Modified: SEARCH BAR

  • Redesign search bar options to include global search and full-text search
  • Support autocomplete on search bar
  • Add extracts to auto-suggestions


  • All project and account options within group
  • Add links to administration and management pages
  • Refactor project and groups navigation to show most recently changed groups
  • Add list of publications
  • Add recently viewed documents

Other Modifications

  • Add support for search to Schematron processing.
  • Add option to do fulltext lookup in XRef-modal.
  • Load all discussions if user is system admin.
  • Added support for “paste as plain text”.
  • Support display of XML comments.
  • Display shared groups in discussions.
  • Allow users to switch group of shared documents
  • Add new default PDF export config
  • Support fragment-type in “insert fragment” option of document editing.
  • Add “repair publications” button on group maintenance page.
  • Add support for TeX documents and labels, asciimath labels.
  • Support for multiple="true" on PSML <property> element.
  • Update release to use Tomcat 9.0.24.
  • Autofocus on modal dialogues.
  • Default new XRef type correctly in XRef modals.
  • Added scroll bar to the import modal when overwriting large numbers of files.


  • Drag and drop of cardwall tasks on Chrome.
  • Panel not loading consistently
  • Wrong check-box parameters sent for publish script.
  • Dropdown button for binary download on project document-types page.
  • 500 error when URI ID is not a number.
  • Document template schematron for t:param.
  • Display of some PSML components in preview for all contexts
  • Workflows on shared documents not shared in all groups
  • Scroll issues on modals
  • Issue with missing catalog/analyzer by using global catalog/analyzer.
  • Collision of bundle hashes.
  • Bug where members are in member lookup component.
  • Bug with deleting document/folder in upload modal.
69226323 Sep 20195.9800-beta-1

Modified: the Table of Contents (ToC) as follows:

  • Heading levels are reset after the <toc> element so front matter does not affect the heading levels that follow.
  • The process ANT task so headings that occur before the <toc> element are not included in the Table of Contents.
  • Default publication config to support paragraph numbering with parent heading at any level.
69226623 Sep 20195.9800-beta-1

Added: support to Schematron so the document function can include the results of a search e.g.

  'ps:search?filters=psdocumenttype:definition)" />

This will return search results from the group where the validation was launched and can use any parameters from the group-search service.

If the parameter project=myproject is used then all groups the user has access to under that project will be searched. To restrict the groups use the groups parameter with a comma separated list of group names. To maximize performance, the results of up to 30 searches are cached and reused for the validation of each single folder or batch search.

69215318 Sep 20195.9800-beta-1

Added: support to PSML for @multiple="true" on <property> which replaces the @count="n" attribute.

The @count on <property> is deprecated. While these continue to work they should be updated to use @multiple="true". Editing in the v6 UI will update this automatically. Use the "old psml" Schematron validation to find documents with the deprecated attribute. Use "Validate all" on the Document types page to find it in document templates.

69116618 Sep 20195.9800-beta-1

Modified: the v6 UI so the Word/PDF export configs/templates display in the Publication types section instead of the Document types page. This transition is because the Word/PDF export is now based on the publication-type instead of the document-type.

The default Word/PDF export config/template files have moved from:




Any ANT scripts referencing these files must be updated.

68061118 Sep 20195.9800-beta-1

Modified: the database as follows:

  • Removed unused table ARC 

After this update, starting PageSeeder for the first time will trigger a build of the PUBLICATION_FOR_LOCATOR table. Depending on the number and size of publications, this process may take some time. View the build progress through the following log file:

6911273 Sep 20195.9800-beta-1

Added: support for <placeholder name="my-property"> element in PSML (only supported in v6 UI).

68951716 Aug 20195.9712


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