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Release Notes - Version 5.98


Added: auto-numbering of documents not in a publication using the default publication config. This numbering can be customized for a project by overriding the publication config for the default publication type in the Document types/config page.

70145316 Oct 20194.9800-beta-5

Added: psprefixcontent index field which contains heading or para content tokenized and any @prefix untokenized (It only contains para content when @prefix exists). This is used by the publication and insert XRef searches to make finding prefixes easier.

69210311 Oct 20194.9800-beta-3

Version 6 user interface modifications as follows:


  • New “Explore URLs” page for users to browse URLs across all their groups
  • Display external URLs using Twitter/Open Graph card format
  • Auto-detect and invoke native players for videos from YouTube/Vimeo.
  • Panel to browse URLs in a group
  • Option to pull metadata from source page and display status on URLs


  • Support for users to add label values directly without using the label page.
  • Auto-complete to encourage reuse of existing labels.

Other Modifications:

  • Modals can be moved and resized.
  • PageSeeder tasks can be moved like comments.
  • Users can zoom images when documents is in read mode.
  • Display comment type on individual comments.
  • Display re-indexing warning to search results and feed when required
  • Improve mobile view of navigation.
  • Improve indentation of PSML and XML source.
  • Add icon for notification in group members.
  • Auto-redirect folders and documents to the appropriate page.
  • Add psprefixcontent field to the index.
  • Improve accessibility of search bar.
  • Fix scroll-bar on navigation.
  • Add CTRL+SHIFT+F shortcut to trigger power search.
  • Editing: Add red border to images inside headings.
  • Editing: Add default toggle to heading to level 2 (as level 1 is for title only) in editor
  • Editing: Improve paste filtering for safely copying PSML.
  • Editing: Allow dropping an image directly into fragment.
  • Editing: Support copy/paste of images.
  • Editing: Create XRef by dropping a link to a document.
  • Admin: download properties file button on server settings page.
  • Admin: document links point to v6 interface in indexing logs.
  • Admin: add link to full profile on administrator page.
  • Admin: system libraries to system info.
  • Admin: make generator statistics sortable.


  • Panel resized when using modal.
  • Error when saving draft if one already exists for the discussion/task.
  • Admin menu for member profile and cache info.
  • Links in document history.
  • Permission for URL metadata.
  • XRefs not taking the user to correct fragment.
  • Label attribute missing from inline or block elements.
  • Bug when deleted account is the author of an edit (no ID).
  • Wrong loading-zone when creating new comment.
  • “Add fragment” button not visible after displaying fragment properties in edit mode.
  • Position parameter in Table of Contents (ToC) when document is referenced multiple times in publication.
70111011 Oct 20194.9800-beta-3

Modified: the PDF export as follows:

  • Updated: to use FOP v2.3.
  • Added: support for displaying SVG images.
  • Fixed: <filename /> in header/footer not being displayed.
  • Added: support for links to <anchor> elements in PSML.
  • Added: support for <element name="heading" level="[n]"> but for backward compatibility still support <element name="heading[n]">.
  • Added: support for heading prefix hanging indents which would inherit the corresponding heading level format but override it e.g.:
<element name="heading-prefix" level="1">  
   <property name="start-indent" value="-2cm"/>  
   <property name="text-indent"  value="2cm"/>  
   <property name="color"        value="#0077ee"/>  
  • Added: hanging indents for prefix on paragraphs using:
 <element name="para-prefix" level="[n]">


<element name="para" level="[n]">

Headings work the same way.

  • Removed: support from the export-pdf ANT task for document type formatting using <configs folder= …/>.
  • Added: support for formatting based on document labels with config example below. Existing config files with <styles> root are still supported.
     [default rules]  
   <styles label="appendix">  
     [rules that override default for documents with   "appendix" label]  


Existing pdf-export-config.xml files that include any region elements (<body>, <header>, <footer>, <left>, <right>) will no longer inherit region properties from the default config and must be redefined.

Also for existing config files – to right align prefixes, add the following to each paragraph indent level:

<element name="para-prefix" level="1">
  <property name="text-align" value="right"/>
69275011 Oct 20194.9800-beta-3

Version 6 user interface modifications as follows:


  • Publication filter to search and document activity
  • Publication document search panel
  • Support search term highlighting in document
  • Update Table of Contents (ToC) to highlight parts which contain tasks, comments of workflows
  • Move default publish configs to publication folder
  • Repair publications option in Group maintenance page

Modified: SEARCH BAR

  • Redesign search bar options to include global search and full text search
  • Support autocomplete on search bar
  • Add extracts to auto-suggestions


  • All project and account options within group
  • Add links to administration and management pages
  • Refactor project and groups navigation to show most recently changed groups
  • Add list of publications
  • Add recently viewed documents

Other Modifications

  • Add support for search to Schematron processing.
  • Add option to do fulltext lookup in XRef-modal.
  • Load all discussions if user is system admin.
  • Added support for “paste as plain text”.
  • Support display of XML comments.
  • Display shared groups in discussions.
  • Allow users to switch group of shared documents
  • Add new default PDF export config
  • Support fragment-type in “insert fragment” option of document editing.
  • Add “repair publications” button on group maintenance page.
  • Add support for TeX documents and labels, asciimath labels.
  • Support for multiple="true" on PSML <property> element.
  • Update release to use Tomcat 9.0.24.
  • Autofocus on modal dialogues.
  • Default new XRef type correctly in XRef modals.
  • Added scroll bar to the import modal when overwriting large numbers of files.


  • Drag and drop of cardwall tasks on Chrome.
  • Panel not loading consistently
  • Wrong check-box parameters sent for publish script.
  • Dropdown button for binary download on project document-types page.
  • 500 error when URI ID is not a number.
  • Document template schematron for t:param.
  • Display of some PSML components in preview for all contexts
  • Workflows on shared documents not shared in all groups
  • Scroll issues on modals
  • Issue with missing catalog/analyzer by using global catalog/analyzer.
  • Collision of bundle hashes.
  • Bug where members are in member lookup component.
  • Bug with deleting document/folder in upload modal.
69226323 Sep 20194.9800-beta-1

Modified: the Table of Contents (ToC) as follows:

  • Heading levels are reset after the <toc> element so front matter does not affect the heading levels that follow.
  • The process ANT task so headings that occur before the <toc> element are not included in the Table of Contents.
  • Default publication config to support paragraph numbering with parent heading at any level.
69226623 Sep 20194.9800-beta-1

Added: support to Schematron so the document function can include the results of a search e.g.

  'ps:search?filters=psdocumenttype:definition)" />

This will return search results from the group where the validation was launched and can use any parameters from this service: 

To maximize performance, the results of up to 30 searches are cached and reused for the validation of each single folder or batch search.

69215318 Sep 20194.9800-beta-1

Added: support to PSML for @multiple="true" on <property> which replaces the @count="n" attribute.


The @count on <property> is deprecated. While these continue to work they should be updated to use @multiple="true". Editing in the v6 UI will update this automatically. Use the "old psml" Schematron validation to find documents with the deprecated attribute. Use "Validate all" on the Document types page to find it in document templates.

69116618 Sep 20194.9800-beta-1

Modified: the v6 UI so the Word/PDF export configs/templates display in the Publication types section instead of the Document types page. This transition is because the Word/PDF export is now based on the publication-type instead of the document-type.


The default Word/PDF export config/template files have moved from:




Any ANT scripts referencing these files must be updated.

68061118 Sep 20194.9800-beta-1

Modified: the database as follows:

  • Removed unused table ARC 


After this update, starting PageSeeder for the first time will trigger a build of the PUBLICATION_FOR_LOCATOR table. Depending on the number and size of publications, this process may take some time. View the build progress through the following log file:

6911273 Sep 20194.9800-beta-1

Added: support for <placeholder name="my-property"> element in PSML (only supported in v6 UI).

68951716 Aug 20195.9712


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