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PageSeeder installation and upgrade instructions

Release Notes – Version 5.9400 (25 September 2017)


Fixed: Quick Links block being empty in the document-view. To fix this – view a PSML document, then close the Quick Links block and reload the page.

64184125 Sep 20175.9400

Modified: get started page to check if a username already exists.

64204425 Sep 20175.9400

Fixed: “No template” error when accepting an invitation to join a group.

64202425 Sep 20175.9400

Modified: the insert XRef page to browse the folder of the current document by default.

6414438 Sep 20175.9400-beta-5

Fixed: problems editing images markup in the PSML source editor.

6414426 Sep 20175.9400-beta-5

Fixed: empty sections allowing a fragment to be added, even when




Replaced “Add a new fragment” button with “add fragment” icon on the right.

6413465 Sep 20175.9400-beta-5

Fixed: upload / resolve image error – “target is not an image" when overwriting images with an upper case extension or the upload package contains META-INF files.

6414895 Sep 20175.9400-beta-5

Allowed: new characters, '=' and '&' in fragment IDs.

6375515 Sep 20175.9400-beta-5

Upgraded: to Tika 1.15 to fix indexing errors with PDFs and DocX files.

6263024 Sep 20175.9400-beta-5

Reduced: default maxIndexingSize to 10MB and slowIndexingSize to 1MB to stop “out of memory” errors when indexing large docx files.

6413381 Sep 20175.9400-beta-5

Modified: move replies feature to move comments created after the moving comment.

64130930 Aug 20175.9400-beta-4

Added: the black triangle for use in pharmaceutical regulatory documents to the "Select special character" dialog in CK editor.

  • Unicode Character 'BLACK DOWN-POINTING TRIANGLE' (U+25BC)
64099829 Aug 20175.9400-beta-4

Fixed: scrolling not available on upload confirm dialog.

64033023 Aug 20175.9400-beta-4

Fixed: "Lock obtain timed out: ... write.lock" error occuring when searching or updating an index, when the existence of too many indexes has forced an index to close.

64099523 Aug 20175.9400-beta-4

Added: the following new services:

POST /groups/{group}/markdown
GET /members/{member}/discussions/find
GET /discussions/find
GET /members/{member}/groups/{group}
PATCH /members/{member}/groups/{group}
DELETE /members/{member}/groups/{group}
GET /members/{member}/groups/{group}/groupfolders
POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}/groupfolders
GET /groups/{group}/members/sendactivation
GET /groups/{group}/search
GET /groups/{group}/search/predicate
GET /groups/{group}/search/facets
GET /members/{member}/projects/{group}/search
GET /members/{member}/projects/{group}
GET /members/{member}/projects/{group}/search/facets
GET /members/{member}/checkusername

Deprecated: the following services:

POST /groups/{group}/groupfolders
PATCH /groups/{group}/groupfolders/{groupfolderid}
GET /groups/{group}/groupfolders/forurl
GET /groups/{group}/groupfolders
GET /groups/{group}/autocomplete/{field}
GET /groups/{group}/autosuggest/fields
GET /groups/{group}/images/find
POST /groups/{group}/images/find
POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}/uris
POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}

Modified: the existing services:

  • Added types and context parameters.
GET /members/{member}/comments/find
  • Added types and context parameters.
GET /comments/find
  • Added types, contentrole and context parameters.
GET /members/{member}/tasks/fin
  • Added types, contentrole and context parameters.
GET /tasks/find
  • Changed default sharing=true.
GET /members/{member}/groups/{group}
  • Allowed reset password token.
GET /members/{member)
  • Added markdown parameter.
POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}
  • Changed XML root to <fragment-delete>.
DELETE /members/{member}/groups/{group}
  • Added fields parameter, changed fuzzy search and set XML root to <autocomplete>.
GET /groups/{group}/autocomplete
  • Added fields and filters parameters and use new XML search format.
GET /groups/{group}/autosuggest

Projects or apps using deprecated services should be updated. Any code that uses services that have been modified, should be updated.

64037718 Aug 20175.9400-beta-3

Fixed: error when uploading and overwriting metadata properties for non-PSML documents.

64010614 Aug 20175.9400-beta-2

Fixed: blank URL field when inserting an image from another group.

63797211 Aug 20175.9400-beta-2

Added: new search services with support for boolean operators, wildcard and flexible (drill sideways) facets, ranges and collating results from multiple groups:

GET /groups/{group}/search
GET /groups/{group}/search/predicate
GET /groups/{group}/search/facets
GET /members/{member}/projects/{group}/search
GET /members/{member}/projects
GET /members/{member}/projects/{group}
63514511 Aug 20175.9400-beta-2

Modified: image search page as follows:

  • changed to full term instead of prefix search (consistent with group search page)
  • added ability to select which fields to search in
  • added filters for last modified, size, format, label and no. of times used
  • added drill sideways (flexible facets) to filters
  • added image preview and display of full metadata when image is clicked
62341011 Aug 20175.9400-beta-2

Modified: group search page as follows:

  • added ability to select which fields to search in
  • moved all filters from left hand block to main content area
  • replaced location filter with a bread crumb bar which allows access to all folders
  • added drill sideways (flexible facets) to filters
  • modified 'Add filter' to show all metadata and property fields for the current search (not just for the results displayed)
63873911 Aug 20175.9400-beta-2

Stopped: indexing content in XML files larger than maxIndexingSize global property.

6390047 Aug 20175.9400-beta-2

Fixed: etag on /groups/{group}/discussions service not being updated when comments are archived.

6400377 Aug 20175.9400-beta-2

Allowed: adding or moving comments to personal group on internal URIs whenever member can view URI.

Comment cannot be shared with other groups as this could grant extra privileges.

6390801 Aug 20175.9400-beta-2

Fixed: clearing docid on upload not updating document cache or last modified date.

63895628 Jul 20175.9400-beta-2

Restricted: character set of new usernames to letters, numbers, full stop, underscore or hyphen with at least one non-number.

Existing usernames with other characters will still work but will need to be updated when member details are edited.

51344425 Jul 20175.9400-beta-2

Fixed: send mail service returning an error when there are no recipients.

63891125 Jul 20175.9400-beta-2

Deprecated: support for Internet Explorer 8.

63831124 Jul 20175.9400-beta-2

Modified: the index as follows:

  • Removed the following fields:
  • Added the following fields:
  • Added psancestor field for comments and tasks
  • Added workflows to the index with pstype=task, pssubtype=workflow and pstaskdefintionid set to the ID of the latest comment (they are not indexed as comments).
  • Modified
    so that if name ends with -date it will be indexed as a date, if it ends with -text it will be tokenized and case-insensitive.
  • ISO date – yyyy-mm-dd – is currently the only supported format.

Any projects or apps using the fields:
will need to updated to use their replacements:

63482824 Jul 20175.9400-beta-2

Fixed: markdown parser inserting quoted block inside preformatted block.

63589118 Jul 20175.9400-beta-2

Removed: old ant-library and related code from the publisher.

Any ANT scripts referring to code under the following folder will need to be modified:

63861118 Jul 20175.9400-beta-2

Added: options to insert a new fragment in the target document when creating an XRef . Markdown can be used to format the content of the new fragment.

63765517 Jul 20175.9400-beta-2

Modified: the default value of the manual title and reverse title when creating an XRef. Content is processed from the start of the <section> to the start of the XRef and looking for the following markup:

  • [heading/@prefix] heading
  • section/title
  • section/@title

Where none of these occur in the current section, the default is to leave the fields blank.

62413617 Jul 20175.9400-beta-2

Fixed: move file error when using ps:process ANT task with metadata files in META-INF folder; docids and and titles being stripped from <documentinfo>.

63765310 Jul 20175.9400-beta-2

Modified: CK editor as follows:

  • Changed “Styles” and “Normal” menus to “Character” and “Paragraph”.
  • Changed “Formatted” to “Preformatted” and “Block Styles” to “Block Labels”.
  • On right click menu changed “Add label x” to “Add block x” and “Add inline x”.
63751230 Jun 20175.9400-beta-2

Added: help and preview icons at the top right of every comment / task / workflow text box where markdown formatting is supported.

62367130 Jun 20175.9400-beta-2

Replaced: the Admin > Group folders page with a new Sharing page. This page displays all folders “shared to” and “shared from” the group. It allows new folders to be shared and group properties, 'shareDocumentEdits' and 'shareXrefsWithTarget' to be edited. These properties have been removed from the Config group page. Sharing settings are now applied automatically, with no manual intervention required. A 'Sharing' action on folders in the Document browse page has been added.

There is now no way to add shared folders that are not owned by a group (aka 'non default' folders). These folders may still work but are deprecated and projects using them must be modified to use editable shared folders instead.

63491430 Jun 20175.9400-beta-2

Added: a preference for embedded, over transcluded, content when processing ambiguous XRef targets in <ps:process> ANT task.

62376727 Jun 20175.9400-beta-2

Modified: move “comment with replies” feature to remove old groups from the replies as well as add the new ones.

63713620 Jun 20175.9400-beta-2

Added: validation of level="metadata" PSML files on upload including an error if they are outside the META-INF folder.

63506219 Jun 20175.9400-beta-2

Fixed: database error viewing a document with more than 2000 fragments that have edits.

63563819 Jun 20175.9400-beta-2

Fixed: Quick links block branches not opening when in the document view page.

63484714 Jun 20175.9400-beta-2

Allowed: edits with unresolved XRefs and added an attribute unresolved-xrefs="true" on the <fragment-creation> XML for the service.

62633014 Jun 20175.9400-beta-2

Fixed: Project files import on PageSeeder and publisher so that it will list the files before importing to overwrite and will provide an option to cancel.

63524714 Jun 20175.9400-beta-2

Modified: the Publish configs and Member configs pages on the publisher to have the same format as the Document config page.

62613813 Jun 20175.9400-beta-2

Fixed: CK editor adding the wrong number of <col> elements when adding a new column to a table that has no existing <col> elements.

63516613 Jun 20175.9400-beta-2

Modified: the duplicate document feature so that if the original has a docid and there is no existing original-docid metadata property then it adds an original-docid metadata property with docid as it's value to the new document.

63530713 Jun 20175.9400-beta-2

Fixed: some XRef link titles disappearing when edited by defaulting @title to the existing content when @display="manual" and @title is missing or empty.

6351527 Jun 20175.9400-beta-2

Fixed: task/workflow notification defaulting to 'normal' when previously assigned and possible problems clearing priority and assigned fields.

6348104 Jun 20175.9400-beta-2

Added: support for the following attribute on the ps:config ANT task: load-default - Whether to load the default properties from PageSeeder (only applicable if script is run within PageSeeder publisher) - default is "true".

6347554 Jun 20175.9400-beta-2

Improved: layout manager security by removing support for group:, member:, xlinkid: environment variables in config.xml.

Any projects that use custom layout config.xml containing group:, member:, xlinkid: will need to be updated.

63515031 May 20175.9400-beta-2
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