Configuration manual for PageSeeder

PSML editor config

The editor-config.json contains configurations for editors used to edit the document.

The config has the following format:

  "EditorA": {
    // config options for editor A
  "EditorB": {
    // config options for editor B

where Editor can be one of the following: 

  • PSMLXRefsConfig – for options see PSML XRefs editor.
  • PSMLPropertiesConfig – for options see PSML properties editor.
  • PSMLLabelValuesConfig – same options as PSML properties editor except it supports type "richtext" and the PSML document must use inline/block labels instead of properties as shown in this example:
    <fragment id="8" type="details">
      <para>Title<inline label="title">Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
      <para>ISBN<inline label="isbn">9783161484100</inline></para>
      <para>Author<inline label="author">Lewis Caroll</inline></para>
      <para>Language<inline label="language">English</inline>
                    <inline label="language">Spanish</inline></para>
      <para>Available Date<inline label="available-date">2012-01-01
      <para>Related<inline label="related">
                      <xref .../><xref .../></inline>
        <block label="richtext">Description
        <block label="description">
          <para>When <bold>Alice</bold> sees a white rabbit ...</para>

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