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PageSeeder installation and upgrade instructions

Release Notes – Version 5.9104 (5 September 2016)


Fixed: error creating workflow when notification is normal and note is empty.

6117765 Sep 20165.9104

Fixed: parent folder appearing in navigation for comments.

61163631 Aug 20165.9103

Fixed: Chrome problem when exporting to docx and previous window already exists. Used a generic blank window so PDFs and other outputs displayed in the browser will be in a full sized window instead of a popup.

61133326 Aug 20165.9102

Fixed: in CK editor the table cell properties OK button not working.

61079924 Aug 20165.9100

Added: service API versioning by support for:

  • v=[PS version][;strict] parameter on service URLs
  • attributes @since, @deprecated, @obsolete on <method> elements in services.xml with [PS version] as values
  • serviceStrict=[true|false] global property (default "false")

with the following rules:

  • if requested service has @obsolete, return 410 "Gone" error AND set header:
 Warning: 299 - "Obsolete API [(strict)]"
  • if requested service has @deprecated, set header:
Warning: 299 - "Deprecated API [(strict)]"
  • if v is before @since on requested service, set header:
Warning: 299 - "Since API [(strict)]"
  • if v is after or equal to @deprecated on requested service AND strict mode, return 410 "Gone" error
  • if v is before @since on requested service AND strict mode, return 404 "Not found" error

When there is no v parameter on the request, v is the current PS version.

61044524 Aug 20165.9100

Modified: the browse URLs page as follows:

  • Added a 'New URL' link at the bottom of every page.
  • Moved the URL bookmarklet to the first page.
  • Display the URL description on mouse over.
61064423 Aug 20165.9100

Modified: the search page as follows:

  • Fixed 'number of results' and 'sort by' settings returning to default values when changing facets.
  • Added shift-click support for selecting check boxes on results.
  • Added fields psblocklabelname and psowned to index and increased index version to 5002.
  • Added 'Block label name' and 'Fragment label' in 'Add facet' and 'Change column' dialogs.
61078223 Aug 20165.9100

Added: support for maxForwardXRefs: the maximum number of forward xrefs in a PSML document (default "3000").

61079717 Aug 20165.9100

Fixed: the table header cells not being updated when the row part or table header properties are changed in CK editor.

61012015 Aug 20165.9100

Added: support for MySQL 5.7 which automatically adds
?useSSL=false to the end of the DBURL for new installations.

If upgrading an existing PageSeeder from MySQL 5.6 to 5.7 you need to manually edit


by adding ?useSSL=false to the end of the DBURL e.g.


Also add (or modify) the following line in your MySQL my.ini or my.cnf:


Finally, ensure that the following folders


have this file or later.


Restart PageSeeder after making these changes.

61074115 Aug 20165.9100

Fixed: document move disabled on group folders for non-admin users and fixed incorrect All groups link.

6104489 Aug 20165.9100

Improved: performance for viewing document by deferring the loading of comments.

6099928 Aug 20165.9003

Fixed: error when dropping files onto the Project files page.

6103525 Aug 20165.9003

Fixed: adding labels on 'workflow', 'version', 'moderated comment', and add/remove labels through the search results page.

6101545 Aug 20165.9003

Fixed: error in logs when upgrading PageSeeder without resolving PS Standard (PS-XML) documents first.

6100273 Aug 20165.9003

Added: an 'orphan images' Schematron to find images that are not referenced by any documents.

60729629 Jul 20165.9000

Added: the following services:

/members/{member}/comments/{commentid} DELETE
/groups/{group}/resources POST
/projects/{group}/memberdetails GET
/groups/{group}/groupfolders POST
/groups/{group}/groupfolders/{groupfolderid} PATCH
/{groupfolderid} GET
/hosts/{host}/hostaliases POST
/hosts/{host} DELETE
/hosts/{host} PATCH
/hostaliases/{hostalias} DELETE
/hostaliases/{hostalias} PATCH
/hosts POST
/hosts GET
/members/{member}/email POST
/members POST
/members/sendactivation GET
/members/{member}/invitations GET
/ouath/members/{member}/clients GET
/ouath/members/{member}/clients POST
/ouath/members/{member}/clients/{client} GET
/ouath/members/{member}/clients/{client} DELETE
/ouath/members/{member}/clients/{client} PATCH
/fragments/{fragment}/move POST
/groups/{group}/uris/{uri}/metadata/edits GET
/groups/{group}/uris/{uri}/structure/edits GET
/metadata/revert POST
/edits/sharelatest POST
/{uri}/metadata PUT
/uris/{uri}/metadata GET
/externaluris/{uri} DELETE
/uris/{uri}/validate POST

Modified: the following services:

/members/{member}/activate GET
  • Added token param.
/groups/{group}/members/forceresetpassword POST
  • Added member-password param.
/members/forceresetpassword POST
  • Added member-password param.
/groups/{group}/members/resetpassword POST
  • Added token param, deprecate key, no member-password will now return "pending" or if no token will send confirm email.
/members/resetpassword POST
  • Same as above.
/groups/{group}/members/{member}/manage POST
  • Added welcome-email param.
/members/{member} PATCH
  • Added token param.
/members/{member} GET
  • Added token param.
/groups/{group}/members/{member} PATCH
  • Added current-password, password-email, welcome-email params.
/groups/{group}/members/{member} GET
  • Added role param.
/members/register POST
  • Removed recaptcha support.
/members/{member}/groups/{group}/externaluris POST
  • Removed docid param.
/externaluris/{uri} PATCH
  • Removed docid param.
/foldervalidate POST
  • Added extension, documenttype and failuresonly params.
/members/{member}/groups/{group}/uris/{uri} GET
  • Parameter sharing=true now required for sharing information.

/members/{member}/groups/{group}/uris/forurl GET
  • Parameter sharing=true now required for sharing information.

Deprecated: the following services:

/groups/{group}/resources/get GET
/groups/{group}/resources/put POST
/groups/{group}/groupfolders/create POST

When changing password the /groups/{group}/members/{member} PATCH service will now send a change-password notification by default and current-password is now required by non-administrators. To disable the notification use the password-email=false parameter.

60704827 Jul 20165.9000

Added: 'References to deleted fragments' to Dev > References Check page.

58889427 Jul 20165.9000

Modified: the user interface so that the selected perspective is used for all projects.

58234127 Jul 20165.9000

Added: permalink icon beside each comment on the comment thread page to simplify linking to a specific comment.

57967127 Jul 20165.9000

Added: to the publish page were the following:

  • a timestamp on console messages
  • an option to display the parameters for the publish,
  • an option to log the parameters for the publish.
58181427 Jul 20165.9000

Fixed: a problem when changing the case of a filename.

58632427 Jul 20165.9000

Added: 'Share latest edits' button on the document cartouche when group property shareDocumentEdits=false is set for shared documents.  It is only available to Approvers and shares content and structure edits to groups the document is shared with.

50800627 Jul 20165.9000

Added: 'Display filename & date' toggle option at the top of the document browse page.

57948926 Jul 20165.9000

Added: support for indexing the content of Word (.docx), Powerpoint (.pptx), Plain text and HTML documents.

58835326 Jul 20165.9000

Added: many new special characters to Insert Special Characters dialog in CK content editor.

59524226 Jul 20165.9000

Replaced: 'Personal details' and 'My groups' pages with a single 'Account details' dialog.

60146926 Jul 20165.9000

Allowed: {member} in service URLs to accept the email address of a member.

58991726 Jul 20165.9000

Added: support for xref type alternate to support linked content that is an alternate representation of what is in the document. A use case for this xref type is an image which has metadata containing a link to an alternate representation. The image may be used for editing and web display but the alternate xref may point to a print-quality, hi-res version of the same image.

Also, added the following attributes on the <ps:export> ANT task:

  • loadalternates: If true export targets of all xrefs with type="alternate" (default true)
  • loadimages: If true export all resolved images referenced in PSML documents (default true). Replaces resolveimages which is now deprecated.

The export will now ONLY export images if they are resolved. Where images are unresolved (displayed with a red boarder) process them via Admin > Group manage - Resolve references.

58990826 Jul 20165.9000

Updated: schema for scheduled publish scripts, renamed configuration to schedule-config.xml, fixed the scheduled jobs display on the Admin > Console page and added pause/continue buttons.

60121926 Jul 20165.9000

Added: support for versioning metadata on non-PSML documents.

60076526 Jul 20165.9000

Added: group property indexXFields which if true will index all fields extracted from documents by Tika and prefix their name with x- (default false).

59361325 Jul 20165.9000

Modified: the PageSeeder database as follows:

  • Changed all dates to millisecond precision - DATETIME(3)
  • Added to table DGROUPURI_FOR_DGROUP the fields GroupURIForGroupID and EditURIs
  • Added the tables CLIENT and PERSISTENT_TOKEN for OAuth support
60166625 Jul 20165.9000

Removed: support for docid on external URIs as docid can only be resolved for the PageSeeder host not for external hosts.

60679925 Jul 20165.9000

Removed: the following servlets in v5.9:


Any projects using these servlets should be modified to use generators or services instead.

60132925 Jul 20165.9000

Modified: export so it will list all exported documents / URLs in the process logs.

60544222 Jul 20165.9000

Modified: comment markdown so a group of lines preceded and followed by a line with three back-ticks is preserved within preformatted text. For example:

function () {
  // do something!
60440920 Jul 20165.9000

Improved: performance for upload and workflow creation where the numbers of files is large.

60648920 Jul 20165.9000

Added: support for the following new param types in the PSML publish config for use with publish scripts:

  • documentversion – drop-down list of all document versions used in the current group.
  • documentlabel – drop-down list of document labels for the current group.
  • documentstatus – drop-down list of document status values for the current group.
  • fragmentlabel – drop-down list of fragment labels for the current group.
60244820 Jul 20165.9000

Added: drop-down list for Details form on New group and Group config pages.

60525920 Jul 20165.9000

Fixed: problem with indexing after a group is renamed.

60535220 Jul 20165.9000

Fixed: error when opening a newly created XML file in PS publisher.

60524720 Jul 20165.9000

Fixed: XML error with process ANT task when generating a table of contents from headings that contain angle brackets. Also fixed manual prefix attributes on headings not appearing in the table of contents.

60553418 Jul 20165.9000

Added: support for editing/deleting URLs via a new Group config option called "Allow editing server wide properties of all URLs in this group". It can only be set by administrators and adminEnable=delete-documents must be set in the for delete to work.

WARNING: This should not be used on a server shared between different organisations as it affects URLs across the whole server.

58115315 Jul 20165.9000

Added: editable check box on Group folders page which allows the group to edit documents in another group's default folder.

This is now the preferred way to have multiple groups editing a document. Use of non-default folders is now deprecated and projects using these should be modified to use the editable check box instead.

59426415 Jul 20165.9000

Removed: The email template reset-password-complete is no longer supported and the notification/@password attribute has been removed from all template XML. Passwords are now never emailed by PageSeeder.

The notification/@token attribute has been added to the following templates and @key has been deprecated:


All default notification XSLT has been updated with new content and styling, including URLs to new email permalinks.

Any projects with custom notification XSLT should be updated to reflect the changes above.

6044131 Jul 20165.8910

Added: support for the following parameter on the GenericSearch servlet:

  • ranges: A comma separated list of range searches (format is field:[|{(lower)? ; (upper)?}|] where {} means exclude limit value) e.g.

Also, added a Dev > Index catalog page which lists the settings for all the fields in the index. Fields that are not indexed (only stored) are not shown. There is a catalog per project which is only cleared before doing Server indexing of all groups in that project.

6038091 Jul 20165.8910

Upgraded: James email server to v2.3.2.

58816729 Jun 20165.8910

Allowed: project managers access to the Document config page. Also, added automatic validation of configuration files when saving and a Validate all button at the top of the Document config page.

60270028 Jun 20165.8910

Added: support for a user friendly title attribute on <group> which can be set via services or the PageSeeder UI. If set it is also displayed in some places in the UI instead of the group name. The old flags attribute on <group> has also been removed.

60409928 Jun 20165.8910

Added: index fields psxreflabel and psreversexreflabel which are now available in the UI via the Add facet link at the bottom of the search page. They are also available in the search table view under the Change columns options along with psxrefcount and psreversexrefcount.

60396628 Jun 20165.8910

Added: a link to the source document/fragment for all embeded/transcluded content in the document preview.

60383827 Jun 20165.8910

Removed: Layout config.xml v1.2 is no longer supported.

Any v1.2 config.xml should have the version in DOCTYPE declaration and version attribute updated to 1.4 which is the latest. Trees are no longer supported so any tree elements will also need to be removed.

60401615 Jun 20165.8908

Modified: The PS publisher has been modified to delete files from the working folder which are more than 3 days old. This should save space and decrease PageSeeder startup time.

When PageSeeder v5.9 is first installed it will try to delete the contents of the ps-publisher/WEB-INF/working folder. If it cannot do this PageSeeder will not start and there will be an error in the general.log. In this case the contents of the working folder need to be deleted manually before restarting PageSeeder.

56301815 Jun 20165.8908

Added: labels attribute to fragment elements in PSML so it's easier to access the fragment labels.

The <labels> element on <locator> has been deprecated. Please use the new labels attribute on fragments instead. Currently the <labels> element will still work but will be overridden by the labels attribute when uploading.

60387614 Jun 20165.8908

Added: support for different label colors in the document view (only applies to Block or Inline content labels). Supported colors are black, navy, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink or purple.

6000817 Jun 20165.8908

Fixed: New comment form on My comments page by requiring a group to be selected from a drop down list first.

6028053 Jun 20165.8906

Created: new ps:request ANT task supporting ps:config settings, binary file downloads and automatic polling for requests which start a thread. Deprecated old ps:ps-request task.

6025271 Jun 20165.8906

Made: the following improvements to schematron validation:

  • Validate action icon at the group level and breadcrumb bar to set the folder to be validated.
  • Validate a folder for a specific PSML document type or metadata for non-PSML media type.
  • View last validation report generated by current user in current group.
  • In the validation report added a link to each document.
  • Option to export the validation report as CSV file.
  • Validate with the default.sch defined for a document/media type automatically after editing and on upload.
  • Schematron validation on upload can be disabled via the upload developer options or via the validate attribute on the ps:upload ANT task.
58418123 May 20165.8906

Fixed: text wrapping on source view in CK content editor.

60191918 May 20165.8906

Fixed: maximize option in CK content editor.

58817818 May 20165.8906

Improved: print formatting for document view, search and comment thread pages.

59479218 May 20165.8906

Modified: Increased size of new comment and reply to comment pop-up windows.

58993317 May 20165.8906

Renamed: email template 'new-url' to 'new-uri' and modified it to use for document creation/upload as well as URL creation/modification.

58930117 May 20165.8906

Modified: indexing to index comments with status as both comments and tasks. Also added the index fields psdescription to tasks and psproperty-[name] to both.

59396411 May 20165.8906

Added: new ps:publish ANT task which can be used to remotely invoke ANT scripts on a PageSeeder server.

60121310 May 20165.8906

Upgraded: to Lucene v5 for indexing and added a Dev > Server indexing page for administrators which can be used to reindex groups for a project or for the whole server filtered by:

  • Obsolete groups: where the existing index can't be used (e.g. it is a Lucene v3 index)
  • Old groups: where the index can be used but may not contain the latest fields
  • Current groups: where the index is up to date

Also added support for the following

  • maxIndexingThreads: The maximum number of indexing threads - more threads should increase indexing speed but should not be more than the number of CPUs on the server (default 2).
  • slowIndexingSize: Non-PSML files with larger than this number of bytes will join the slow indexing queue to conserve memory (default 2000000).
  • maxIndexingSize: Non-PSML files with larger than this number of bytes will not have their content indexed to conserve memory (default 20000000).

After installing this version of PageSeeder, groups must be re-index before their index can be used (i.e. all group indexes will be obsolete). Also any projects with custom index fields will need to be updated as the index XML format has changed.

5841373 May 20165.8906

Added: option to enter an edit note or select and edit note label when deleting a fragment.

2536982 May 20165.8906

Added: document structure and metadata properties comparison to version compare page.

60009027 Apr 20165.8906

Fixed: possible error that stops the ps-publisher login page from appearing by removing XALAN library.

60116119 Apr 20165.8906

Allowed: fragments to be moved within a document via drag and drop by clicking the move icon at the bottom of the Document view page.

58995315 Apr 20165.8906

Added: support for workflow and status on non-PSML documents.

5950094 Apr 20165.8906

Added: support in PSML for <property datatype="markdown"> where markdown formatted text can be inserted inside a <markdown> element under the <property>. To make publishing easier markdown text is automatically converted to the PSML equivalent by the ps:process ANT task.

5894564 Apr 20165.8906

Added: support for metadata properties for any file type. Metadata properties have all the capabilities of PSML properties and can be edited via the Document properties page. In PSML they will appear inside a <metadata> element after <document-info> or <fragment-info> elements.

They can be configured on the Dev > Document config page (previously Document types) by inserting <metadata><properties><property ...> elements under <document> in the document-template.psml and by adding the same options as the PSML properties editor in the editor-config.json with the editor name PSMLMetadataConfig.

5818834 Apr 20165.8906

Added: 'Outline images' option on Document view page which will display:

  • a link to the source image
  • the image dimensions in the document
  • a border around the image
  • a checker background for transparency These will also be displayed if the mouse hovers for 1 second over an image.
5491944 Apr 20165.8906

Added: 'Structure history' button to Document history page which shows document structure changes due to adding/deleting/moving fragments and uploading. Also added move fragment 'structure' events to Document history page.

5941044 Apr 20165.8906

Fixed: possible validation error in ps:process ANT task with mixed content inside <block> elements.

59468130 Mar 20165.8906

Fixed: possible error exporting to PDF when tables use @colspan.

59448430 Mar 20165.8906
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