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PageSeeder installation and upgrade instructions

PageSeeder Release Notes – Version 4.x

Known Issues

The following are known issues in the current version of PageSeeder.

  • PDF annotations File Attachment, Sound Attachment and Custom/Dynamic Stamp are not supported.
  • Acrobat commenting tools and page scrolling are not available with PDF documents that have Document Security enabled.
  • In Acrobat 6.0.0 automatic scrolling to the exact location of an annotation may not work. The fix is to upgrade to Acrobat 6.0.1.
  • Not all formatting and no graphics are displayed in WML XML files.
  • Not all formatting and no graphics are preserved in RTF renditions.
  • PDF documents emailed to PageSeeder via Microsoft Outlook may be corrupted.
  • The error message "com.weborganic.db.QueryFailedException: Invalid index 1 for DataStoreMapping" may occur when accessing PageSeeder after the service is restarted. Restarting the PageSeeder service will usually fix it.
  • When exporting documents to Word (docx format), the "Create Consolidated docx" publishing target has the following issues:
    • mixed contents within a list item will add extra items to list;
    • images without @height and @width attributes are given fixed values;
    • numbering on different lists does not restart;
    • table rowspan not supported;
    • limited support for link and xref;
    • images and formatting inside links are ignored;
    • styles including headings inside para labels are not supported.
  • In Internet Explorer the line breaks in Code Block style text are removed (ID: 385427).

Change History

Version 4.9025 (8 November 2011)

The following changes were made:

  • Fixed: \tomcat\temp folder not being created by Windows installer (08 Nov 11, ID: 384410, v4.9025)
  • Fixed: problem with Word styles when using an inline or para label multiple times (08 Nov 11, ID: 384658, v4.9025)
  • Fixed: format of the project-config-labels page in I.E.8 in the five perspective (08 Nov 11, ID: 384471, v4.9025)
  • Fixed: error viewing public documents when not logged in (08 Nov 11, ID: 384653, v4.9025)
  • Renamed: On the members list page renamed 'Add Member' link to 'Invite a New Member' and now display a message if the invited member already belongs to the group (07 Nov 11, ID: 384230, v4.9025)
  • Added: support to ObjectExplorer and XLinksForURI servlets for parameters specifying the scheme of a uri (07 Nov 11, ID: 384474, v4.9025)
  • Renamed: the group property 'Group Home URL' to 'Related Website URL' (07 Nov 11, ID: 376074, v4.9025)
  • Fixed: the following problems in I.E.7 & I.E.8:
    • Document browse block not displaying correctly after selecting a subfolder
    • Labels not displayed correctly in document editproperties and edit comment pages
    • Comments and comment thread pages not updating after clicking Submit
      Fixed the following problems in I.E.7:
      • Options menu for edits not appearing in document view page
        (07 Nov 11, ID: 384260, v4.9025)
  • Allowed: '-' in label names when uploading documents (07 Nov 11, ID: 384470, v4.9025)
  • Fixed: group welcome message not appearing in notification email (04 Nov 11, ID: 384329, v4.9025)
  • Fixed: numbering of headings and paragraphs not being resolved on document preview in perspective five (28 Oct 11, ID: 383917, v4.9025)
  • Fixed: problem removing labels from XRefs in psxreflist editor (28 Oct 11, ID: 383638, v4.9025)
  • Fixed: problem with login form display on IE7 (28 Oct 11, ID: 383510, v4.9025)

Version 4.9023 (25 October 2011)

The following changes were made:

  • Fixed: not being updated by Windows installer (25 Oct 11, ID: 383464, v4.9023)
  • Added: support for group parameter on ResetPassword servlet (25 Oct 11, ID: 383460, v4.9023)
  • Added: activation link to reset password emails if account is unactivated (25 Oct 11, ID: 383148, v4.9023)
  • Made: generated passwords more readable (25 Oct 11, ID: 383249, v4.9023)
  • Required: changing of default names (e.g. Member 1234), display "Your account has now been activated" message and fixed Decline invitation button on user-preferences-mydetails (25 Oct 11, ID: 383250, v4.9023)
  • Fixed: Register page not appearing on navigation in perspective five (25 Oct 11, ID: 383094, v4.9023)
  • Added: update_401_to_404_MySQL.sql which upgrades MySQL database tables to v4.04 by increasing the sizes of the fields: DGROUP.GroupName, DGROUP.ControlGroupName, URI.Path, URI.Status, CONTENT.Data and adds the field: DATABASE_METADATA.Version (25 Oct 11, ID: 383455, v4.9023)
  • Fixed: full stop in document title not being translate to underscore when creating a new document (25 Oct 11, ID: 379722, v4.9023)
  • Fixed: Export button sometimes missing on group-document-view (25 Oct 11, ID: 381388, v4.9023)
  • Added: automatic creation of Word styles for inline and para labels (ps-inlinelabel-[name] and ps-paralabel-[name]) when exporting to Word (25 Oct 11, ID: 383057, v4.9023)
  • Fixed: problem selecting graphics when there are multiple result pages and added automatic page loading when scrolling (25 Oct 11, ID: 383408, v4.9023)
  • Fixed: problem uploading files in Firefox 7 (25 Oct 11, ID: 382656, v4.9023)
  • Fixed: confirmed registration not working (24 Oct 11, ID: 383328, v4.9023)

Version 4.9020 (9 September 2011)

The following features were added:

  • Added: Create/Browse Document and edit XRef functionality to psxreflist editor in Master documents. (09 Sep 11, ID: 379282, v4.9020)
  • Added: support for personal groups so that users can store and draft content in a private space. An administrator can create a personal group for a member in the user-preferences-memberdetails page. (09 Sep 11, ID: 379280, v4.9020)
  • Added: support for batch labeling of comments and tasks in table view of group-find page. (09 Sep 11, ID: 379278, v4.9020)
  • Added: validation of inlineLabel, paraLabel names and body id to group-loading-zone.
    NOTE: Label names may contain the following characters: [a-z][A-Z][0-1][-_]
    (09 Sep 11, ID: 379274, v4.9020)
  • Added: disk space available display to psadmin-console page. (09 Sep 11, ID: 379269, v4.9020)
  • Added: My Tasks page which lists consolidated tasks from all groups you are a member of. (09 Sep 11, WP: 2837, ID: 379267, v4.9020)
  • Upgraded: to FOP 1.0 and added support in FOConfig for the following:
    • ps-hideIfNotFirst (allowed on <toc> element). If set to false, the TOC is displayed if this is a sub-document (default is true). This allow multiple TOCs to be generated in the same PDF.
    • <left> and <right> root elements to add content to the left and right margins.
    • support for multiple FOConfig.xml files to be applied in the same PDF based on the document config of the included sub-documents.
      (09 Sep 11, WP: 2841, ID: 379265, v4.9020)
  • Added: support in for emailMaxThreadMessages property. If the number of recipients for a notification is more than this the emails will be sent in the background. Default: 50 (09 Sep 11, ID: 379256, v4.9020)
  • Added: 'Activate' button to user-preferences-memberdetails for Administrators only to manually activate a users account. (09 Sep 11, ID: 379249, v4.9020)
  • Added: new functionality group-tasks page in perspective five. Buttons on the group task list will allow users depending on their permissions to:
    • change the priority of a task (default: promote/demote)
    • change the status of a task (default: next status in order)
    • claim a task
      All buttons will display a modal dialog which defaults to the most default option, but also allows users to choose other values and add a comment.
      (09 Sep 11, WP: 2763, ID: 379246, v4.9020)
  • Added: support in newDocConfig.xml for <folderContext>. If specified this is a path relative to the group default folder and can end with the '*' wildcard character. The template will only be available when the breadcrumb bar matches this path. Also the new document's path will be [folderContext]/[folder]/[filename].[extension]. (09 Sep 11, ID: 379245, v4.9020)
  • Added: 'On Vacation' display to group-members block. (07 Sep 11, ID: 379063, v4.9019)
  • Fixed: problem with versions in multiple groups not being indexed correctly (26 Aug 11, ID: 377971, v4.9016)
  • Added: dev-default-list page to Developer Perspective for viewing/downloading the default PageSeeder configuration files so they can be used as a basis for project customizations. A similar page has also been added to the PS Publisher. (19 Aug 11, ID: 376907, v4.9015)
  • Added: an Admin menu for managers in the Five perspective containing the following pages: Archive Group, Index Group, Group Console, Group Properties (19 Aug 11, ID: 376878, v4.9015)
  • Added: support for <property name="delete-fragment">false</property> in PS XML to disable delete content feature in group-document-view (05 Aug 11, ID: 376443, v4.9015)
  • Added: search and auto-detect mobile device for Mobile perspective beta version. (15 Jul 11, ID: 375845, v4.9012)
  • Added: Mobile perspective beta version available from a footer link in the Five perspective. (12 Jul 11, ID: 375774, v4.9010)
  • Modified: The group-loading-zone page now automatically creates edits when overwriting an existing PageSeeder document. This can be disabled by added an @overwrite="false" attribute on <section> elements or by unticking Create Edits in the Developer Perspective. Also added support for a @createedits attribute on the ps-upload Ant task which is 'false' by default for backward compatibility. (12 Jul 11, WP: 2841, ID: 375773, v4.9010)
  • Added: 'Deleted sections' display option to the top of the group-document-view page (03 Jun 11, ID: 374205, v4.9010)
  • Added: expandable 'document cartouche' area at the top of the group-document-view page which displays various properties of the document (03 Jun 11, ID: 374204, v4.9010)
  • Added: 'Overwrite Properties' to Developer Options in developer perspective for group-loading-zone page. (25 May 11, ID: 373721, v4.9010)
  • Added: Notification Subject and Content fields to group-document-new page and improved layout (25 May 11, ID: 373711, v4.9010)
  • Added: developer license to default installation with Product Key: dev which allows unlimited projects, groups and members but can only be accessed on a single computer using http://localhost . Removed automatic creation of pageseeder_eval project. (16 May 11, ID: 373075, v4.9007)
  • Added: to group-find page: location filter, date filter, sort by relevance/most recent. Also fixed last modified column sorting.
    NOTE: Groups need to be re-indexed to use the date filter or sort by most recent.
    (16 May 11, ID: 373056, v4.9007)
  • Added: to pages that use labels "More about these labels..." link which displays the label descriptions and allows editing of the labels if the user has access.
    (16 May 11, ID: 373037, v4.9007)
  • Added: an Archive edit note icon to the group-fragment-history page (13 May 11, ID: 372853, v4.9007)
  • Added: new service /ps/service/groups/[group name]/size which returns the no. of bytes of file system storage used by the group (13 May 11, WP: 2832, ID: 372851, v4.9007)
  • Added: Delete action for folders in group-document-browse page if adminEnable=delete-documents or managerEnable=delete-documents is set in (13 May 11, ID: 372850, v4.9007)
  • Added: new HTML format for all email notifications (13 May 11, ID: 372846, v4.9007)
  • Added: support for publishScheme, publishHost, publishPort in for web browser access to Publish Engine - publishScheme and publishPort should be set when using HTTPS for the Publish Engine (09 May 11, ID: 372656, v4.9006)
  • Added: member activation email with a link that new members must click on before they can use their account to access PageSeeder (11 May 11, WP: 2823, ID: 372742, v4.9007)
  • Added: featuredImageDocumentTypes to the which is a list of document types. In the group-find page search results a document of this type will display a thumbnail of the first graphic in the document. The graphic must be referenced using a URI Id and have the extension jpg, gif or png. (11 May 11, ID: 372750, v4.9007)
  • Added: 'Thread' link to comments in the group-document-view page which opens the comment in the group-comment-thread page. (11 May 11, ID: 372743, v4.9007)
  • Added: new search interface to group-xref-insert and group-comment-move pages which will match doc ids and/or comment/task ids and can filter by label. (06 May 11, ID: 372508, v4.9006)
  • Added: a user interface to the Publish Engine which can be access via the Developer Toolbox Project Page or by using the URL http://[PS Server]/ps-publisher and then logging in with a PageSeeder administrator account. It allows custom Ant scripts for projects to be created, modified, uploaded, downloaded and run locally. (03 May 11, WP: 2764, ID: 372207, v4.9006)
  • Added: support for /ps/service/restartmail URL which allows an administrator to restart the PageSeeder mail server (02 May 11, ID: 372163, v4.9006)
  • Added: confirmation email including a link which must be clicked on before an email address change takes effect (06 May 11, WP: 2823, ID: 372510, v4.9006)
  • Added: to group-document-loadingzone page: default to 'documents' folder in group initially and to 'images' folder if uploading an image; moved Validate, Index, Link (Create Cross References) options to developer perspective (11 Apr 11, ID: 370816, v4.9006)
  • Added: display in red of any file in the Project Files (resource-list) page that overrides a file in the default style owner. These files should be checked for incompatibility when upgrading PageSeeder (11 Apr 11, WP: 2791, ID: 370815, v4.9006)
  • Added: support for emailDomain=pshosts in which makes incoming and outgoing emails from PageSeeder use the domain of the default folder for the group. This is useful when accessing different groups from different domain names (11 Apr 11, WP: 2823, ID: 370810, v4.9006)
  • Added: support for developer license allowing unlimited projects, groups and members when accessing PageSeeder via localhost only. License is configured by setting Product Key to 'dev' and Web Site Address to 'localhost' (05 Apr 11, WP: 2823, ID: 370205, v4.9004)
  • Added: new group-loading-zone page which replaces the group-document-upload page. It allows uploading of documents including: drag and drop files; running preview/loading scripts to transform files; upload progress monitoring and upload process logs. (05 Apr 11, WP: 2804, ID: 370204, v4.9004)
  • Added: the following pages to the developer perspective: toolbox-server, toolbox-project, resource-list, document-config and test-page-styles (05 Apr 11, ID: 370202, v4.9004)
  • Added: support for @edit="false" attribute on <?stylesheet?> which will disable editing on a document and @edit="false" attribute on <section> which will disable editing for that section. (29 Mar 11, ID: 369269, v4.9004)

The following changes were made:

  • Modified: publish logs to only show publish jobs from the current group, except for the psadmin-console page which shows all jobs. (09 Sep 11, ID: 379270, v4.9020)
  • Fixed: problem sharing document versions to multiple groups (19 Aug 11, ID: 376900, v4.9015)
  • Fixed: comments with attachments not being indexed (19 Aug 11, ID: 376891, v4.9015)
  • Fixed: possible out of memory errors when processing large amounts of XML in pages (19 Aug 11, ID: 376874, v4.9015)
  • Modified: Core scripts (loaded for every HTML UI request) can now be overridden, by putting the new scripts inside the woconfig/[project]/script/core or woconfig/[project].[perspective]/script/core folders. The navigation script can also be overridden by putting a navigation.js file in the woconfig/[project]/script or woconfig/[project].[perspective]/script folders. (19 Aug 11, ID: 376873, v4.9015)
  • Added: Validation available as part of FIVE perspective as document tab. C (18 Aug 11, WP: 2828, ID: 376845, v4.9015)
  • Modified: Javascript and CSS bundling to fix possible problem with proxy servers  (22 Jul 11, ID: 376006, v4.9014)
  • Changed: default perspective from content to standard (20 Jul 11, ID: 375942, v4.9014)
  • Fixed: problem with folder names including "\" being created in a new group (e.g. "documents\myfolder" ) (05 Jul 11, ID: 375605, v4.9010)
  • Made: group-xref-insert and group-comment-move pages load faster by only loading the Browse and Quick Links tabs when they are clicked on. (05 Jul 11, ID: 375597, v4.9010)
  • Fixed: upload notification message content being truncated (20 Jun 11, ID: 375104, v4.9010)
  • Fixed: problem if there is a '.' in a file/folder name (20 Jun 11, ID: 375101, v4.9010)
  • Fixed: predicate filtering in ObjectExplorer servlet.  (08 Jun 11, ID: 374588, v4.9010)
  • Fixed: problem with styles when exporting to docx a document with spaces in the filename (23 May 11, ID: 373566, v4.9008)
  • Fixed: error when inserting XRefs or moving comments and there is no quick_links.xml file in the group (20 May 11, ID: 373487, v4.9008)
  • Moved: user-preferences-myoptions to user-preferences-mydetails page and changed notification preferences on user-preferences-mygroups and group-member-groupdetails pages to: Normal, Announcements Only, Daily Digest. Changed notification options on group-comment-new and other pages to: Silent, Normal, Announcement. Also added support for new email address suffix --preserve which preserves your email format (previously this was --announce). (16 May 11, ID: 373073, v4.9007)
  • Removed: XRef icon from Quick Links block and changed (empty) to (no outbound links) (16 May 11, ID: 373010, v4.9007)
  • Replaced: the XRef Explorer with Quick Links in group-xref-insert and group-comment-move pages (13 May 11, ID: 372860, v4.9007)
  • Modified: Publish logs accessed in a group will now only display entries from that group. All entries can be displayed by Administrators using the psadmin-console page. (13 May 11, WP: 2823, ID: 372844, v4.9007)
  • Restricted: project/group names to the following characters: ALPHA / DIGIT / "_" / "~" (11 May 11, ID: 372746, v4.9007)
  • Fixed: when using HTTPS the message "No documents could be found, please check that the domain name and port number in your URL are correct." appearing in group-document-browse page. (10 May 11, ID: 372690, v4.9006)
  • Made: group/folder export results download directly from the publish engine without uploading to PageSeeder and being restricted to maxUploadSize (06 May 11, ID: 372511, v4.9006)
  • Fixed: problem with multiple pages not displaying on group-graphics-thumbnails page (06 May 11, ID: 372497, v4.9006)
  • Fixed: numbered headings not appearing when publishing PDF or HTML with "Generate Table of Contents" unticked. (03 May 11, ID: 372285, v4.9006)
  • Fixed: problem indexing encrypted PDF files (02 May 11, ID: 372161, v4.9006)
  • Modified: The @permission attributes on <tree>, <block> or <page> elements in the layout config.xml file are now enforced by the Layout Manager. (02 May 11, WP: 2823, ID: 372159, v4.9006)
  • Fixed: problem with ps-download Ant task when a file has '&' in the filename (29 Apr 11, ID: 372029, v4.9006)
  • Fixed: problem with saving a draft edit creating a database record with a Null XlinkID in the LOCATOR_FOR_XLINK table. This will cause an error when trying to delete the document (29 Apr 11, ID: 372026, v4.9006)
  • Modified: Made autosuggest minimum characters configurable (e.g. psAutoSuggest({minLength: 4}); ) (29 Apr 11, ID: 372018, v4.9006)
  • Changed: the display order for labels to alphabetical (29 Apr 11, ID: 372017, v4.9006)
  • Allowed: overriding of new comment notification using NewXLinkMessage-html.xsl which can contain the following in the html head element:
    <meta name="x" content="my value"> and <title>my subject</title> where x=to-email, sender-name, sender-email, replyto-name, replyto-email.
    The same can be done for other notifications by adding the -html.xsl suffix. (27 Apr 11, ID: 371907, v4.9006)
  • Fixed: archived comments appearing at bottom of document (11 Apr 11, ID: 370813, v4.9006)
  • Modified: Only allowed managers to see accounts for users that are members of groups in their projects and added an email notification which new members to a project need to confirm before they are added to it. (11 Apr 11, WP: 2823, ID: 370808, v4.9006)
  • Modified: generate-concatenated-html in ant-library to require uri-host and uri-port parameters so that resources can be resolved when the PS Publish Engine is on a different server. (01 Apr 11, ID: 369726, v4.9004)
  • Fixed: problem with <, >, & characters in section tables not being displayed correctly when editing and viewing history (29 Mar 11, ID: 369016, v4.9004)
  • Fixed: problem with publishing when PageSeeder is configured to use SSL (23 Mar 11, ID: 368481, v4.9004)
  • Fixed: header date not updating in Word output when printing (21 Mar 11, ID: 368106, v4.9004)
  • Fixed: problem with header/footer image in Word output when no other images in document (21 Mar 11, ID: 368101, v4.9004)

Version 4.8022 (26 August 2011)

The following changes were made:

Fixed problem with versions in multiple groups not being indexed correctly (26 Aug 11, ID: 377971, v4.8022)

Version 4.8018 (6 May 2011)

The following features were added:

  • Added: support to Ant Library target pswebsite.generate-website-documents for a website-def parameter to read the website_def.xml which can contain an XRef mapping for XRefs between different websites (23 Feb 11, ID: 363277, v4.8016)
  • Added: support to Ant Library target pswebsite.generate-website-documents for a website-def parameter to read the website_def.xml which can contain an XRef mapping for XRefs between different websites (23 Feb 11, WP: 2820, ID: 363277, v4.8014)
  • Added: Documents tab to Content perspective (21 Feb 11, ID: 363089, v4.8012)
  • Added: to Ant library the target pswebsite.load-website-properties for multiple properties files and also added support for website-root parameter. Added to ant-download.xml support for location parameter in download-modified-files. (15 Feb 11, ID: 362299, v4.8012)
  • Added: support for numbered paragraphs which can be entered using the indent and numbering buttons in the content editor. They can be output by publishing HTML or PDF formats which are configured by the file ps-publisher/WEB-INF/template/default/format-standard/Document/defaultNumberingConfig.xml. To customize the default numbering copy this file from template/default to template/[your project] under the same folder. (03 Feb 11, ID: 360518, v4.8011)
  • Added: support to Ant Task ps-download-xrefs for ps-release and ps-releaseStatus in the nested <parameter> elements (02 Feb 11, ID: 360316, v4.8011)
  • Added: support for overriding default.dotx template by creating [project]/format-standard/Document/default.dotx and adding a single header/footer image by creating [project]/format-standard/Document/defaultDocX[Header/Footer]Image.png (05 Jan 11, WP: 2764, ID: 357057, v4.8011)
  • Changed: In Ant library target psdocx.generate-concatenated-docx deprecated header-text parameter and now uses header and footer in the .dotx template. Also added support for a single image in the header/footer. (05 Jan 11, WP: 2764, ID: 357056, v4.8011)


The following changes were made:

  • Fixed: problem with multiple pages not displaying on Graphics – Thumbnails page (06 May 11, ID: 372497, v4.8018)
  • Fixed: numbered headings not appearing when publishing PDF or HTML with "Generate Table of Contents" unticked. (03 May 11, ID: 372285, v4.8018)
  • Fixed: editor customizations in xEditorConfig.json file not being applied (29 Apr 11, ID: 372030, v4.8016)
  • Fixed: problem with ps-download Ant task when a file has '&' in the filename (29 Apr 11, ID: 372029, v4.8016)
  • Stopped: uploading a document from overwriting existing title, labels and docid (29 Apr 11, ID: 372028, v4.8016)
  • Fixed: problem with saving a draft edit creating a database record with a Null XlinkID in the LOCATOR_FOR_XLINK table. This will cause an error when trying to delete the document (29 Apr 11, ID: 372026, v4.8016)
  • Made: autosuggest minimum characters configurable (e.g. psAutoSuggest({minLength: 4}); ) (29 Apr 11, ID: 372018, v4.8016)
  • Changed: the display order for labels to alphabetical (29 Apr 11, ID: 372017, v4.8016)
  • Allowed: overriding of new comment notification using NewXLinkMessage-html.xsl which can contain the following in the html head element:
    <meta name="x" content="my value"> and <title>my subject</title> where x=to-email, sender-name, sender-email, replyto-name, replyto-email.
    The same can be done for other notifications by adding the -html.xsl suffix. (27 Apr 11, ID: 371907, v4.8016)
  • Fixed: header date not updating in Word output when printing (21 Mar 11, ID: 368106, v4.8016)
  • Fixed: problem with header/footer image in Word output when no other images in document (21 Mar 11, ID: 368101, v4.8016)
  • Fixed: possible error when adding labels to documents (01 Mar 11, ID: 364960, v4.8014)
  • Updated: Automatically tick "Send message to group members" when the upload message is changed on Document – Upload page (01 Mar 11, ID: 364959, v4.8014)
  • Fixed: confirmation page for confirmed registrations not working (01 Mar 11, ID: 364931, v4.8014)
  • Fixed: problem with blockXrefs and some xrefs using docid not being created on upload (21 Feb 11, ID: 363053, v4.8012)
  • Fixed: images with relative paths not being published (21 Feb 11, ID: 363052, v4.8012)
  • Fixed: heap space memory error when viewing/downloading large non-XML files (08 Feb 11, ID: 361054, v4.8011)
  • Fixed: URI type and behavior not being set when creating new documents (02 Feb 11, ID: 360358, v4.8011)
  • Fixed: problem of duplicate XRefs being created when uploading and overwriting a document that contains XRefs (02 Feb 11, ID: 360357, v4.8011)
  • Fixed: problem with embed XRefs to images in other groups in Consolidated docx publishing (30 Nov 10, ID: 354354, v4.8011)
  • Fixed: problem with Embed XRefs not resolving in consolidated publishing of html, PDF and docx (26 Nov 10, ID: 353954, v4.8011)
  • Fixed: problem with preserve titles in export publish script (24 Nov 10, ID: 353682, v4.8011)
  • Fixed: docx import error: Attribute @type is not expected in element <table> (27 Oct 10, ID: 349539, v4.8011)

Version 4.8008 (29 November 2010)

The following changes were made:

  • Fixed: heap space memory error when uploading large files
    (26 Nov 10, ID: 353947, v4.8008)
  • Fixed: security issue with viewing settings
    (17 Nov 10, ID: 352755, v4.8007)

Version 4.8 (aka 4.8006 - 18 October 2010)

The following features were added:

  • Added: the following targets to Ant library which remove old content when publishing a folder to PS Website: pswebsite.clean-website-folder, pswebsite.clean-website-folder-ftp (18 Oct 10, WP: 2764, ID: 348415, v4.8006)
  • Added: the following targets to Ant library: psdocx.generate-psxml, psupload.upload-display-xml, psupload.upload-zip-display-xml (18 Oct 10, WP: 2764, ID: 348413, v4.8006)
  • Added: "Import as PS XML" action for docx files in Document > Browse which allows converting docx with a preview option (18 Oct 10, ID: 348412, v4.8006)
  • Added: Master document template using psxreflist custom editor to New Document page (also removed old HTML document template) (12 Oct 10, ID: 347350, v4.8006)
  • Improved: performance for display of large index log files (01 Oct 10, ID: 346028, v4.8005)
  • Added: some more required parameters to Ant library targets for better generalization (01 Oct 10, WP: 2764, ID: 346027, v4.8005)
  • Added: Validate button to document view in Lab perspective which will validate the document using a a schematron (.sch) file under the template/[project]/format-standard/Schemas folder. (01 Oct 10, WP: 2828, ID: 345982, v4.8005)
  • Added: drag XRef functionality to psxreflist custom editor (28 Sep 10, ID: 345124, v4.8004)
  • Added: Dev > Project Files page which allows viewing/editing of custom configuration files for a project (style owner) (28 Sep 10, WP: 2791, ID: 345121, v4.8004)
  • Added: support for website-version parameter to ant-website.xml targets in Ant library (27 Sep 10, WP: 2764, ID: 344795, v4.8004)
  • Added: the following targets to Ant library for Publish Engine under template/default/ant-library.
    • psprocess.generate-uris-from-search
    • psprocess.extract-paths-for-uris
      (24 Sep 10, WP: 2764, ID: 344226, v4.8004)
  • Added: functionality to selecting an insert point in psxreflist custom editor (22 Sep 10, WP: 2829, ID: 343848, v4.8004)
  • Added: display of archived icon when an XRef or a reverse XRef points to an archived document (22 Sep 10, ID: 343847, v4.8004)
  • Added: Group > Project Labels page which allows setting different labels for different contexts (i.e. Comment/Task, Fragment, Edit Notes, Version, Creation, Upload, Document) which are stored under template/[my project]/Label/label-config.xml.

    NOTE: Labels can now only be configured for a project, not a specific group. If project labels are set they will override the labels in all groups under this project/style owner.
    (22 Sep 10, WP: 2817, ID: 343838, v4.8004)
  • Added: automatic creation of quick_links.xml document, images folder and documents folder when a new group is created. This can be overridden by creating a template/[my project]/NewGroup/Documents folder and putting the documents/folders to create inside it. (22 Sep 10, ID: 343833, v4.8004)
  • Added: 'Version' action to folders in Document Browse for bulk versioning. Also added bulk operations 'Add Label', 'Remove Label' and 'Add Version' to search results table view in Lab & Content perspectives. (21 Sep 10, ID: 343566, v4.8004)
  • Added: auto complete to group search, insert XRef and move comment pages. Also added auto suggest to document quick search block (20 Sep 10, WP: 2804, ID: 343348, v4.8004)
  • Added: support in document Config.xml for the following element under <editor>:
    : prompt user for an edit note, or
    <editnote>required</editnote>: prompt and require user to enter an edit note (20 Sep 10, WP: 2829, ID: 343345, v4.8004)
  • Added: display and editing of document title to document view and added <ps:labels> to <ps:documentInfo> element in XML (20 Sep 10, ID: 343336, v4.8004)
  • Added: display and editing of document and fragment labels in document view (20 Sep 10, ID: 343326, v4.8004)
  • Added: Export Group/Folder publish scripts for exporting documents to another group or server (17 Sep 10, ID: 342652, v4.8004)
  • Added: document comments to footer of document view and removed Document Comments block (17 Sep 10, ID: 342650, v4.8004)
  • Added: support for <element name ="body-[type]"> in FOConfig.xml to apply PDF format properties to specific section templates (15 Sep 10, ID: 341935, v4.8004)
  • Fixed: problem with some downloaded files having a number as the filename instead of the original filename and extension (14 Sep 10, ID: 341781, v4.8004)
  • Added: ps-download-xrefs Ant task to the external API for downloading a document and it's xrefs (cross-referenced) documents to a specified depth (13 Sep 10, WP: 2764, ID: 341538, v4.8000)
  • Added: support for the following attributes to ps-download task:
    • @inlcudes: comma-separated list of patterns matching documents/folders to include
    • @excludes: comma-separated list of patterns matching documents/folders to exclude
    • @paths: pipe-separated list of paths which can be used instead of path to specify multiple documents to download
      (13 Sep 10, WP: 2764, ID: 341411, v4.8000)
  • Added: Ant library of common publish scripts to Publish Engine under template/default/ant-library. Also upgraded to Ant 1.8.1 and Antxtras 3.0.0b1.

    NOTE: To use Antxtras in your publish scripts you will need to replace the line:
    <taskdef resource="com/idaremedia/antx/install/antlib.xml" />
    <taskdef resource="org/jwaresoftware/antxtras/install/antlib.xml" />
    <taskdef resource="org/jwaresoftware/antxtras/install/antlib-advanced.xml" />
    Also you will need to change any Antxtras <foreach name=""> to use <doforeach> without any property modification inside or use new ant-library scripts.

    (13 Sep 10, WP: 2764, ID: 341335, v4.8000)
  • Changed: default perspective (style view) to "content" and made user chosen perspective persistent for all groups in a project. Also added support for template/[project]/Config/ file to create group properties which can only be set at the project level and made styleViews and defaultStyleViews project properties. (13 Sep 10, ID: 341293, v4.8000)
  • Added: group property shareXrefsWithTarget. A boolean indicating that when an XRef is added to a documents in the default folder of the group (/ps/[group name]/) then the target document's group(s) should also be able to see it as a reverse XRef. (25 Aug 10, ID: 338312, v4.7102)
  • Added: new search interface including facets and comment/task indexing to Lab and Content perspectives.

    NOTE: Existing groups needs to be reindexed using Groups > Index Group before using the new interface
    (24 Aug 10, ID: 338019, v4.7102)
  • Added: support for <section format="x"> attribute in PS standard XML and allowed custom editors to be bound to this format in the document config using <editor format="x"> (24 Aug 10, WP: 2829, ID: 338012, v4.7102)

The following changes where made:

  • Modified: URLs in HTML email notifications are now automatically converted to hyperlinks (12 Oct 10, ID: 347352, v4.8006)
  • Fixed: problem that creates projects without a GroupURI ending in '/%' (12 Oct 10, ID: 347299, v4.8006)
  • Fixed: error when not logged in and viewing public documents (11 Oct 10, ID: 347220, v4.8006)
  • Updated: For <?stylesheet format="standard" config="x" css="y"> if xConfig.xml does not exist use defaultConfig.xml and if y.css does not exist use x.css, then standard.css (01 Oct 10, ID: 346019, v4.8005)
  • Fixed: problem viewing PageSeeder notifications on some email clients by making them into one HTML part with one alternative text part. Also added group properties emailFooterStart and emailFooterEnd which can customize the stripping of the PageSeeder footer from emailed comments. (22 Sep 10, ID: 343845, v4.8004)
  • Fixed: problem with move comment to group not working the first time in a new browser session (21 Sep 10, ID: 343565, v4.8004)
  • Fixed: <ps:release> not appearing in ps-download XML (20 Sep 10, ID: 343344, v4.8004)
  • Changed: content labels in new index format default to <field name="label-[name]">[value]</field> (inline = untokenized, para = tokenized) and added <field name="fragment-label">[name]</field> containing all the fragment labels in the document (20 Sep 10, ID: 343337, v4.8004)
  • Fixed: no bounce email for messages sent to no--reply@[pageseeder server] which can happen in GMail when replying to a comment from yourself (17 Sep 10, ID: 342614, v4.8004)
  • Fixed: problem with XRef loops in consolidated publish and made publish logs word-wrap long lines (17 Sep 10, ID: 342587, v4.8004)
  • Fixed: error when viewing history of a deleted fragment (15 Sep 10, ID: 341973, v4.8004)
  • Fixed: <monospace> not allowed in <item>, <cell>, <hcell> for standard PS XML (15 Sep 10, ID: 341962, v4.8004)
  • Changed: content editor submit button to 'Save' (15 Sep 10, ID: 341958, v4.8004)
  • Disabled and removed: old FCK content editor code (15 Sep 10, WP: 2787, ID: 341957, v4.8004)
  • Stopped: archived folders/documents from being archived again (15 Sep 10, ID: 341913, v4.8004)
  • Fixed: the following problems with "Create Consolidated docx" publishing:
    • different images with the same name will not display
    • multiple references to the same image will cause errors
    • image reference using /page/uri/x may cause warnings
    • some image file names can cause errors (ID: 29585) (13 Sep 10, WP: 2764, ID: 341360, v4.8000)
  • Renamed: "Style View" block to "Perspective" and simplified the content perspective (24 Aug 10, ID: 338016, v4.7102)
  • Removed: retry for bounced emails to stop the PageSeeder email server being overloaded by spam (11 Aug 10, ID: 334994, v4.7010)

Version 4.7 (aka 4.7009 - 26 July 2010)

The following features were added:

  • Added: support for login=no parameter in com.pageseeder.RegisterMember servlet (26 Jul 10, ID: 328820, v4.7009)
  • Added: support for scheduled publish scripts (26 Jul 10, ID: 328819, v4.7009)
  • Added: support for the following markup in -html email notification templates:
    • <div class="text-content"> sends the content of this div as text/plain alternative
    • <meta name="to-email" content="[email address]"> only sends to this address
    • <meta name="text-only" content="true"> only sends the text content
    • <meta name="html-only" content="true"> only sends the HTML content (20 Jul 10, ID: 326743, v4.7009)
  • Added: support for datetime editing using <customBody type="text/vnd.pageseeder.datetime"> (12 Jul 10, ID: 324501, v4.7008)
  • Added: In the Lab style view auto-complete has been added to the to the top search box and auto-suggest has been added to the Document Quick Search block. (05 Jul 10, ID: 322793, v4.7008)
  • Added: scrolling and full page view to Member List for better display of long details (05 Jul 10, ID: 322766, v4.7008)
  • Added: support for applying styles using .dotx template file to "Create Consolidated docx" publish script (16 Jun 10, ID: 318038, v4.7004)
  • Added: group property indexIgnoreFolders which is a list of root folders that will be ignored when indexing the group (16 Jun 10, ID: 318021, v4.7004)
  • Added: support for inline <monospace> element in standard format PS XML and for HTML, PDF and docx output which is input using the 'Code' style in the content editor (16 Jun 10, ID: 318009, v4.7004)
  • Added: Server Message field to Admin > Console page which displays a server wide message at the top of every page. This can be used to notify users of down time or other system wide changes (15 Jun 10, ID: 317442, v4.7004)
  • Allowed: group managers to index groups (07 Jun 10, ID: 313011, v4.7003)
  • Added: support in format standard XML for <para indent="N"> where N is a positive integer. By default it renders as an indent of N x 40 pixels for HTML, PDF and docx outputs (07 Jun 10, ID: 313007, v4.7003)
  • Added: full-text indexing of .pdf and .doc files. This can be disabled by editing WEB-INF/config/ and removing the lines with the corresponding MIME types (07 Jun 10, ID: 313004, v4.7003)
  • Added: support for <xref> inside <code> in format standard XML and fixed problem with <code> formatting in PDF output (02 Jun 10, ID: 311979, v4.7003)
  • Added: new group property mailNewThreadByTitle=false. If set to true and you change the subject when replying to a comment by email a new thread is created (01 Jun 10, ID: 311828, v4.7003)
  • Added: <pw> element in access logs which is the time taken in ms to write the request to the network (01 Jun 10, ID: 311784, v4.7003)
  • Added: new document indexing engine based on Flint and Lucene v3. This provides better user interface performance as indexing jobs are performed in the background. A new Admin > Console page combines the status and logs for the publishing and indexing engines.

    NOTE: Any existing Layout/config.xml override <page> elements using <servlet class=""> must have their XSLT updated to the new result format or have the following added inside <servlet> to use the old format:
    <parameter name="xmloutput" value="pageseeder"/>

    NOTE: If you get an indexing error similar to "xmlns:xs must be declared" you should edit your custom DocumentIdx.xsl and add the following attribute to your <xsl:stylesheet> element:

    (28 May 10, WP: 2804, ID: 310954, v4.7003)
  • Added: list of current software libraries and versions used to the About page (24 May 10, WP: 2764, ID: 310181, v4.7003)
  • Added: new Change History page which shows a summary of all edits and versions for a fragment and allows comparison between any two edits or versions by clicking on the later one and then clicking next to the earlier one. (24 May 10, WP: 2742, ID: 310169, v4.7003)
  • Added: Path: field to Document/Folder Properties page (24 May 10, ID: 310163, v4.7003)
  • Added: diffXMaxEvents to to stop edit history from comparing content which is too large and degrading the server performance. If diffXMaxEvents is reached it will first try to change the granularity by comparing at the TEXT rather than WORD level before aborting the comparison. (21 May 10, ID: 309699, v4.7003)
  • Added: support in format standard for the following inside links: bold, italic, underline, line break, subscript, superscript, inlineLabel, graphic. These are supported in HTML and PDF output but not docx. (21 May 10, ID: 309665, v4.7003)
  • Simplified: the email footer for comment notifications. Also added new design for Comment List and Comment Thread pages in Lab style view. (19 May 10, ID: 309173, v4.7003)
  • Added: file extension to uri id for easier saving of non XML files in document view (30 Mar 10, ID: 301157, v4.6103)
  • Added: bread crumb bar to graphics browser page to allow browsing by folder (17 Mar 10, ID: 298940, v4.6100)
  • Added: In Lab View added new Comments List and thread pages, plus Home > Comments for viewing comments in any group. These include features such as: image thumbnails, collapsing quoted content, embedded forms for creating new/reply comments, chronological/anti-chronological order, 'More' link instead of multiple pages and simplified URLs. (15 Mar 10, ID: 298527, v4.6100)

The following changes where made:

  • Fixed: Details link incorrect for Member Groups and My Groups page (20 Jul 10, ID: 326751, v4.7009)
  • Fixed: browse, upload and new document problems when a group folder is set to a sub-folder in a group (05 Jul 10, ID: 322800, v4.7008)
  • Fixed: encoding problem when creating cross-references on upload and new document (05 Jul 10, ID: 322797, v4.7008)
  • Fixed: Move Comment tree not displaying groups under projects which are initially closed (23 Jun 10, ID: 320138, v4.7008)
  • Fixed: blanking out the Document Id in the Document Properties not working when docid was specified in the <?stylesheet?> instruction. (22 Jun 10, ID: 319886, v4.7008)
  • Fixed: XML encoding problem with com.pageseeder.tree.ObjectExplorer servlet (16 Jun 10, ID: 318049, v4.7004)
  • Stopped: double titles from appearing in reverse XRefs in document view (16 Jun 10, ID: 318017, v4.7004)
  • Fixed: problem with 'remember me' option being set when you change your password (16 Jun 10, ID: 318011, v4.7004)
  • Fixed: problem in v4.7 with processing @docid and @title attributes when uploading XML (15 Jun 10, ID: 317515, v4.7004)
  • Upgraded: JQueryUI used by PageSeeder to version 1.8.2 (15 Jun 10, ID: 317505, v4.7004)
  • Fixed: database error caused by notification content being too large when uploading and unzipping .zip containing many files. Also removed unzipped files from attachment list for notification. (15 Jun 10, ID: 317488, v4.7004)
  • Modified: Made sort order on XRef Explorer block, Document Browse and the default sorting for any trees case insensitive (15 Jun 10, ID: 317429, v4.7004)
  • Fixed: problem with bundled css not being updated if an imported CSS changes (07 Jun 10, ID: 313034, v4.7003)
  • Fixed: format problem in Internet Explorer 7 when an XRef is over a line break by forcing it to the next line (02 Jun 10, ID: 312004, v4.7003)
  • Fixed: problem with Firefox 3.6.3 only outputting one page in Print/Print Preview (01 Jun 10, ID: 311820, v4.7003)
  • Fixed: problem when trying to add group folder using Internet Explorer 8 (28 May 10, ID: 310957, v4.7003)
  • Disabled: changing the style owner of a group from the parent project. Added support for "set-style-owner" in the adminEnable property of to override this. (28 May 10, ID: 310952, v4.7003)
  • Fixed: problem with Performance block showing negative numbers. (24 May 10, ID: 310173, v4.7003)
  • Fixed: possible problem with Quick Links block and Document Browse when using multiple domain names on a server. Also added an error message in Document Browse if the domain name or port is incorrect. (24 May 10, ID: 310161, v4.7003)
  • Modified: tasks as follows:
    • Changing status/priority/assigned to/due date on tasks is now not done by editing the task but by replying to the task and entering a comment relating to the change. This allows the task history to be seen in the thread view.
    • Task notification will be prefixed by (Task) instead of (Status Change).
    • Only member roles with access to the current status value can change it.
    • Closed tasks are not displayed in the Document View unless Display Closed Tasks is ticked in the Document Options block.
    • By default replies to tasks or comments will have the same labels as the previous reply in the thread. (24 May 10, WP: 2763, ID: 310150, v4.7003)
  • Fixed: problem with Document Activity - Organize By: Activity Type (21 May 10, ID: 309620, v4.7003)
  • Moved: The ps-publisher engine has been moved to a separate webapp.

    NOTE: All custom Ant publish scripts for projects and associated files will need to be copied to the same location under the ps-publisher folder (i.e. Everything under "template/[your style owner]/format-standard/Publish" and "template/[your style owner/Publish" should be copied to pageseeder/ps-publisher/WEB-INF/template/[your style owner]).
    If using a linux server you will also need to add the following line inside the <Host> element in the tomcat/conf/server.xml:
    <Context path="/ps-publisher" docBase="[absolute path]/pageseeder/ps-publisher" />

    (19 May 10, ID: 309209, v4.7003)
  • Fixed: possible problem with the Publish Console displaying jobs that have finished (19 May 10, WP: 2764, ID: 309199, v4.7003)
  • Moved: Publisher logs are now in the WEB-INF/logs/publisher folder and are automatically removed if they are older that 30 days
    (19 May 10, ID: 309197, v4.7003)
  • Fixed: the Document Options block not showing the correct current version when the ps-release parameter is a number (19 May 10, ID: 309178, v4.7003)
  • Fixed: problem with save draft removing XRefs from current version (18 May 10, ID: 308983, v4.7003)
  • Fixed: content editing problems with <"> in headings or XRef titles (18 May 10, ID: 308977, v4.7003)
  • Fixed: validation problem in format standard XML with <body> containing text only and when there is more than one <property> (14 May 10, ID: 308346, v4.7003)
  • Fixed: performance times not appearing in access logs (30 Apr 10, ID: 305778, v4.7003)
  • Stopped: Closed tasks from being displayed in HTML documents (30 Mar 10, ID: 301159, v4.6103)
  • Fixed: comments not opening in document view when document comments block removed by customization (30 Mar 10, ID: 301156, v4.6103)
  • Fixed: problem with ps-download Ant task when more than one level of sub folders (26 Mar 10, ID: 300384, v4.6102)
  • Fixed: 'empty' appearing when a user is logged out and opens a tree node (23 Mar 10, ID: 299930, v4.6102)
  • Fixed: edit clashes not being detected when deleting content (23 Mar 10, ID: 299924, v4.6102)
  • Fixed: docx output problem with certain mixed content in table cells (22 Mar 10, ID: 299640, v4.6101)
  • Fixed: problem in docx output with inline elements in list items, converting block elements to paragraphs and opening files with Open Office. (22 Mar 10, ID: 299639, v4.6101)
  • Ensured: that customizations are applied using default group for a document (19 Mar 10, ID: 299224, v4.6101)
  • Removed: extra non-breaking space displayed after XRefs in document view (17 Mar 10, ID: 298966, v4.6100)
  • Fixed: display of local time on comments for daylight saving and when using Remember me (17 Mar 10, ID: 298943, v4.6100)
  • Fixed: problem searching for files uploaded to folders with space in their name (17 Mar 10, ID: 298937, v4.6100)
  • Added: In schema format "XML + Non-PageSeeder Documentation" added <xs:documentation> with XPath where there is multiple documentation for an element or attribute (15 Mar 10, ID: 298529, v4.6100)
  • Fixed: uploaded XRefs not displaying in compare with Original version (15 Mar 10, ID: 298519, v4.6100)
  • Fixed: error in Documents > Graphics browse when there are many files and no prefix is entered.

    NOTE: The Graphics browse will NOT work for an existing group until it is re-indexed using Groups > Index Group
    (12 Mar 10, ID: 298261, v4.6100)
  • Fixed: problem with docx output when there is a <para> inside a list <item> (12 Mar 10, ID: 298256, v4.6100)
  • Fixed: attribute documentation for a specific xpath in format-schema is not being output by the Export As: XML + Documentation option. (12 Mar 10, ID: 298255, v4.6100)
  • Fixed: DOB fields in Member Details and My Details pages are not displaying correctly in I.E.7 (12 Mar 10, ID: 298248, v4.6100)

Version 4.6 (aka 4.6005 - 9 March 2010)

The following features were added:

  • Fixed: problem leaving password empty so it is generated when creating a new member (09 Mar 10, ID: 297699, v4.6005)
  • Added: support for ps-groupId property in Ant scripts (05 Mar 10, ID: 296690, v4.6005)
  • Added: separately installable Publish Engine webapp which is built with each distribution release (01 Mar 10, ID: 295828, v4.6004)
  • Added: improvements to HTTP performance by using correct caching headers, compression and bundling of scripts and CSS. For debugging the parameter ps-bundle=false can be used to turn bundling off. (23 Feb 10, WP: 2742, ID: 294903, v4.6004)
  • Added: improved error handling and error display (22 Feb 10, ID: 294773, v4.6004)
  • Added: to the Lab style view beta versions of editors for the following customBody contentTypes: application/mathml+xml, application/vnd.pageseeder.hmetadata+xml, application/vnd.pageseeder.hcalendar+xml (22 Feb 10, ID: 294770, v4.6004)
  • Added: well formed check to content editor for arbitrary XML content (e.g. contentType="application/xml" ) (19 Feb 10, ID: 294357, v4.6004)
  • Added: When inserting graphics using content editor added options "Name starts with:" and "Graphics uploaded for this document". Also Graphics explorer now opens to current group by default. (19 Feb 10, WP: 2775, ID: 294350, v4.6004)
  • Added: Dev menu to Developer View with the following options previously in the Lab view: Layout Analyzer, Layout Tree, Headers. Also moved New Task and List Tasks to Comments menu to make room and removed Lab menu. (19 Feb 10, ID: 294168, v4.6004)
  • Added: support for prefixing a custom FOConfig.xml with the config name from the <?stylesheet?> instruction (16 Feb 10, ID: 292323, v4.6004)
  • Added: the following document rights for contributors: upload, create, move, archive, publish, edit properties.

    NOTE: All existing contributors in a group will have the above rights after the server is upgraded to this version. To disable these contributor rights on your server you need to add "manage-documents" to the contributorDisable property in WEB-INF/config/ (e.g. contributorDisable=manage-documents ).
    (16 Feb 10, ID: 292151, v4.6004)
  • Added: auto-save feature in content editor which automatically saves a draft of the content every 5 minutes or when the save icon is clicked. Each member can have one current draft on each content fragment and a warning message is displayed if another member has also saved a draft. (15 Feb 10, WP: 2775, ID: 290361, v4.6004)
  • Added: support for nesting <fileset> in the <ps-request> Ant task to make multiple requests using parameters specified in the files. This can be useful for bulk operations. (12 Feb 10, ID: 290020, v4.6004)
  • Added: an icon to show the location of the TOC in the document view, added options for the user to Export and Publish with or without a TOC, added support for class="toc[x]" in HTML and <ps:level[x]> in FOConfig.xml for customizing the TOC format. (12 Feb 10, ID: 290017, v4.6004)
  • Added: support for a @labels attribute on the <?stylesheet?> instruction of an uploaded document which contains a comma separated list of labels. These labels are set on the document if it has no existing labels. (12 Feb 10, ID: 290008, v4.6004)
  • Added: support for the new element <customBody contentType="application/xml"> in format standard to allow embedding and editing of arbitrary XML (12 Feb 10, ID: 290002, v4.6004)
  • Added: warning message when uploading an XML file that does not have a recognized PageSeeder format (12 Feb 10, ID: 289987, v4.6004)
  • Added: support for @docid_is_filename attribute on <ps-upload> Ant task (10 Feb 10, ID: 289743, v4.6004)
  • Added: style view support for publish scripts (10 Feb 10, ID: 289737, v4.6004)
  • Added: style view support for configuration files in the format-standard/Document folder (10 Feb 10, ID: 289735, v4.6004)
  • Added: comment ID after comment title in document view (10 Feb 10, ID: 289723, v4.6004)
  • Added: confirmation message when content of an edit is empty (09 Feb 10, ID: 289554, v4.6004)
  • Modified: Times are now displayed in the user's local time zone. Users must login to have their time zone recognized. (08 Feb 10, ID: 289275, v4.6004) 
  • Added: "Create Administrator" section to the Admin > Setup page (08 Feb 10, ID: 289264, v4.6004)
  • Added: Page: field to New Task form for PDF and Word documents (08 Feb 10, ID: 289260, v4.6004)
  • Added: sorting control to column headings on Member List page (08 Feb 10, ID: 289236, v4.6004)
  • Added: "Format Component Writing" to Performance block to show the time taken to download the content to the client (08 Feb 10, ID: 289234, v4.6004)
  • Added: Notification and Role to Members block and Notification to Members List page (08 Feb 10, ID: 289222, v4.6004)
  • Added: support for <blockset> and <blockset-ref> elements in config.xml which allows a pages to reuse a common set of blocks rather than having to specify them individually.

    NOTE: To use <blockset> in an override config you will need to change the DOCTYPE and add the @version="1.1" attribute as follows:
    <!DOCTYPE layout-config PUBLIC "-//PageSeeder//DTD::Layout Config//EN"
    "../../default/Layout/layout-config-override-1.1.dtd" >
    <layout-config version="1.1">
    (08 Feb 10, ID: 289210, v4.6004)
  • Improved: performance of <ps-download> Ant task (05 Feb 10, ID: 288781, v4.5101)
  • Added: "Organized By: Labeled Only" option to Document Activity which only displays labeled items (05 Feb 10, ID: 288766, v4.5101)
  • Added: multiple pages to Document Activity and Task List so that they can display more than 1000 items (05 Feb 10, ID: 288764, v4.5101)
  • Added: Quick Links block which appears if there is a document named quick_links.xml in the default folder for the group. It displays the contents of this document in a block (03 Feb 10, ID: 288378, v4.5101)
  • Added: warning message when uploading a document with a docid in the <?stylesheet?> instruction that is being used by another document (03 Feb 10, ID: 288356, v4.5101)

The following changes where made:

  • Fixed: "Block not found" error in Developer View (05 Mar 10, WP: 2792, ID: 296677, v4.6005)
  • Fixed: links in Comment Move page View menu and CSS for page (03 Mar 10, ID: 296345, v4.6005)
  • Fixed: upload validation not working on linux.

    NOTE: Standard.xsd has been renamed to standard.xsd (all lower case). It should be updated in any projects that reference it.
    (03 Mar 10, ID: 296344, v4.6005)
  • Fixed: keyword highlighting inside comment content in Comment thread page (03 Mar 10, ID: 296296, v4.6005)
  • Fixed: URLs using document id not working for host aliases (24 Feb 10, ID: 295189, v4.6004)
  • Created: layout and general log folders under pageseeder/webapp/WEB-INF/logs for better log management (23 Feb 10, ID: 294987, v4.6004)
  • Allow: disabling of email comment submission by setting Email Domain to blank in Admin > Setup page (23 Feb 10, ID: 294983, v4.6004)
  • Modified: In Document Options block moved the Publish button to the View tab and renamed "Formats" to "Export As" (23 Feb 10, ID: 294907, v4.6004)
  • Fixed: context menu not appearing after action in Document Browse page (23 Feb 10, ID: 294902, v4.6004)
  • Fixed: mouse over highlighting for documents in Documents > Browse when viewing a sub-folder (22 Feb 10, ID: 294777, v4.6004)
  • Fixed: problem with tree when insert XRefs to documents in another group (22 Feb 10, ID: 294775, v4.6004)
  • Modified: format of editors configuration in Document/defaultConfig.xml from <editors><mime-type>... to <editors><editor type="mime/type">...

    NOTE: Any projects using the old format should by updated
    (22 Feb 10, ID: 294772, v4.6004)
  • Fixed: inputs first target not displaying in Publish form page (22 Feb 10, ID: 294761, v4.6004)
  • Fixed: validation warnings not displayed for new comment/task when attaching a file and added Attachment Options to new task page. (19 Feb 10, ID: 294338, v4.6004)
  • Fixed: Task List not displaying tasks with no status but assigned to, priority or due date (19 Feb 10, ID: 294334, v4.6004)
  • Fixed: document version tasks not notifying author and assigned member by email (19 Feb 10, ID: 294331, v4.6004)
  • Fixed: possible error "Username already in use" on Preferences > Member Details page (19 Feb 10, ID: 294169, v4.6004)
  • Fixed: from address incorrect on group registration messages when Notify From Address = suppressed (17 Feb 10, ID: 293535, v4.6004)
  • Fixed: possible infinite loop when displaying TOC (16 Feb 10, ID: 290539, v4.6004)
  • Fixed: access denied error on Admin > Publish Console when limited projects license is used (16 Feb 10, ID: 290538, v4.6004)
  • Updated: For consistency any new images inserted using the FCK content editor will have a @src attribute in the format /ps/uri/[uri id].[extension] (e.g. src="/ps/uri/240771.gif"). (15 Feb 10, WP: 2764, ID: 290363, v4.6004)
  • Fixed: some groups not displaying on Groups > Registration page (12 Feb 10, ID: 290026, v4.6004)
  • Fixed: document links in the General Labels block (12 Feb 10, ID: 290023, v4.6004)
  • Fixed: problem with file system and database consistency when an error occurs
    during a document move, rename or archive (12 Feb 10, ID: 290010, v4.6004)
  • Fixed: problem with status and priority not being cleared when moving a task to a
    reply (12 Feb 10, ID: 290004, v4.6004)
  • Fixed: error when editing a document that has no default group (12 Feb 10, ID: 289989, v4.6004)
  • Modified: The characters allowed in Document ID have been restricted to letters, numbers, underscore and hyphen (i.e [a-zA-Z0-9] | [_-]) (10 Feb 10, ID: 289729, v4.6004)
  • Modified: Made search box in navigation bar more prominent (10 Feb 10, WP: 2792, ID: 289725, v4.6004)
  • Fixed: edit clashes not being detected on first edit (09 Feb 10, ID: 289552, v4.6004)
  • Fixed: problem regarding documents with a specified folder such as Task on New Document page not being created in the correct folder if they are the default (09 Feb 10, ID: 289492, v4.6004)
  • Fixed: problem with numbered documents such as Task on New Document page not incrementing (09 Feb 10, ID: 289491, v4.6004)
  • Modified: Document IDs on archived documents are now disabled so that the IDs are available for other documents (08 Feb 10, ID: 289269, v4.6004)
  • Modified: servlet to return the same XML for equivalent path and uri parameters (08 Feb 10, ID: 289262, v4.6004)
  • Fixed: problem with login not appearing correctly when the user has become logged out and they opening a tree or block (08 Feb 10, ID: 289246, v4.6004)
  • Fixed: commenting, editing and indexing of filtered external documents (08 Feb 10, ID: 289240, v4.6004)
  • Fixed: incorrect version in Document Options block when document has labels (08 Feb 10, ID: 289203, v4.6004)
  • Removed: PageSeeder internal CVS server.

    NOTE: Any Ant scripts using the <cvs> action to upload/download from PageSeeder should be modified to us <ps-upload>/<ps-download> actions
    (05 Feb 10, ID: 288762, v4.5101)
  • Modified: Made URLs in comment content clickable (05 Feb 10, ID: 288757, v4.5101)
  • Fixed: content deletion not appearing in Document Activity page (05 Feb 10, ID: 288755, v4.5101)
  • Removed: member's date of birth from general XML for better privacy (04 Feb 10, ID: 288513, v4.5101)
  • Fixed: problem uploading documents with a title in the <?stylesheet?> instruction that contains non-ascii characters (03 Feb 10, ID: 288360, v4.5101)
  • Fixed: remembered username and password being pre-entered on New Member pages by some web browsers (03 Feb 10, ID: 288349, v4.5101)
  • Standardized: Document Search form values for fields ending in "date" to: anytime, next year, next month, next week, tomorrow, today, yesterday, past week, past month, past year (03 Feb 10, ID: 288345, v4.5101)
  • Removed: non-member email addresses from general XML for better privacy (02 Feb 10, ID: 288218, v4.5101)
  • Fixed: problem with block order being cleared when web browser is closed (01 Feb 10, ID: 288013, v4.5101)
  • Fixed: problem with '&' in attribute values when creating XRefs on document upload (13 Jan 10, ID: 285986, v4.5101)
  • Fixed: selected text not appearing in search box of "Reference an existing document" page when inserting an XRef. (12 Jan 10, ID: 285894, v4.5101)

Version 4.50 (aka 4.5002 - 16 December 2009)

The following features were added:

  • Added: x.H button to new editor toolbar for adding/removing numbering on headings. Also added H4 and list indenting buttons on default toolbar. (09 Dec 09, ID: 281277, v4.5002)
  • Added: x. format to numbered headings in change history (04 Dec 09, ID: 280409, v4.5001)
  • Added: "Create Consolidated docx" to default publish targets for format standard documents, see Known Issues above (23 Nov 09, ID: 277522, v4.5000)
  • Modified: In format standard documents allowed bold, italic, superscript, subscript and underline within headings and table captions (Note that table captions are not supported PDF) (18 Nov 09, ID: 276341, v4.5000)
  • Added: group level publish option under Documents > Publish which does not require selecting a folder/document. The script needs to be created as [style owner]/Publish/group/build.xml (18 Nov 09, ID: 276288, v4.5000)
  • Added: support for <property name="ps-hide" value="true"/> on <inlineLabelName> and <paraLabelName> elements in FOConfig.xml to hide the label name in PDF renditions (18 Nov 09, ID: 276280, v4.5000)
  • Added: new pages with a tree view for accepting moderated comments (17 Nov 09, WP: 2674, ID: 276042, v4.5000)
  • Added: "XML + Non-PageSeeder Documentation" rendition format for XSD schema documents (17 Nov 09, ID: 276040, v4.5000)
  • Added: new "Lab" style view for experimental functions and included the following new developer pages under a "Lab" menu: "Layout Analyzer", "Layout Tree", "Headers".

    NOTE: Coding customizations of Lab pages is not recommended as they could change significantly in future.

    (13 Nov 09, ID: 274974, v4.5000)
  • Modified: New content editor is now the default editor.

    NOTE: To revert to the old editor you need to:
    1. Set group property Content Editor Name to 'old'
    2. Copy default/format-standard/Document/defaultConfig.xml to your [style owner]/format-standard/Document folder
    3. Edit your defaultConfig.xml and remove the <editors>...</editors> element

    (11 Nov 09, ID: 273588, v4.5000)
  • Added: support for selecting a style view when there is no group selected (09 Nov 09, ID: 273083, v4.5000)
  • Added: support for mailRejectedAddress group property (26 Oct 09, ID: 269011, v4.0804)
  • Added: database dump for individual projects feature (21 Oct 09, ID: 266289, v4.0804)

The following changes where made:

  • Fixed: problem with content being stripped from HTML email replies to comments and added stripHtmlEmailFooter group property for disabling this feature (16 Dec 09, ID: 282402, v4.5002)
  • Fixed: move comment to group not working (11 Dec 09, ID: 281687, v4.5002)
  • Fixed: timeout message appearing after opening a section table in the new editor (09 Dec 09, ID: 281275, v4.5002)
  • Fixed: content being lost after resizing the new editor window (09 Dec 09, ID: 281273, v4.5002)
  • Fixed: problem with the display of a paraLabel below a table (08 Dec 09, ID: 281109, v4.5002)
  • Removed: File Upload messages from home pages and document activity by default to improve performance when the message contains many files (01 Dec 09, ID: 279634, v4.5001)
  • Fixed: Members tab default action when not viewing a group (01 Dec 09, ID: 279543, v4.5001)
  • Fixed: validation problem downloading then uploading a format standard document with deleted sections (30 Nov 09, ID: 279343, v4.5001)
  • Fixed: performance problem viewing format standard documents that have been uploaded as a batch (30 Nov 09, ID: 279315, v4.5001)
  • Fixed: null pointer error when overriding tree.xml (27 Nov 09, ID: 278717, v4.5001)
  • Fixed: error creating PDF with table containing inlineLabels by removing inlineLabel border properties from FOConfig.xml (27 Nov 09, ID: 278713, v4.5001)
  • Fixed: Consolidated docx error when multiple references to the same image (25 Nov 09, ID: 278072, v4.5001)
  • Fixed: old GoToPage email links being broken when server is upgraded (25 Nov 09, ID: 278066, v4.5001)
  • Fixed: index page graphics not appearing on group home (25 Nov 09, ID: 278065, v4.5001)
  • Fixed: encoding problem with title in <?stylesheet?> processing instruction in format standard documents (23 Nov 09, ID: 277458, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: problem with comment search in Comment Move page not displaying all results (20 Nov 09, ID: 276787, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: problem with graphics added by browsing the server for PDF rendition format and consolidated publish (20 Nov 09, ID: 276781, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: Doc ID search for Insert XRef page (20 Nov 09, ID: 276772, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: problem with reordering blocks creating too many cookies which can cause strange Firefox behavior (20 Nov 09, ID: 276756, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: problem with inserting relative links with new editor (20 Nov 09, ID: 276748, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: problem of old XRefs not appearing for previous document versions (not fixed for existing documents). Also fixed duplicate XRefs not being deleted.

    NOTE: The <ps:xrefs> element has been removed from the xformat for previous document versions as it can contain XRefs from other versions.
    (18 Nov 09, ID: 276321, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: problem with XRefs in original document not appearing when using ps-release parameter (18 Nov 09, ID: 276309, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: error when an Ant file imports another Ant file when publishing (18 Nov 09, ID: 276304, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: problem emailing comments into an XSD schema with a namespace (18 Nov 09, ID: 276302, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: problem with output encoding when using ps-request Ant task (18 Nov 09, ID: 276300, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: problem with Document Options block showing extra version and format options for non-XML documents (18 Nov 09, ID: 276298, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: keyword search problem with groups that have fields with different types to the default (18 Nov 09, ID: 276278, v4.5000)
  • Removed: unused XSLT files from PageSeeder template/default folder:

    NOTE: Any project currently importing "InsertXLinkForm.xsl" or other XSLT files from template/default that are not under the "Layout" or "format-standard" folders should have the imported XSLT files copied to the style owner folder for the project and the imports updated before installing this version.
    (17 Nov 09, WP: 2674, ID: 276030, v4.5000)
  • Added: timestamp parameter to PageSeeder refresh (17 Nov 09, ID: 276027, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: display of blank usernames (17 Nov 09, ID: 276025, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: PageSeeder email footer not being removed for HTML replies to text only comments (17 Nov 09, ID: 276013, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: problem with timeout function in new content editor (13 Nov 09, ID: 274971, v4.5000)
  • Modified: Proper HTTP response codes are now returned by PageSeeder.

    NOTE: The version of the PageSeeder External API must be the same as the version of the PageSeeder Server you are using so codes are handled correctly.
    (13 Nov 09, ID: 274969, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: possible stripping of content from email replies to comments (13 Nov 09, ID: 274967, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: nested list content being lost when using new editor (13 Nov 09, WP: 2787, ID: 274954, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: problem when adding a section with the new editor of Note Title: and XRef Display Text: being 'undefined' (13 Nov 09, ID: 274951, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: new editor adding type="null" to <body> elements (13 Nov 09, ID: 274948, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: error with context links to schemas that have a name space (11 Nov 09, ID: 273668, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: problem with content width when adding a new section (11 Nov 09, ID: 273609, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: problem with content versions in new editor (11 Nov 09, ID: 273592, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: drop down View options in My Groups block and stopped 'public' group from appearing (09 Nov 09, ID: 273087, v4.5000)
  • Stopped: 'public' group from appearing under Move Options when moving a document to a public folder (09 Nov 09, ID: 273085, v4.5000)
  • Modified: Windows installer now automatically copies JDBC database drivers when upgrading PageSeeder (09 Nov 09, ID: 273073, v4.5000)
  • Added: new screens for Custom Member Details in the layout manager (09 Nov 09, WP: 2674, ID: 273070, v4.5000)
  • Added: @docid attribute to <xref> in output XML (06 Nov 09, ID: 272491, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: problem with double icon showing for long items (06 Nov 09, ID: 272487, v4.5000)
  • Added: Common group confirmation message to all comment pages (06 Nov 09, ID: 272482, v4.5000)
  • Updated: format of New Project page (06 Nov 09, ID: 272477, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: java NullPointerException error message when uploading large files (30 Oct 09, ID: 270302, v4.5000)
  • Added: To:no--reply@[server] for all notification emails to prevent SPAM filters rejecting them (28 Oct 09, ID: 269715, v4.5000)
  • Fixed: possible problem with PageSeeder receiving a message that has been forwarded twice (26 Oct 09, ID: 269067, v4.0805)
  • Fixed: RegisterMember servlet to generate password and confirmation email correctly (26 Oct 09, ID: 269013, v4.0804)
  • Excluded: document edits from daily notification message (20 Oct 09, ID: 266016, v4.0804)
  • Allowed: scrolling when a large number of templates is used in new editor (19 Oct 09, ID: 265736, v4.0803)
  • Fixed: problem with xrefs in light box opening in wrong window (13 Oct 09, ID: 264087, v4.0802)
  • Fixed: error on Document Activity when listing emailed comments and added 'All Days' option (09 Oct 09, ID: 262986, v4.0802)
  • Fixed: error in Document links on My Home and Group Home pages (09 Oct 09, ID: 262828, v4.0802)
  • Fixed: widths in document change history CSS (07 Oct 09, ID: 261612, v4.0801)

Version 4.07 (aka 4.0703 - 6 October 2009)

The following features were added:

  • Added: new Document Browse block (15 Sep 09, ID: 256370, v4.0701)
  • Added: support for ps-compare=[decimal number] parameter for requesting a comparison with a version of an XML document. Also added display of edit notes in document view. (15 Sep 09, ID: 256349, v4.0701)
  • Added: support for a new link processing type 'Embed' which creates a <blockXref> element that will insert content from another document inside an existing section when the document is published. This is only available in the new BETA content editor. (15 Sep 09, WP: 2743, ID: 256332, v4.0701)
  • Allowed: users to resize editing window in new content editor by dragging bottom or left borders (14 Sep 09, WP: 2775, ID: 256179, v4.0701)
  • Added: support for sub-templates in BETA version of new editor which allow you to define commonly used content so that it can be inserted at any location (14 Sep 09, WP: 2775, ID: 256177, v4.0701)
  • Added: In browsers with a built-in spell checker (Firefox, Chrome, Safari), holding down the Ctrl key while right clicking a word will display spelling suggestions in the BETA version of the new editor (11 Sep 09, ID: 255784, v4.0701)
  • Added: "Body Type" field to Documents Search form which only works when searching document sections (08 Sep 09, ID: 254965, v4.0701)
  • Added: support for assignTo parameter on New Comment (group-comment-new) and New Task (group-task-new) pages which sets the member assigned to the task (31 Aug 09, ID: 253321, v4.0701)

The following changes where made:

  • Modified: to fix problem when searching using Document Type or Body Type (06 Oct 09, ID: 261257, v4.0703)
  • Fixed: CSS width problem in HTML rendition/publish output (02 Oct 09, ID: 260385, v4.0703)
  • Fixed: graphics with scr="/ps/uri/x" not appearing in HTML rendition (02 Oct 09, ID: 260341, v4.0703)
  • Added: set/generate password functionality to RegisterMember servlet (30 Sep 09, ID: 259727, v4.0702)
  • Fixed: possible security problem with adding members to groups (30 Sep 09, ID: 259724, v4.0702)
  • Fixed: possible null pointer error when viewing a comment on a document which does not belong to a group (29 Sep 09, ID: 259347, v4.0702)
  • Fixed: display of links to anchors within the same document (25 Sep 09, ID: 258516, v4.0701)
  • Changed: For comments on task documents, changed broadcast default to Yes (23 Sep 09, ID: 258053, v4.0701)
  • Fixed: old XRefs with a manual title not displaying the title (18 Sep 09, ID: 256967, v4.0701)
  • Fixed: filename not displayed in the Move Options when moving a file without an extension (15 Sep 09, ID: 256379, v4.0701)
  • Fixed: edits not being available to members of new group when moving a document to another group and add comment groups is unticked (15 Sep 09, ID: 256377, v4.0701)
  • Added: timeout function to new BETA content editor which will interrupt edit submissions that take more than 1 minute (15 Sep 09, ID: 256364, v4.0701)
  • Fixed: comments not displaying in the schema explorer when there is no documentation content. (15 Sep 09, ID: 256357, v4.0701)
  • Added: In Cross References block, added a Reverse References node and removed reverse references to parent documents in the tree (14 Sep 09, ID: 256191, v4.0701)
  • Updated: look and feel of initial PageSeeder Setup page (14 Sep 09, WP: 2787, ID: 256189, v4.0701)
  • Updated: look and feel of PageSeeder Windows installer (14 Sep 09, ID: 256186, v4.0701)
  • Modified: edit Hosts function to allow deleting any Host which does not have group folders belonging to a group. It will delete all group folders, documents and comments associated with this host. (14 Sep 09, WP: 2674, ID: 256138, v4.0701)
  • Created: new Admin pages for editing Administrators, Hosts, Setup and Settings (14 Sep 09, WP: 2674, ID: 256133, v4.0701)
  • Modified: The Group and Admin navigation tabs have been modified to include:
    Groups > Group Properties, Group Folders, Index Group, Archive Group
    Admin > New Project, Administrators, Publish Console, Hosts, Setup, Settings

    NOTE: Any projects that override the Groups or Admin navigation should be updated to use these new pages
    (14 Sep 09, WP: 2674, ID: 256132, v4.0701)
  • Modified: Schema format to use tree views for inserting XRefs including Depends On and Effects XRefs between schemas. (14 Sep 09, WP: 2674, ID: 256120, v4.0701)
  • Fixed: problem with automatic increment in Create Version page (11 Sep 09, ID: 255798, v4.0701)
  • Fixed: problem with folder parameter containing '/' when uploading a document (11 Sep 09, ID: 255795, v4.0701)
  • Fixed: problem with folder parameter containing '/' when creating a new document (11 Sep 09, ID: 255793, v4.0701)
  • Modified: Made folders in search results clickable (11 Sep 09, ID: 255791, v4.0701)
  • Fixed: incorrect filename for non-XML files when selecting Download action in Documents Browse page. (11 Sep 09, ID: 255789, v4.0701)
  • Fixed: error creating a new member when there is no current group (11 Sep 09, ID: 255787, v4.0701)
  • Fixed: top level groups and folders under projects not displaying in some tree views (11 Sep 09, ID: 255771, v4.0701)
  • Modified: Tasks List is now not reloaded when a status is changed (11 Sep 09, ID: 255769, v4.0701)
  • Fixed: edit history display in Schematron document format (09 Sep 09, ID: 255144, v4.0701)
  • Fixed: problem with new editor creating a section if add section is cancelled (08 Sep 09, ID: 254875, v4.0701)
  • Updated: using current Apache standard MIME configuration (07 Sep 09, ID: 254790, v4.0701)
  • Disabled: editing of document version releases to stop unwanted status changes (07 Sep 09, ID: 254786, v4.0701)
  • Fixed: error when moving a file and there is no group to add comments to ticked (02 Sep 09, ID: 253859, v4.0701)
  • Fixed: possible error when editing content that contains old XRefs with type="", display="", reverselink="" or reversetype="" (31 Aug 09, ID: 253358, v4.0701)

Version 4.06 (aka 4.0607 - 10 August 2009)

The following features were added:

  • Added: a bread crumb bar to the New Document page (10 Aug 09, ID: 249438, v4.0607)
  • Added: support for <generalLabels> element in newDocConfig.xml (10 Aug 09, ID: 249435, v4.0607)
  • Added: search functionality to Comment Move page (10 Aug 09, WP: 2674, ID: 249433, v4.0607)
  • Added: Documents > Activity report page combines Documents List, Documents Edit pages plus all activity information into one page (10 Aug 09, ID: 249430, v4.0607)
  • Modified: PageSeeder message footer is now automatically removed from HTML email replies to comments (10 Aug 09, ID: 249429, v4.0607)
  • Added: support for "Create Cross References" option to Upload Document screen so that <xref> elements in the document are automatically turned into PageSeeder Cross References. Also made the <xref> attributes more consistent.

    NOTE: Custom.xsd files which do not import Standard.xsd will need to be updated by replacing the <xref> element with the one from Standard.xsd. Publishing scripts which rely on the following deprecated <xref> attributes will need to be modified:

    manual: DEPRECATED - Use display=manual instead
    doublelink:DEPRECATED - Use reverselink instead
    doublelinktitle: DEPRECATED - Use reversetitle instead
    doublelinkmanual: DEPRECATED - Reverse link display text is always document+manual (10 Aug 09, ID: 249422, v4.0607)
  • Added: support for persistent labels on document fragments when editing which are separate to the edit note labels

    NOTE: Labels on the latest edit for a fragment will now be persistent. If they should not be persistent please remove them on the next edit. (10 Aug 09, ID: 249418, v4.0607)
  • Added: confirmation message if a comment is to be added to a group other than the current group (10 Aug 09, ID: 249395, v4.0607)
  • Modified: If text is swiped in the BETA version of the new editor before selecting Insert Cross Reference, that text is now the default Manual text for the link and the default title for a New Document (10 Aug 09, WP: 2775, ID: 249337, v4.0607)
  • Improved: Create Version page, added support for Document Status Initial group properties and ps-releaseStatus parameter (07 Aug 09, WP: 2763, ID: 248920, v4.0607)
  • Added: BETA version of new editor now supports inserting existing graphics by browsing the PageSeeder server. (07 Aug 09, ID: 248912, v4.0607)
  • Added: support for a @title attribute in the <?stylesheet?> (e.g. <?stylesheet format="standard" title="xyz"?>) which sets the document title on upload if it is not already set, provided that Indexing is on. (07 Aug 09, ID: 248883, v4.0607)
  • Added: no. of files indexed to Group Index page and removed redundant Update button. (04 Aug 09, ID: 247658, v4.0607)
  • Modified: Move document and comment trees now automatically open and scroll to the last location moved to. (04 Aug 09, ID: 247608, v4.0607)
  • Added: helpUrl group property to allow customization of the help link on all pages (03 Aug 09, ID: 247390, v4.0607)
  • Added: XslTask library for simple XML manipulation in Ant scripts (15 Jul 09, ID: 236989, v4.0607)
  • Added: support for the following attributes on the ps-upload Ant task:
    @unzip: If 'true', unzip any .zip files that are uploaded,
    @doclabels: A comma separated list of general labels to apply to the document,
    @messagelabels: A comma separated list of general labels to apply to the notification message (14 Jul 09, ID: 236690, v4.0604)
  • Added: the ps-xtoc=xml parameter to the External API to remove <ps:toc> elements from downloaded XML. (14 Jul 09, ID: 236684, v4.0604)
  • Added: support to James email server for mailIp property in WEB-INF/config/ to bind it to a particular IP address. Note that if this is set the same IP address needs to be entered for the smtpServerAddress property in (14 Jul 09, ID: 236675, v4.0602)
  • Added: ID:, Labels: and Edited By: to the comment display in the Document View page and Document Comments/Tasks block. (14 Jul 09, ID: 236672, v4.0601)
  • Modified: Now, when adding a label, clicking on the '+' keeps the labels list expanded (14 Jul 09, ID: 236668, v4.0601)
  • Added: ID: field to Comment Quick Search block. (14 Jul 09, ID: 236659, v4.0601)
  • Added: support for permalinks to binary files with the format http://[ps server]/ps/uri/[uri id] (14 Jul 09, ID: 236657, v4.0601)
  • Added: support for relaying HTML emails through PageSeeder and for adding "--announce" just before the @ in group email addresses to suppress PageSeeder headers and footers. Note that adding "--silent" is also supported and does the same as "-silent". (13 Jul 09, WP: 2779, ID: 236247, v4.0601)
  • Added: Editing text/plain content in section tables is now supported by BETA version of new editor (07 Jul 09, ID: 234574, v4.0601)

The following changes where made:

  • Fixed: links to documents not working in Consolidated HTML and <title> elements are now displayed in Consolidated PDF. Consolidated HTML and PDF now do not display <title> elements that have an empty <body> sibling. (10 Aug 09, ID: 249349, v4.0607)
  • Fixed: Filename field in Move Document page not working (10 Aug 09, ID: 249339, v4.0607)
  • Fixed: problem with setting list type in BETA version of new editor. (10 Aug 09, WP: 2775, ID: 249320, v4.0607)
  • Fixed: BETA version of new editor will now only apply a Para Label to the selected paragraphs (07 Aug 09, WP: 2775, ID: 248914, v4.0607)
  • Fixed: Cross References block not remembering the document that it is opened on for the first time in a browser session. (07 Aug 09, WP: 2782, ID: 248886, v4.0607)
  • Added: extra checks to ensure that new or modified comments and edits are only accessible to the allowed groups for the current user (07 Aug 09, ID: 248860, v4.0607)
  • Fixed: HTML emails not being relayed when there are attached files (05 Aug 09, WP: 2779, ID: 248561, v4.0607)
  • Fixed: possible time-out problem with Publish Control, improved Publish Logs and added Admin > Publish Console (05 Aug 09, ID: 248549, v4.0607)
  • Added: publish log message listing all files sent by the ps-insert-xlink-batch Ant task and included all created xlinks in response. (05 Aug 09, ID: 248546, v4.0607)
  • Added: publish log message listing all files sent by the ps-upload Ant task. (05 Aug 09, ID: 248544, v4.0607)
  • Fixed: index not being updated when a task is moved or accepted (04 Aug 09, ID: 248210, v4.0607)
  • Replaced: non-ascii characters with underscore in New Document page filename (03 Aug 09, ID: 247339, v4.0607)
  • Fixed: Task Template not being indexed when created (03 Aug 09, ID: 247337, v4.0607)
  • Allowed: BETA version of new editor to be enabled for a specific [default]Config.xml by adding the <editors> elements (22 Jul 09, WP: 2775, ID: 242518, v4.0607)
  • Fixed: indenting of tree nodes in Cross References block (21 Jul 09, ID: 239556, v4.0607)
  • Fixed: Access Denied problem when adding a New Document via the Insert XRef dialog (15 Jul 09, ID: 237084, v4.0607)
  • Fixed: problem with XRefs not being displayed if created by an administrator who is not a member of the target group. (15 Jul 09, ID: 237080, v4.0607)
  • Fixed: problem with labels not being applied to uploaded documents with special characters in their filenames (14 Jul 09, ID: 236692, v4.0604)
  • Modified: Made: spaces significant in the document sort order for Document Browse. (14 Jul 09, ID: 236677, v4.0602)
  • Modified: Now, when replying to a comment by web form, the labels from the original comment are not repeated automatically. (14 Jul 09, ID: 236667, v4.0601)
  • Added: an option to the Developer Tools block called "View Document as Index XML" which displays the Index XML (idx) format. This can also be displayed by adding the parameters xsl=Idx&xformat=idx to a layout manager document view URL. (14 Jul 09, ID: 236664, v4.0601)
  • Fixed: Cross References block not displaying current document when it is opened for the first time in a browser session. (14 Jul 09, WP: 2782, ID: 236653, v4.0601)
  • Added: support for defaultEditorConfig.json files for BETA version of new content editor. (14 Jul 09, WP: 2775, ID: 236647, v4.0601)
  • Fixed: problem with % in filenames displaying extra files/folders in Document Browse and problem with % in other searches. (13 Jul 09, ID: 236282, v4.0601)
  • Fixed: possible time-out problem with Publish Control, improved Publish Logs and added Admin > Publish Console. (13 Jul 09, ID: 236274, v4.0601)
  • Disabled: administrator only fields on the Group Properties page when user is not an administrator. (13 Jul 09, ID: 236253, v4.0601)
  • Fixed: problem with different status options being displayed for different member roles (26 Jun 09, ID: 231350, v4.0601)


Version 4.05 (aka 4.0517 - 17 June 2009)

The following features were added:

  • Added: support for <title level="table-xml"> in standard format XML to allow rich text in section tables (17 Jun 09, ID: 227764, v4.0517)
  • Added: support for template/[style owner]/Publish/publishConfig.xml to configure publishing Ant scripts as Document Browse actions. (10 Jun 09, ID: 225539, v4.0514)
  • Moved: Create/Delete Version buttons to Document Options > View tab and added Properties, Move, Archive and Delete to Manage tab. (10 Jun 09, ID: 225527, v4.0514)
  • Added: an orange box around XRefs so they are visible when editing in I.E. 7. (09 Jun 09, ID: 225323, v4.0514)
  • Added: New Document button to Insert Cross Reference dialog box in FCK content editor. (09 Jun 09, WP: 2674, ID: 225229, v4.0514)
  • Added: new Cross References explorer block to Group Home and Document View pages. (09 Jun 09, WP: 2782, ID: 225226, v4.0514)
  • Added: support for <prefixTitle> true/false in newDocConfig.xml which can stop the number prefix from being added to the document title. (05 Jun 09, ID: 224573, v4.0514)
  • Added: BETA version of new content editor which can be enabled by setting the group property Content Editor Name to 'fck'. (26 May 09, WP: 2775, ID: 221485, v4.0508)
  • Updated: Tree Browser Framework has been updated to v0.6.0 BETA which includes namespace support in xpaths.

    NOTE: All tree.xml override files should be updated to use the new namespace, e.g. <tree-config xmlns="">. XSLT that uses tree node IDs may also need to have namespaces updated.
    (18 May 09, WP: 2683, ID: 218600, v4.0507)
  • Added: new Search interface to Insert XRef tree and removed specific Insert XRef Search icon from document content editor. (18 May 09, WP: 2674, ID: 218592, v4.0507)
  • Added: shareDocumentEdits=false to default group properties so that edits on shared documents are not automatically shared. (12 May 09, ID: 216358, v4.0507)
  • Added: support for lables with a prefix (e.g. ed:Typo,ed:Content,ed:Links) on Comments > List page where you can select each label individually or select 'ed:' which will list all the comments with a label that starts with 'ed:'. (05 May 09, ID: 213281, v4.0506)

The following changes where made:

  • Disabled: BETA version of new editor for text/plain content (17 Jun 09, ID: 227805, v4.0517)
  • Fixed: problem with extra XRefs being created when there are two identical existing XRefs in a fragment (17 Jun 09, ID: 227761, v4.0517)
  • Fixed: Default servlet not updating uri.type when ps-uriid parameter is used (17 Jun 09, ID: 227760, v4.0517)
  • Modified: Cross References block to display a count in brackets instead of duplicate links. (17 Jun 09, ID: 227758, v4.0517)
  • Modified: Cross References block to display document titles instead of link titles (15 Jun 09, WP: 2782, ID: 227049, v4.0516)
  • Fixed: insert image function in BETA version of new editor (15 Jun 09, WP: 2775, ID: 227009, v4.0516)
  • Fixed: problem with incorrect XRef links in BETA version of new editor (15 Jun 09, WP: 2775, ID: 226996, v4.0516)
  • Fixed: To & CC addresses not appearing in content for emailed comments (12 Jun 09, ID: 226200, v4.0515)
  • Improved: Performance for searching large amounts of comments has been improved. (12 Jun 09, WP: 2742, ID: 226178, v4.0515)
  • Renamed: supported file suffix from JQSchematron.sch/.json to JSSchematron.sch/.json for BETA version of new content editor. (12 Jun 09, ID: 226170, v4.0515)
  • Fixed: problem with Hide Email option when adding a new member to a group and added tool tip to Hide Email icon. (09 Jun 09, ID: 225271, v4.0514)
  • Modified: Display warning message to user if web browser is not supported by PageSeeder (09 Jun 09, ID: 225263, v4.0514)
  • Fixed: problem with Document Search not matching text containing '.', e.g. MyFile.xml (02 Jun 09, ID: 223857, v4.0512)
  • Fixed: BETA version of new editor now works in Internet Explorer (02 Jun 09, WP: 2775, ID: 223855, v4.0512)
  • Renamed: blankConfig.xml, blankTemplates.xml and blankSchematron.sch to defaultConfig.xml, defaultTemplates.xml and defaultSchematron.sch. Also added support for defaultJQSchematron.sch or defaultJQSchematron.json files for BETA version of new content editor.

    NOTE: All the above files and references to them in customized project will need to be renamed to use the 'default' prefix.
    (02 Jun 09, ID: 223828, v4.0512)
  • Removed: admin group from My Groups block. (29 May 09, ID: 222861, v4.0512)
  • Fixed: Java error when using Documents > Upload (29 May 09, ID: 222859, v4.0512)
  • Added: section functionality is now available in the new editor BETA version (however multiple sections can not be added to the same fragment without reloading the page) (29 May 09, ID: 222798, v4.0510)
  • Fixed: null pointer error when overriding a tree in a style view (29 May 09, ID: 222789, v4.0510)
  • Improved: editing performance by not recalculating document TOC before editing a fragment. (27 May 09, WP: 2742, ID: 221978, v4.0509)
  • Updated: When there are no <tree-ref> or <url-parameter> elements in an overriding config.xml file, the default definitions are now used. (27 May 09, ID: 221972, v4.0509)
  • Fixed: problem with XRef Insert using section title instead of document tile and stopped '0' title being displayed. (26 May 09, ID: 221474, v4.0508)
  • Changed: name of Document Comments block to Document Comments / Tasks and added added New Task option. (22 May 09, ID: 220247, v4.0508)
  • Fixed: problem displaying files that have '+' in their filename. (22 May 09, ID: 220242, v4.0508)
  • Fixed: problem with too many publish parameters causing a Java error. (22 May 09, ID: 220152, v4.0508)
  • Fixed: new trees for Insert XRef, Document/Comment Move so that they display sub-projects. (18 May 09, WP: 2674, ID: 218591, v4.0507)
  • Fixed: notification logic for moderated and moved comments. (18 May 09, ID: 218538, v4.0507)
  • Fixed: problem with Show and Display settings disappearing on multi-page Document Edits screen. (15 May 09, ID: 217476, v4.0507)
  • Fixed: results per page option in Document Search, improved display of label criteria and Fragments is now unticked by default. (15 May 09, ID: 217468, v4.0507)
  • Improved: performance for loading time of Document Search form. (15 May 09, WP: 2742, ID: 217465, v4.0507)
  • Fixed: problem with indexer not ignoring hidden files. (15 May 09, ID: 217458, v4.0507)
  • Created: better error message when trying to create a document with ':' in the filename on Windows. (15 May 09, ID: 217451, v4.0507)
  • Fixed: problem with label criteria disappearing in multi-page Comments > List. (13 May 09, ID: 216766, v4.0507)
  • Fixed: problem with auto-number on headings not appearing in PDF format of PageSeeder standard XML. (12 May 09, ID: 216270, v4.0507)
  • Modified: Members with any role in a group now also have guest access to the parent project (but not any other groups under that project). (05 May 09, ID: 213287, v4.0506)
  • Fixed: problem with cancelling a Publish action when the document path contains spaces. (28 Apr 09, ID: 207711, v4.0503)
  • Added: extra checking to reduce the number of invalid email messages in the mail server outbox (01 May 09, ID: 211888, v4.0506)
  • Fixed: problem creating groups in sub-projects (28 Apr 09, ID: 207633, v4.0503)
  • Added: HTML email support for Reset Password message. (24 Apr 09, ID: 206378, v4.0502)
  • Fixed: new created documents not appearing in My Home page. (24 Apr 09, ID: 206373, v4.0502)
  • Fixed: display of mailto: links in format standard XML (24 Apr 09, ID: 206336, v4.0502)
  • Fixed: problem with Document Browse when using host aliases (24 Apr 09, ID: 206332, v4.0502)

Version 4.04 (aka 4.0412 - 20 April 2009)

The following features were added:

  • Added: support for custom schematron validation of edits without customizing XSLT. (17 Apr 09, ID: 202398)
  • Added: 'Insert Space Before' and 'Insert Space After' icons to FCK editor toolbar to allow editing of content around labels and other elements without having to go to the source view. (17 Apr 09, ID: 202396)
  • Added: BETA version of the Tree Browser Framework for generating custom trees in the user interface.

    NOTE: This is a BETA version and custom tree definitions may need to be modified when the final version is released.
    (17 Apr 09, ID: 202376)
  • Added: Groups > Registration page which allows users to register for a public group so they can receive notifications. (17 Apr 09, ID: 202370)
  • Added: Ability to add/modify notes on edits in the Edit History after the edit has been made. (17 Apr 09, ID: 202360)
  • Added: Performance block to Developer Style View for checking interface performance. (17 Apr 09, ID: 202347)
  • Added: "Display: Edits, Versions, Notes" menu on the Documents > Edits page. (17 Apr 09, ID: 202338)
  • Added: support for document section templates via Templates.xml configuration file.

    NOTE: <templates filename="myTemplates.xml"?> is no longer supported. Templates.xml must have the same prefix as *Config.xml file e.g. myTemplates.xml for myConfig.xml and be located in the format-[x]/Document folder.
    (15 Apr 09, ID: 201600)
  • Added: new move comment tree user interface (15 Apr 09, ID: 201557)
  • Added: new move document/folder tree user interface (15 Apr 09, ID: 201556)
  • Added: support for <para> and <paraLabel> inside <item>, <mitem>, <hcell> in PageSeeder format standard XML. (07 Apr 09, ID: 199475)

The following changes were added:

  • Fixed: problem with ps-download Ant task when using a hostname different from webSiteAddress in (20 Apr 09, ID: 203344)
  • Changed: Under Group Properties the 'Content Labels' property has been changed to 'Para Content Labels' and 'XRef Content Labels' has been added. Also in *Config.xml and *Templates.xml files <contentParaLabels> has changed to to <paraContentLabels> and <contentInlineLabels> to <inlineContentLabels>.

    NOTE: Project/Group Properties that have Content Labels values will need to have those values copied to Para Content Labels, Inline Content Labels or XRef Content Labels. Templates.xml files may also need to be updated.
    (17 Apr 09, ID: 202392)
  • Improved: Performance of document view has been improved by reducing the time it takes to load. (17 Apr 09, ID: 202382)
  • Modified: Made Document Quick Search behave the same as using "for all these words" in the Document > Search page. REMOVED support for old field parameters on search URL. The predicate parameter should be used instead.

    NOTE: Customization which override the document_search_box.js or use old search links will need to be modified.
    (17 Apr 09, ID: 202379)
  • Modified: 'Preferences > My Details' and 'Preferences > Member Details' now has a drop down menu to select Date of Birth to reduce entry errors. (17 Apr 09, ID: 202367)
  • Modified: Project branch in Groups > List now does not close when you click on the project name. (17 Apr 09, ID: 202365)
  • Modified: All email attachments with a filename ending in ".vcf" are now ignored. (17 Apr 09, ID: 202358)
  • Reimplemented: the PageSeeder email server using the Mailets API to avoid problems receiving email from and others. This also removes the requirement for PageSeeder to use an external SMTP server for outgoing email. (17 Apr 09, ID: 202356)
  • Added: 'Defined Globally' or 'Defined in' to 'PDF of All Elements' format of schema format. (17 Apr 09, ID: 202354)
  • Fixed: default documentation not appearing in schema format for elements with non-global parents. (17 Apr 09, ID: 202350)
  • Fixed: problem when upper case is used in document search criteria. (17 Apr 09, ID: 202292)
  • Fixed: XRefs not displaying correctly in document edit history. (07 Apr 09, ID: 199466)
  • Improved: the history view for label edits (07 Apr 09, ID: 199369)
  • Fixed: move comment to a document not working. (30 Mar 09, ID: 197193)
  • Increased: eval product key limit on no. of XLinks to 100 and added error message when limit is reached. (25 Mar 09, ID: 196204)
  • Fixed: timestamp edit collision checking not working. (25 Mar 09, ID: 196175)
  • Added: DATABASE_METADATA table to database scripts including Version information. (25 Mar 09, ID: 196137)
  • Fixed: odd/even highlighting in Task > List, Organize by: Labels (23 Mar 09, ID: 195742)
  • Added: support for display=expand parameter to display contents in ReviewDetail servlet, Comments > List and Tasks > List (23 Mar 09, ID: 195741)
  • Removed: Group > New tab if user does not have rights to create a group in the current project or there is no current project. (18 Mar 09, ID: 195124)
  • Modified: The default maximum incoming email message size has been set to 20MB. (18 Mar 09, ID: 195051)
  • Fixed: problem creating document edits on content versions. (17 Mar 09, ID: 194879)
  • Fixed: the Organize By Member options when a comment has an authorname & authoremail instead of a member. (11 Mar 09, ID: 193964)
  • Added: warning message when changing a project into a group. (11 Mar 09, ID: 193952)
  • Removed: archived groups from Member Groups page unless View Archived Groups is selected in Groups List. (11 Mar 09, ID: 193921)
  • Fixed: problem with images not appearing in the editor because of the document name. (09 Mar 09, ID: 193478)
  • Fixed: problem with InsertXLinkBatch not setting XLink member (04 Mar 09, ID: 192879)
  • Fixed: problem with label content not being indexed. (24 Feb 09, ID: 191900)
  • Fixed: indexing bug with content labels text not tokenized into words (24 Feb 09, ID: 191889)
  • Modified: My Home page now displays all the latest tasks for current member not just those created in the last 7 days. (20 Feb 09, ID: 191626)
  • Fixed: problem with duplicate XRefs not being deleted. (18 Feb 09, ID: 191286)
  • Fixed: comment author name not being set if sender is not a member. (12 Feb 09, ID: 190582)
  • Fixed: problem with HTML only messages with images not being translated into text. (11 Feb 09, ID: 190368)
  • Modified: Use canonical path for the file name when creating a new document to fix "String index out of range" error on some Unix systems. (02 Feb 09, ID: 188900)
  • Added: build no. to Java Error message (02 Feb 09, ID: 188892)
  • Removed: display of section icons for sections not created yet in a particular time version. (02 Feb 09, ID: 188835)
  • Fixed: default.developer style view not appearing. (30 Jan 09, ID: 188541)
  • Fixed: images not displaying in document change history. (28 Jan 09, ID: 188241)

Version 4.03 (aka 4.0309 - 23 January 2009)

The following features were added:

  • Allowed: repeated edits of the same fragment (in browser tabs) without refreshing the document (40302).
  • Added: support for specifying the start number of numbered headings in format standard XML documents  (40303).
  • Added: support for adding inline and paragraph labels to content  (40305).
  • Added: ability to add Notes to edits (40307).
  • Added: group properties for customizing status and priority values   (40307).
  • Added: New layout for Groups > New screen  (40307).
  • Added: View filter to Groups > List screen (40307).
  • Added: New layout for all screens under the Preferences tab (40307).
  • Added: New layout for all screens under the Members tab (40307).
  • Added: New layout for Edit Content, Add Content and Document Change History screens (40307).
  • Added: New layout for I don't have a login and I forgot my password screens (40307).
  • Added: New Groups > Register screen for members to register for public groups (40307).
  • Added: ability to set content and general labels on Document Upload screen (40307).
  • Added: "Insert cross reference by search only" icon to Edit Content screen for quick XRef insertion (40307).
  • Added: "Remove current label" icon to Edit Content screen for easy label removal (40307).
  • Added: "Restore" function to actions when viewing archived comments (40307).
  • Enabled: "List Style:" menu in Edit Content screen with options: Number, Lower Alpha, Lower Roman, Upper Alpha, Upper Roman (40307).
  • Added: [XRef: ] text around XRefs in Edit Content screen so they can be more easily moved or deleted (40307).
  • Added: "Assigned To: Nobody" and "Organize By: Due Date" options to Tasks > List screen (40307).
  • Added: indexing of folders and allowed them to be referenced by Document Id permalink (40307).
  • Added: "Document Id" field to Reference Search when inserting XRefs (40307).
  • Modified: Made links absolute when using HTML format Save As (40309).
  • Added: display of Permalink URL to Document Properties screen (40401).

The following changes were made:

  • Fixed: error displayed the first time you access a document after creating or uploading it - the work around is to refresh the page (40301).
  • Added: Check for edit clashes when adding new content (40302).
  • Added: fragment id or tile or heading to browser window title when editing (40302).
  • Fixed: problem with '7 day summary' displaying groups when member has no groups (40302).
  • Fixed: problem with Administrator changing member details (40302).
  • Created: specific page layout for "Tasks > New" screen (40302).
  • Stopped: '0.' from appearing in auto-numbered headings (40303).
  • Disabled: auto-number option for XRef generated text to improve performance and flexibility (40303).
  • Improved: performance for handling returned emails (40303).
  • Fixed: problem with system styles CSS path (40304).
  • Fixed: problem with deleting PDF comments (40304).
  • Fixed: problem setting Hide Email and Notify incorrectly when submitting Members > List (40304).
  • Fixed: problem with jvm.dll and other files being deleted after upgrade (40305).
  • Fixed: problem editing when group has content labels (40305).
  • Fixed: problem with revert function removing xrefs (40305).
  • Added: labels fields to Advanced Document Search (40305).
  • Fixed: 'Move' option not appearing on comments in documents (40306).
  • Ensured: that generated password is blank if no password and email specified for new member (40306).
  • Fixed: Document Comments block CSS problems in I.E. (40306).
  • Fixed: problem with new group home pages not being editable (40307).
  • Modified: group property statusBroadcastApprovers so that it still operates when statusChangeBroadcast=false but made it empty by default (40307).
  • Fixed: problem with '#' in source title or target title when inserting XRefs (40307).
  • Fixed: problem with parameters used in customized search results (40307).
  • Removed: blocks from page print format (40307).
  • Fixed: indexing error if the document contains more than one XRef with labels (40307).
  • Removed: Comments, Documents and Tasks tabs when viewing a project (40307).
  • Fixed: Reject Comment Message not being sent (40308).
  • Fixed: links to New Group and Add Member when a group is created (40308).
  • Stopped: re-indexing all the documents when a group folder is made public (40308).
  • Modified: Hiding of edit history icon when user is not logged in (40308).
  • Fixed: problem with schema documentation not being indexed and added support for xformat=idx parameter for developers to see index file format (40308).
  • Fixed: problem with screens not displaying when requesting or accepting group registrations (40308).
  • Fixed: problem with /preferences/mygroups link not being stripped from reply emails (40308).
  • Added: permissions.addReleaseXLinks field and support for reviewerEnable=save-release in to allow reviewers to create time versions (40308).
  • Fixed: problem with original content appearing as XML in Edit History if it is deleted before being edited (40308).
  • Added: update_to_utf8_MySQL.sql script for converting databases not created as utf8 (40309).
  • Fixed: problem entering and editing group member details when registering for a group (40401).
  • Fixed: problem with blank notification subject on document uploads (40401).
  • Fixed: problem in format standard XML with graphic width and height being lost when editing (40401).


Version 4.02 (aka 4.0208 - 13 October 2008)

The following features were added:

  • Added: support for empty <subsection/> element under a <section> in override config.xml (40204).
  • Added: support for the following table attributes in format standard XML documents: @role (on <table>, <row>, <cell>, <hcell>),  @align & @valign (on <cell>, <hcell>),  @width (on <table>, <cell>, <hcell>), @rowspan (on <cell>, <hcell>) (40204).
  • Added: Style View block with support for creating a view overriding or extending a particular Style Owner (40204).
  • Added: Enhancements to Schematron editing (40204).
  • Added: Automatic translation of HTML only emails into text (40205).
  • Modified: Customization of Comment and Document status values via Group > Properties (40205).
  • Added: Support for adding labels to Comments, Tasks, XRefs, Edits, Documents and Document Time Versions (40205).
  • Added: Enhancements to Task List including new table format, ID, Organize By: Priority/Date & Time/Context/Labels (40205).

The following changes were made:

  • Updated: database layer to JPOX (40202).
  • Updated: Set encoding for new XML files to UTF-8 (40104, 40203).
  • Fixed: problem with creating XRefs to documents with apostrophe in the title (40204).
  • Fixed: problem clicking Cancel under Archive Group option (40204).
  • Fixed: problem editing documents with '&' or '#' in the filename (40204).
  • Fixed: problem inserting a link in a document using Firefox 3 (40204).
  • Added: support for an optional @dynamic-path-prefix attribute on the <url>
    in config.xml (40204).
  • Fixed: problem in consolidated document publishing with filenames containing space or non URL characters (40205).
  • Fixed: problem with New Document link in XRef explorer (40205).
  • Fixed: problem with Layout Manager and URLs containing encoded characters (40205).
  • Modified: ps-download Ant task errors are now displayed in the publishing log (40205).
  • Added: <Connector> attribute @URIEncoding="UTF-8" to default tomcat server.xml to fix problem publishing documents with encoded characters in the filename (40205).
  • Fixed: problem with Manage > Delete version option not showing in Document Options when using ps-release parameter (40205).
  • Fixed: problem with duplicate document IDs being allowed (40206).
  • Fixed: problem in format schema not displaying attribute descriptions in tree view (40206).
  • Fixed: "too many open files" error caused by indexing (40207).
  • Fixed: problem with relative links when viewing a document by it's docid URL (40207).
  • Added: automatic redirect to Document > Browse if document id or /path are for a folder (40207).
  • Fixed: problem with duplicate document entries created by indexing (40208).

Version 4.01 (aka 4.0104 - 3 September 2008)

The following features were added:

  • Added: automatic home page generation when creating a new group (40100).
  • Simplified: process for adding custom tags in XML editor (40102).
  • Added: support for 'Custom Css' group property and changed 'Owner CSS' to 'Selectable CSS' (40102).
  • Added: support for limiting number of projects in productKey (40103).
  • Added: "Show/Hide Archived Groups" to My Preferences > Options for all group members (40103).

The following changes were made:

  • Fixed: problem inserting XRefs to generic XML files (40016).
  • Fixed: problem including comments in XML download and preview (40016).
  • Upgraded: to Java 1.6.0_06 and Tomcat 6.0.16 (40100).
  • Changed: Document Browse to use pop-up for functions and reload original location browse location when finished (40100).
  • Fixed: 'Groups > New' option not showing for project Managers/Contributors (40100).
  • Fixed: accept moderated comment function for comments inserted into documents (40100).
  • Fixed: problem with 'Moderate All' setting when document is shared by multiple groups (40100).
  • Modified: Edits to document are now available to all the document's groups by default (40100).
  • Modified: XRefs displayed in full page view now display target documents in full page view also (40101).
  • Fixed: problem with 'PDF of element' renditions in format schema XML documents (40101).
  • Upgraded: PDF processor from FOP 0.93 to FOP 0.94 (40101).
  • Fixed: problem with PDF table of contents not linking to exact heading location (40101).
  • Fixed: "Timezone is out of range" error (40102).
  • Fixed: PDF generation error with FOP 0.94 and java 1.6 which requires Xalan 2.7.1 (40102).
  • Fixed: XML editing problem with graphics in table cells disappearing (40102).
  • Upgraded: to javamail 1.4.1 to fix errors parsing some emails (40102).
  • Fixed: problem with deleting from a content version effecting the default version (40102).
  • Fixed: problem disabling numbered heading checking (40103).
  • Fixed: schematron format problem editing rules in new patterns (40103).
  • Fixed: problem creating groups with project license product key (40104).
  • Fixed: problem using docid on port other than 80 and added duplicate docid check when editing properties (40104).
  • Fixed: problem with attaching task document to another document and changed InsertXLinkForm Do parameter grp to groupName (40104).
  • Fixed: exceptions in log when viewing a HTML document (40104).
  • Fixed: incorrect <graphic> @src attribute value being inserted in format-standard XML (40201)

Version 4.0 beta 13  (aka 4.0015 - 13 May 2008)

The following changes were made:

  • Changed: PageSeeder objects XML date to standard xs:date format (40013).
  • Fixed: "Number Format Exception" in Document Browse actions (40013).
  • Fixed: problem when Document ID is blank on My SQL (40014).
  • Fixed: problem with Unicode characters in reverse links (40014).
  • Added: automatic indexing of emailed attachments (40014).
  • Fixed: problem with indexing when creating a new review group (40014).
  • Added: support for ps-reload=true parameter to all servlets to reload XSLT (40014).
  • Fixed: problem with <xref> and <link> inside headings in XML standard format documents (40014).
  • Changed: 'Edit' button to 'View' in Document Options block (40015).
  • Added: ant-contrib-1.0b3.jar for extra functionality in Ant scripts, see (40015).
  • Fixed: problem with Archive document function looping in I.E.7 (40015).
  • Fixed: problem expanding comments with long titles in the document view (40015).

Version 4.0 beta 12 (aka 4.0012 - 30 April 2008)

The following features were added:

  • Extended: mail loop detection to support multi-part messages (40012).
  • Added: login page to layout manager framework (40012).
  • Added: user defined document id functionality (40012).
  • Added: functionality to attach files to comments via the web interface (40012).
  • Added: support for ps-release=[decimal number] parameter for requesting a time version of an XML document (40012).
  • Added: new more efficient Document Browse with bread crumbs (40012).
  • Added: bread crumbs to Upload screen (40012).

The following changes were made:

  • Changed: New Review function sets the style owner for the new group to the ancestor project name (40012).
  • Stopped: ps:toc from being included in XML format downloads (40012).
  • Fixed: problem with case of HTML document URLs on Linux (40012).
  • Allowed: non-alpha numeric characters in filenames (40012).
  • Fixed: reverse XRef links not scrolling to fragment in document (40012).
  • Fixed: undo of renaming a file on database error (40012).
  • Fixed: <title level="table"> not appearing under layout manager in standard format XML documents (40012).
  • Fixed: problem with xref title not being resolved in edit history (40012).
  • Fixed: problem with Reference Explorer not remembering previous tree state (40012).

Version 4.0 beta 11 (aka 4.0011 - 12 March 2008)

The following features were added:

  • Added: 'list' elements function to schema document format (33503).
  • Added: 'Two Way' cross reference (XRef) functionality (33503).
  • Added: support for managerEnable=delete-document in (33503).
  • Added: support for schematron validation of XML edits (33503).
  • Added: automatic titling of cross references based on document headings and titles (33504).
  • Added: access log and reporting scripts (33512).
  • Added: extensible config file and properties user interface for Projects and Groups (33514).
  • Added: 'Notify From Address and 'Mail Returned Address' to Group Properties (33514).
  • Added: 'Moderate All' comments feature to Group Properties (33514).
  • Added: move whole thread option when moving a comment (33514).
  • Added: tabbed navigation (40011).

The following changes were made:

  • Fixed: problem with 'possible mail loop' message when submitting a reply by email (33501).
  • Removed: archived folders from New Review screens and put folder list in alphabetic order (33503).
  • Modified: Made external Java API consistent by removing 'PS' prefixes from Java classes and adding standard attributes to Ant tasks (33506).
  • Fixed: problem with folders not being deleted in file system when group folders are archived (33507).
  • Fixed: problem groups in sub-folders not displaying in Standard View (33507).
  • Fixed: problem in schema document format with multiple levels of imports/includes and multiple imports of the same namespace (33507).
  • Allowed: properties for database connection pool to be configured in the file (33511).
  • Fixed: problem moving the comment thread root when the first reply has been archived (33512).
  • Modified: Revert icon now hidden for reviewers (33514).
  • Upgraded: search engine to Lucene 2.3 (33514).
  • Fixed: problem with code spacing missing in edit history (33516).

Version 4.0 beta 10 (aka 3.3401 - 23 October 2007)

The following features were added:

  • Added: edit icon for editing group index.xml home page.

The following changes were made:

  • Fixed: problem saving a release in Schematron Document Format.
  • Fixed: problem with Firefox 2 not bringing pop-up windows to the front.
  • Added: support for graphics to consolidated document publishing.
  • Modified: consolidated publishing to use ps-download Ant task so that CVS installation is not required on server.

Version 4.0 beta 9 (aka 3.3310 - 8 October 2007)

The following features were added:

  • Added: multi-page support to View the Edits and List Documents in Standard View.
  • Added: support for 'Code' style to standard XML document format.
  • Added: support for task documents via "Attach new task document:" option when adding tasks.
  • Added: support for customizing Publish link name in Publishing Engine.
  • Upgraded: PDF rendition engine from FOP 0.20.5 to FOP 0.93.
  • Modified: Made XRef links hidden if the user does not have access to the target document.
  • Added: Style option to My Preferences - Options screen.
  • Allowed: superscript and subscript to contain xref and link to support footnotes in standard format.
  • Added: support for page level annotation of XPS documents.
  • Added: support for specifying page breaks in standard format XML documents.
  • Added: consolidated document publishing for standard format XML documents.

The following changes were made:

  • Fixed: problem with adding numbered headings while editing a document.
  • Added: "-- Add content or comments here --" to standard format template.
  • Fixed: problem with multi-page comment list only displaying 100 comments in Standard View.
  • Fixed: problem with document editing icons not appearing in Internet Explorer 7.
  • Fixed: problem with XRefs not being updated when deleting content from XML documents.
  • Stopped: XRefs being deleted when there are other active document versions.
  • Fixed: problem with source XRefs not being updated for internal document links.
  • Allowed: tasks to display multiple attached files in task list.
  • Fixed: problems with concurrent running of Publishing Engine scripts.
  • Fixed: problem with extra space after bold italic text when editing XML by turning XML indenting off.
  • Allowed: CVS folder checkout to continue on error but write a message to the piblishing log.
  • Added: prefix 'T' to task document number.
  • Added: unarchive function.
  • Fixed: problem adding two xrefs in the same edit.
  • Archived: documents and their comments are now hidden in the standard view summary and comment list.
  • Fixed: "Page Not Allocated To Group" message not appearing.
  • Fixed: problem adding text after an XRef or Link when editing content in Firefox.
  • Fixed: problem displaying long group descriptions in Standard View.
  • Fixed: problem with Publishing Engine not displaying global inputs.
  • Fixed: problem with native Acrobat commenting when using HTTPS and disabled Acrobat 5 offline commenting support.
  • Fixed: problem with some graphics in table cells not appearing in standard format.
  • Stopped: 'Similar publishing action already running' message appearing if action has already finished.
  • Modified: Owner CSS Style is now automatically applied for groups with 'Owner CSS' ticked in their properties.
  • Added: support for xsuffix parameter to XTemplate framework.
  • Modified: Login and error pages now return XML if xsl parameter contains 'XML'.

Version 4.0 beta 8 (aka 3.32 - 2 April 2007)

The following features were added:

  • Added: 'Guest' member's role.
  • Added: support for <ps:field> element in schema documentation.
  • Added: alternative version icon to document view.
  • Added: CVS server with basic checkout functionality.
  • Added: Publishing Engine with Ant script support.
  • Added: 'Deregister' option to 'My Preferences - Groups' screen.
  • Added: document context link to Comments and Tasks pages in standard view.
  • Added: special sorting for 'attachments' and 'archive' folders so that the latest documents appear first.
  • Modified: MySQL option in installer to automate copying of .jar file.
  • Improved: style sheet for standard format XML documents.
  • Added: support for nested sections in custom format XML documents.
  • Added: Support for an editable home page displayed in the standard view Group Summary by creating a standard format index.xml file in the group's default folder.

The following changes were made:

  • Modified: Delete document admin function now deletes corresponding file.
  • Fixed: problem with manual XRef titles and removing deleted XRefs.
  • Fixed: error being displayed when group name is too long.
  • Fixed: incorrect links in group subscription message.
  • Fixed: 'Null pointer' exception when linking an XRef to a schema.
  • Fixed: problem with XRefs not updating when reverting content.
  • Removed: all document edits from daily notification.
  • Fixed: "Locator fragment can not be null" error when editing after replying to a comment.
  • Fixed: problem with edits/links when moving a folder.
  • Fixed: problem with daily notification URLs for replys.
  • Stopped: empty para being created when new document description is blank.
  • Fixed: problem with schema documentation not displaying for All Doc renditions.
  • Fixed: problem with editing numbered headings in an alternative versions.
  • Added: support for htmlSourceEncoding and htmlOutputEncoding in to allow unicode comments to be displayed in HTML  documents (e.g. htmlSourceEncoding=windows-1252
    htmlOutputEncoding=utf-8 ).
  • Fixed: error with archived XRefs in edit history.
  • Changed: 'Issues' to 'Tasks' in user interface.
  • Changed: standard view to show only current member's tasks by default.
  • Fixed: problem with new registrations not appearing in Group Registrations screen.
  • Fixed: problem with SQL Server 2005 option in installer.
  • Fixed: error when editing parts of a document which contain links with '&' in them.
  • Fixed: problem with '\' in RTF Rendition.
  • Modified: In XML documents comments now open in bottom left frame if it exists.
  • Fixed: problem with Reset Password if member's account has partial Date of Birth information.
  • Removed: error when renaming a folder by adding a suffix (e.g. test --> test1).

Version 4.0 beta 7 (aka 3.31 - 27 November 2006)

The following features were added:

  • Added: delete content function when editing documents.
  • Allowed: reviewers to submit issues.
  • Added: support for sending HTML emails via templates with "-html" suffix.
  • Added: support for 'style' in with default value of 'ps/modern'.
  • Added: 'Find Member' and 'New Folder/Group' Admin screen.
  • Added: 'Show/Hide Archived Groups' and 'Show All/My Groups' links to My Preferences screen for Administrators.

The following changes were made:

  • Fixed: problem with non-escaped URIs creating a copy of the escaped URI in PageSeeder.
  • Fixed: error when producing an RTF rendition.
  • Fixed: problems with XRef function.
  • Disabled: issue notification for thread comments that have been archived.
  • Fixed: problem with PageSeeder links not being displayed in HTML pages.
  • Fixed: problem in beta6 which allowed reviewers to edit XML documents.
  • Fixed: problem with arbitrary discussion fragments when editing a document.
  • Fixed: error with non-consecutive levels in table of contents.
  • Allowed: file overwrite when inserting images in the editor.
  • Fixed: space being added after a graphic when editing content.
  • Fixed: possible "null pointer" error when editing a comment.
  • Removed: leading or trailing spaces from username to avoid confusion.
  • Modified: HTTP headers from the source URL are now copied by the ps/filter.

Version 4.0 beta 6 (aka 3.30 - 9 October 2006)

The following features were added:

  • Added: Comment frame is now displayed when document editing.
  • Added: Internet Explorer now automatically scrolls to last edit location.
  • Added: support for 'common' groups shared between multiple private groups. All comment postings to common groups are confirmed and document edits can only be made in the common group.

The following changes were made:

  • Fixed: problem creating files or folders with strange characters in the name.
  • Fixed: problem with email notification on Insert Attachment function.
  • Fixed: possible cookie error in /ps/filter and Review Detail functions.
  • Fixed: character encoding problem when editing a document.
  • Fixed: Edit history icon is still displayed after content is reverted to default.
  • Fixed: Internet Explorer 'back' function not working when editing a document.
  • Fixed: problem with WML files not displaying the first items in lists.
  • Added: contentXRef parameter to Insert XLink to disable XRef checking.
  • Fixed: problem with invalid HTML characters.
  • Fixed: problem with 2nd level lists at the end of a list being lost.

Version 4.0 beta 5 (aka 3.29 - 31 August 2006)

The following features were added:

  • Added: Customization of login page using CSS with support for style and styleOwner parameters.
  • Added: Print View for Comment Detail, Issues and Upload & Edits in Explorer View.
  • Added: 'Revert To' link on each change in the Edit History screen to allow rollback of edits.
  • Added: Collision detection for edits which detects if someone else has edited the same content between the last time the document was refreshed and the user submitted their edit.
  • Added: Reset Password function for Administrators to reset user's passwords.
  • Added:Delete link function for schema format.
  • Added: 'Reply by email' function to Standard View - Thread Page.
  • Added: support for 'smtpServerPort' setting in to set the port for outgoing email (default is 25).
  • Added: support for 'contributorEnable=save-release' setting in
  • Added: FCK editor is now the default for document editing.

The following changes were made:

  • Fixed: 'from' address on Issue assignment change.
  • Fixed: Automatic creation of 'WEB-INF/temp' and 'WEB-INF/index' folder for Lucene index functions.
  • Fixed: Improvements to Reset Password messages and functionality.
  • Changed: date of birth input to use drop down menus.
  • Fixed: Move document function now automatically moves all edits and xrefs to the new group(s).
  • Fixed: problem with auto complete on some browsers filling in the fields on the change details form.
  • Modified: XSLT for editor to use XHTML.
  • Fixed: 'Null Pointer' error when pasting from Word into editor in Internet Explorer.
  • Removed: 20 line header limit from XML processor. It now scans to the end of the root element open tag.
  • Fixed: searching for multiple keywords and phrases in standard view.
  • Fixed: problem with VIEW link to XML file in email notification not displaying latest version.
  • Fixed: problem using https with standard view.

Version 4.0 beta 4 (aka 3.28 - 30 June 2006)

The following features were added:

  • Added: User option to include uploaded files as attachments to email notifications.
  • Added: 'Out of office' detection and automatic 'On Vacation' setting.
  • Added: email comment to document icon.
  • Added: Support for InsertXLinkBatch function which allows you to upload a batch of comments into PageSeeder using XML.
  • Added: the following options to Document Browse in Standard View:
    • Folder options: 'Upload','Create Document', 'Create Folder','Properties','Move','Archive'
    • File options: 'Download','Properties','Move','Archive'
  • Added: View Edits and List Documents screens to Standard View

The following changes were made:

  • Removed: '(Status Change)' from subject of moderated messages.
  • Added: 'Changes Saved' message to EditMemberSubscriptions screen.
  • Modified: comment Search function output XML to conform to W3C XML schema specification.
  • Modified: Standard View to group tasks for better usability

Version 4.0 beta 3 (aka 3.27 - 30 May 2006)

The following features were added:

  • Added: Java API for external access to PageSeeder functions.
  • Added: New configurable CSS for XML editing documents.
  • Added: support for <xs:include> to schema XML format.
  • Added: support for displaying (but not editing) superscript and subscript in standard XML format.
  • Increased: indexing performance by adding optional updateUri parameter to IndexModifier and IndexLoader servlets.
  • Added: automatic setting of document (user) title from HTML title for filtered documents.
  • Added: support for 'mailIp' setting in which allows the PageSeeder mail server to be bound to a particular IP port.

The following changes were made:

  • Changed: 'create new review' permissions to only allow members who are contributors and above of a folder group.
  • Fixed: problem with comments entered when changing issue status not being emailed to thread contributors.
  • Fixed: problem with adding and deleting an XRef in the same edit.

Version 4.0 beta 2 (aka 3.26 - 2 May 2006)

The following features were added:

  • Added: Collapsible blocks in Standard View.
  • Added: context when looking at threads in Standard View.
  • Added: various ways of organising threads in Standard View.
  • Added: 'PageSeeder Modern' skin for Standard View.
  • Added: support for multiple namespaces, xs:group and xs:attributeGroup to schema format.
  • Added: support for @xsl-loadlevel attribute on <?stylesheet?> instruction in schema format to configure the number of XPath levels that are loaded at a time.

The following changes were made:

  • Fixed: problem with archived comments included in reply count in Standard View.
  • Allowed: add new document to group without specifying folder (InsertSiteXLink servlet).
  • Modified: Performance optimisations for Standard View.
  • Changed: role for document links from 'level9-link...' to 'file-link...'.
  • Added: 'Owner CSS' to group properties for Standard View.
  • Modified: Display more details for group summary in Standard View.
  • Added: cross links between pages in Standard View.

Version 4.0 beta 1 (aka 3.25 - 11 April 2006)

The following features were added:

  • Added: multiple pages with 'previous' and 'next' links for viewing long lists of comments/issues/edits.

The following changes were made:

  • Fixed: problem editing XLink when grps parameter is null.
  • Fixed: 'End of file' error when editing XML.
  • Fixed: problem using New Document function.
  • Fixed: problem accepting xsl- parameters when creating a new document.
  • Fixed: Various fixes to standard (simple) interface.
  • Modified: Made standard user interface the default interface.
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