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PageSeeder installation and upgrade instructions

Release Notes – Version 6.1 beta 4 (15 April 2024)


Modified: default for project creation service to defaultrole="contributor".

92976315 Apr 20246.1-beta-4

Fixed: unable to change options when importing DOCX.

94362815 Apr 20246.1-beta-4

Fixed: publication not updated correctly when moved from one group to another.

94371912 Apr 20246.1-beta-4

Fixed: search returning wrong total number of results when more than 1000.

94360310 Apr 20246.1-beta-4

Fixed: possible out of memory error when moving many files.

9257148 Apr 20246.1-beta-3

Fixed: DOCX import duplicating hyperlinks that contain formatting.

9433965 Apr 20246.1-beta-3

Modified: link infobox to make the display of internal PageSeeder URLs more readable.

9433395 Apr 20246.1-beta-3

Added: ability to choose which fields to update when creating batch workflows from search.

9428685 Apr 20246.1-beta-3

Fixed: xrefs to archived fragments showing as resolved until they are edited. Also the @uriid is now preserved on these so that users can find the target document to correct the xref.

8552015 Apr 20246.1-beta-3

Fixed: edit sheet allowing content in read only sections or documents to be edited. Also fixed editing inline labels not working.

6488805 Apr 20246.1-beta-3

Modified: global properties to make documentPortdocumentSchemecustomPackagemailRelayversion6 obsolete. Also removed port and scheme parameters from export services as they are now fixed at 80 and http for documents/folders.

94137020 Mar 20246.1-beta-3

Added: info icon in XRef dialog search bar to display any extra search restrictions if configured.

93561919 Mar 20246.1-beta-3

Fixed: XRef dialog clearing previously selected text when changing between XRef configs.

94289019 Mar 20246.1-beta-3

Fixed: URLs being case insensitive, for example now is considered a different URL to

94281019 Mar 20246.1-beta-3

Added: batch DOCX export from search (maximum 100 documents).

9427415 Mar 20246.1-beta-3

Fixed: OAuth scope all not working and allowed apps to request a lower group or project scope.

9426814 Mar 20246.1-beta-2

Fixed: member profile not being displayed.

9425541 Mar 20246.1-beta-2

Added: option to Server indexing page: "Display server re-indexing message to all users (must be removed manually from the Dashboard when finished)".

9331631 Mar 20246.1-beta-2

Updated: Lucene to v9.9 and increased PageSeeder index version to 9900. Also added psplaceholderpsimagealtpsxrefconfig, psreversexrefconfig, pslistrolepstablerolepspreformatrole,  psreadonlyinline and psreadonlyproperty index fields.

Everything SHOULD BE RE-INDEXED from the Server indexing page after upgrading PageSeeder.

92261323 Feb 20246.1-beta-1

Added: support to the <identity-config> element for default-authentication="[none|internal|external|any]" and default-provider="[provider id]". Also added support on <domain> for authentication="[none|internal|external|any]" which overrides the default and providers="[space separated provider ids]".

The file name has changed from external-identity.xml to identity-config.xml and so has the root element. The old names currently work but they should be updated on any PageSeeder currently using them.

93575320 Feb 20246.1-beta-1

Added: new OAuth scopes which restrict the permissions that the client app has.

A new all scope is added automatically to clients that don’t define the new scopes for backward compatibility but any app that creates clients should be updated to set the correct scope for the permissions required.

85431816 Feb 20246.1-beta-1

Updated: webhooks to use HmacSHA256 instead of HmacSHA1 for signing POST requests for better security. Also the webhook secret must now be at least 24 characters.

Any apps that validate the signature on webhook requests must be modified to use HmacSHA256 and have at least 24 characters in the webhook secret.

9364401 Nov 20236.1-beta-1

Added: ability to add comments/tasks on document fragments and view fragment history in edit mode.

94185113 Feb 20246.1-beta-1

Added: support for defaultMinimalUI=true in which defaults members who have not set a user interface preference to using the minimal layout.

94184813 Feb 20246.1-beta-1

Added: support for processpublication="true" on ps:export ANT task to process auto-numbering and placeholders when publishing part of a publication.

93659912 Feb 20246.1-beta-1

Modified: the database as follows:

  • Removed old table: URI_FOR_URI - Removed the unused Flags field in the HOST table on some MySQL databases.
  • Removed the unused Title field in the URI table.
  • Created an index UserTitle_idx on URI(UserTitle(100)).
  • Removed the following unused fields in the DGROUP table: Abbreviation, SiteFormat, Precedence, CommentsModified, URIsModified, XRefsModified.
  • Increased the size of the Name field in the HOST and HOSTALIAS tables to VARCHAR(255).
  • Added PathHash field to URI table and added it to the unique constraint.

BEFORE upgrading backup the database.

88400231 Jan 20246.1-beta-1

Added: Unresolve references option on archived folders.

94168931 Jan 20246.1-beta-1

Added: support for pressing Tab and Shift-Tab in tables to move between cells in edit mode.

94169524 Jan 20246.1-beta-1

Added: archived location icon on comments, tasks, edits and other events related to an archived fragment. Clicking the icon will display the edit history for that fragment.

94168824 Jan 20246.1-beta-1

Fixed: server time incorrect on admin pages and modified logs on these pages to use the server time zone.

93783819 Jan 20246.1-beta-1

Fixed: error exporting more than 500 documents from search, due to ANT tasks sending POST request parameters on URL.

94148417 Jan 20246.1-beta-1

Fixed: URLs of xrefs appearing when printing a PSML document from the browser.

94133612 Jan 20246.1-beta-1

Added: Rhino JavaScript engine required for ANT scripts and TeX/AsciiMath conversion by Java 15 and higher.

Rhino doesn't support replaceAll on strings, so after upgrading select Templates > Validate from the Admin dashboard and modify the listed build.xml files to use replace(/[regex]/g, mystring) instead. For example change

project.setProperty("foldername", project.getProperty("ps-uploadFilenameNoExt").replaceAll(" ", "_").toLowerCase())

to the following:

var name = project.getProperty("ps-uploadFilenameNoExt");
project.setProperty("foldername", name.replace(/ /g, "_").toLowerCase());
8025699 Jan 20246.1-beta-1

Added: display of zero-width spaces as (ZWSP) when Show special characters option is selected.

94116122 Dec 20236.1-beta-1

Modified: TeX equation conversion to MathML in process ANT task to use KaTeX library so it is consistent with the user interface. However, multi-line equations must be in an alignedalignedat or gathered math structure.

92305020 Dec 20236.1-beta-1

Fixed: updating email domain on Email settings page not restarting incoming email server.

94108015 Dec 20236.1-beta-1

Added: support for incoming email transport layer security with global properties mailTlsCertificatemailTlsKey and mailTlsRequired. This allows implementation of MTA-STS for better security.

87276615 Dec 20236.1-beta-1

Fixed: compare error when <media-fragment> contains PSML elements.

88100527 Nov 20236.1-beta-1

Modified: default word export templates to use A4 layout.

93786024 Nov 20236.1-beta-1
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