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Configuration manual for PageSeeder

Configuration guide

The following articles provide guidance for the key configurable components of the environment.

Server properties

Overview of the key, configurable system properties.

Publications and publication types

A publication is a set of documents embedded or transcluded into the same hierarchy. This enables display of a full table of contents, heading/paragraph numbering and versioning of the whole publication. Publication types can be used to configure this behavior for different publications.

Document types

Covers the information necessary to create custom document types, including data structures, validation and customized output.

Media types

Covers extracting and storing metadata from Microsoft Office, PDF, image or other non-PSML files.

URL types

Covers the storing of metadata for URLs by uploading, entering manually or extracting from the Internet.

System messages

Documentation for the system-generated email messages, including their content and how to customize the formatting.

Organization customization

Describes the organization config, which allows an organization to more easily customize PageSeeder emails, user interface and security.

Developer tools

Overview of the available tools and integration points. 

Custom member details

Adding custom fields to store additional member details (for example, Organization, Phone Number, etc.).


Webhooks allow client applications to be notified through HTTP post requests when data changes in PageSeeder.

Other configuration options

  • label-config.xml – manage all labels for a project.
  • xref-config.xml – configure cross-references across a whole project so that users can create xrefs consistently for different purposes.
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