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PageSeeder installation and upgrade instructions

Release Notes – Version 5.6000 (30 April 2014)


Modified: Word docx import to put images by default in a folder named [source filename]_files.

Projects that require imported docx images to be in a 'media' folder will need to have <psd:import-docx ... mediafolder="media"> in a custom Ant script.

50659530 Apr 20145.6000

Fixed: customized classes being removed by PageSeeder installer when upgrading.

50027330 Apr 20145.6000

Fixed: tasks not being deleted from index.

50647830 Apr 20145.6000

Fixed: labels appearing in comment <properties> element.

50604429 Apr 20145.6000

Added: support to group-fragment-history and group-document-compare pages to show PSML property insertion and deletion.

50474928 Apr 20145.6000

Modified: reset password to allow users to enter their own new password instead of emailing a generated password.

50552422 Apr 20145.5919

Fixed: possible out of memory error when deleting folders containing many documents and added progress display.

50002622 Apr 20145.5919

Added: Ant extensions ps-ant-docx, ps-ant-epub and ps-ant-pdf to publisher lib so their classpath doesn't need to be defined in Ant scripts. The ps-ant-pdf extension is new and replaces the ant-library and FOConfig.xml. The publisher also now automatically clears the working folder before running the script.

Projects using a custom FOConfig.xml should be modified to use the ps-ant-pdf extension and PSML pdf-export-config.xml. See Export PDF Ant task for details.

48250211 Apr 20145.5916

Fixed: ps:export Ant task not returning any documents when filter is specified.

50433811 Apr 20145.5916

Added: delete icon to actions block on document view page when delete-documents is enabled on the server. Also modified export icon in actions block.

50433911 Apr 20145.5916

Improved: layout of comments on Document Comments page.

50405911 Apr 20145.5916

Added: support for new PSML publish-config.xml file format which allows better control over Ant script parameters and which perspectives they appear in. See Universal Format data API documentation for details.

Projects with custom publish scripts where a group has been converted to PSML will need to have a Publish/publish-config.xml or the scripts will not be displayed. Setting group property supportStandardFormat=true will revert to the old publishConfig.xml but this should only ever be a temporary fix.

50314911 Apr 20145.5916

Moved: PSML fragment types from fragment-types.xml to <t:fragment> elements in document-template.psml. Also moved fragment specific labels to document-config.xml using @fragmenttypes attribute.

Projects using fragment types or labels should have them added to document-template.psml and document-config.xml. See data API documentation for more information.

4745369 Apr 20145.5916

Improved: layout of Admin Console and Group Console pages including ability for admin to view general logs for previous days and times.

5037745 Apr 20145.5914

Fixed: possible problem of indexing a comment or task removing a document with the same psid from the index and vice versa.

50152731 Mar 20145.5914

Changed: For consistency, the PS standard conversion to PSML has been changed, so that all values generated by the label values editor type=checkbox appear in the @value attribute and multiple values will be comma separated e.g.:

<property name="language" value="English"/>
<property name="language" value="English,Spanish"/>

Previously these would have been converted as:

<property name="language" value="English"/>
<property name="language">

Projects that use PSLabelValuesConfig with type=checkbox in EditorConfig.json should be modified to handle a @value attribute with comma separated content. Alternatively, all content could be modified after conversion to PSML to have multiple <value> and count="n" on the <property>.

50032831 Mar 20145.5914

Changed: The New Group/Project pages and the create-group service now default to creating PSML only groups (supportStandardFormat=false). To customize the default PSML documents/folders that are created, they need to be put in the template/[project]/NewGroup/psml folder.

To create a group that supports PS standard XML documents and creates default PS standard XML documents, tick 'Use default value' next to supportStandardFormat on the New Group page or set it to 'true'.

49964929 Mar 20145.5914

Added: ability to add facets on the Search page for any PSML properties using the link on the bottom-left of the page.

50109129 Mar 20145.5914

Moved: the search box to the top of the Insert XRef page so that it's easier to see the auto-complete list.

49964728 Mar 20145.5914

Added: new Email API and new Email Templates page in Developer perspective which lists all default and custom email templates and allows them to be created, edited and previewed. Also added new send-mail service so external applications can send emails via PageSeeder.

Any projects that have customized emails will need to be modified to use the new API as it is NOT backward compatible.

47881128 Mar 20145.5914

Fixed: Ant task ps:process, generate toc option not adding @id attributes to headings in embedded/transcluded content.

50091628 Mar 20145.5914

Added: PSML document types to Dev > Document Types page with an option to Convert the PS Standard document types to PSML configuration files. Also, if the group property supportStandardFormat=false, only PSML document types will be displayed.

50085128 Mar 20145.5914

Added: support for PSML inline labels to Edit Sheet page in Lab Perspective (Edit sheet no longer supports PS Standard XML). Also replaced service edit-uri-content-label with edit-psml-inlinelabel.

49977419 Mar 20145.5914

Added: support for PSML properties to Edit Sheet page in Lab perspective. Also added service edit-psml-property.

50003517 Mar 20145.5913

Modified: New Search page format (previously only in Lab perspective) with search facets on the left hand side and table view with ability to add columns for size, inline labels and PSML properties.

47530017 Mar 20145.5913

Added: the following property to the ps:config Ant task:

  • upload.confirmed - If script is run before displaying the Upload confirmation then false, otherwise true. This will allow scripts to know when to do things like send emails, create comments, etc.
49966417 Mar 20145.5913

Added: versions of PS Ant extensions (ps-ant-docx, ps-ant-epub, ps-ant-pdf) that are used in the Publish Engine to the About page.

49966617 Mar 20145.5913

Fixed: possible out of memory error when adding a member to a group with more than 100,000 members.

49979914 Mar 20145.5913

Added: support for group property notifyFromAddress=noreply which will set the From email address on notifications to the following where hash should be unique to the sender:
[hash]--noreply@[server email domain].
This may help avoid emails being detected as spam.

The default notifyFromAddress for all groups has been changed to noreply. To revert to the old setting notifyFromAddress=user must be added to

49983512 Mar 20145.5913

Modified: Document Upload page (Developer Perspective) so that if 'Overwrite Properties' is ticked, then a Doc ID in the uploaded documents that already exists on a different document will be transferred to the uploaded document. If, however, the user does not have edit access to the existing document, an error will be logged.

4857525 Mar 20145.5911

Modified: Resolve cross-references action to use <XRef> attributes in the order @href, @docid, @uriid (same as the Upload) to avoid linking to the wrong document.

48506826 Feb 20145.5905

Disabled: Fragment indexing has been disabled to improve performance but whole documents are still indexed.

Projects that use the GenericSearch servlet with types=fragment may need to override the default index XSLT to index fragments.

48497818 Feb 20145.5903

Added: Quick Links block for PSML which displays embed or transclude links in document order and highlights the current document in the tree. To use it, you need to use Convert to PSML in the Group Manage page.

48284117 Feb 20145.5902

Fixed: possible problem accessing parent folders when sharing documents between groups.

48255917 Feb 20145.5902

Fixed: problem archiving documents when archive folder does not exist.

48388215 Feb 20145.5902

Added: Duplicate Document option to the actions menu on the Document Browse page.

48275115 Feb 20145.5902

Modified: the archive project option so that it also archives all projects and groups under that project.

48253715 Feb 20145.5902

Added: a Rename group/project option on the Group Manage page (only available for Administrators) which modifies the document paths correctly and disabled modifying the group name in the Group Properties page.

44527314 Feb 20145.5902

Fixed: incorrect @href attribute in xrefs where the exported PSML has spaces or other special characters in it's path.

48397714 Feb 20145.5902

Fixed: upload not registering PSML correctly if it doesn't have a document/@type (for example when importing Word docx files).

48363414 Feb 20145.5902

Fixed: creation document/@labels not working in PSML document-config.xml.

48215912 Feb 20145.5902

Added: 'Create subfolder for document' option to Word docx import so that the PSML documents created are grouped into a folder with the original filename.

48377512 Feb 20145.5902

Fixed: old data potentially being included when importing docx files.

48363311 Feb 20145.5902

Fixed: Number Format Exception error when using ps:export Ant task in group publish scripts.

48276911 Feb 20145.5902

Fixed: @href attribute starting with "./" in PSML XRefs not being supported.

48215611 Feb 20145.5902

Added: support to PSML editor-config.json for specifying the group for autosuggest searches. This can be used for XRefs to other groups. The format below can be used under PSMLXRefsConfig, PSMLPropertiesConfig or PSMLLabelValuesConfig.

      "autosuggest" {
      "group" : "myproject-mygroup"
47838410 Feb 20145.5902

Added: support to PSML document-config.xml for relative folder/@context (starting with a character instead of /). Relative context will use a matching folder anywhere in the current breadcrumb bar.

Also, added support to PSML editor-config.json for "autosuggest" with relative "psancestor" (beginning with "." or ".." and not containing "*") under PSMLXRefsConfig, PSMLPropertiesConfig or PSMLLabelValuesConfig.

47957810 Feb 20145.5902

Added: "Convert to PSML" option to Group Manage page which will convert all the PS standard XML (PSXML) documents in the group to PSML. If successful, it will also set the group property supportStandardFormat=false, which means that the new document page will ONLY create PSML documents, the upload page will NOT convert PSML to PS standard XML and there is no "Generate a Task Template" option.

4800564 Feb 20145.5902

Removed: size limit on description field for documents and URLs.

48194031 Jan 20145.5902

Fixed: out of memory error when exporting a large number of documents.

47955624 Jan 20145.5902

Archived: documents are now saved under the month they where archived using the folder archive/[year]/[month]/ (e.g. archive/2013/03/mydoc.psml).

48002317 Dec 20135.5902

Fixed: problem bulk archiving documents with the same name from search results.

47998316 Dec 20135.5902

Fixed: folder title not being updated when modifying folder title and name at the same time.

47989216 Dec 20135.5902

Fixed: uri/@title and uri/@docid not included when exporting PS standard XML as PSML. Also fixed blank doc id in XRefs and on group-document-view page.

47989813 Dec 20135.5902

Added: Preview page for PSML documents and fixed a number of problems with the process Ant task.

47917011 Dec 20135.5902

Fixed: problem editing PS standard XML documents with Internet Explorer 11.

47952611 Dec 20135.5902

Modified: PSML upload to get the document title from documentinfo/uri@title instead of <displaytitle> and fixed labels not being set correctly in the upload page options.

47441410 Dec 20135.5902

Added: support for XRefs to URLs and moving comments to URLs via a URLs tab and including URLs in search results on the group-xref-insert and group-comment-move pages.

4780649 Dec 20135.5902

Fixed: problem with '-' in <numberPrefix> in newDocConfig.xml

4793779 Dec 20135.5902

Added: Cache information to psadmin-systeminfo page.

4753499 Dec 20135.5902

Added: search term highlighting in documents and comments.

4793496 Dec 20135.5902

Fixed: @title attribute on xref/blockxref in PSML being set incorrectly.

Some XRefs that have been edited in PSML documents may appear as unresolved but this can be fixed by re-editing the content.

4793614 Dec 20135.5902

Fixed: blank search results on group-xref-insert and group-comment-move pages when there are multiple words in the search and the label filter is clicked.

4783413 Dec 20135.5902

Fixed: edit notes appearing in daily digest notification.

4792653 Dec 20135.5902

Fixed: PageSeeder displaying the unsupported browser message for Internet Explorer 11.

4789822 Dec 20135.5902

Fixed: upload and Ant process task error expecting attribute @creation instead of @created on PSML <version> element.

47876127 Nov 20135.5902

Added: compare version functionality for PSML documents.

47813425 Nov 20135.5902

Fixed: bulk validation of PS standard XML on folder and search results.

47845525 Nov 20135.5902

Fixed: indexing error on PSML documents that have been versioned.

47869925 Nov 20135.5902

Added: automatic storage of old document title, description, docid and labels so that document versions created from now on will include the correct URI properties.

46740920 Nov 20135.5902

Fixed: bulk versioning of PSML for folder and search results.

47529418 Nov 20135.5902
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