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PageSeeder installation and upgrade instructions

Release Notes – Version 5.9913 (28 March 2023)


Upgraded: Tomcat to v9.0.71 and pso-docx to 1.0.1.

91434528 Mar 20235.9913

Deprecated: AntXtras library, use standard or ant-contrib tasks instead.

85493828 Mar 20235.9913

Fixed: implementations using the PostgreSQL database not notifying subgroup members.

61154018 Feb 20225.9912

Fixed: logging websocket errors in catalina.out, when a signed-out user, switches to edit mode.

On Linux, the log file may be unexpectedly large, so – AFTER upgrading, but BEFORE starting the pageseeder service – enter:

rm -f /opt/pageseeder/tomcat/logs/catalina.out
61154016 Feb 20225.9911

Fixed: PDF internal and external links that display correctly but do not work.

73344615 Feb 20225.9910

Fixed: srcuris with very large attribute values causing export ANT task to fail.

84845115 Feb 20225.9910

Updated: pso-schematron library to v2.1.0 adding support for:

  • phases,
  • parameters,
  • XSLT2/XSLT3, and
  • Schematron 2016.
84630915 Feb 20225.9910

Fixed: publication tab not displaying correctly in some circumstances.

84775415 Feb 20225.9910

Fixed: xref formatting in v6 editor.

70745215 Feb 20225.9910

Modified:  upload / create / edit PSML, so that empty <link> elements use the target URL title.

84220115 Feb 20225.9910

Removed: old generate reset password key, and improved performance of database query for comment notifications.

Any projects with custom email templates that use the old reset password key must be updated to use token instead.

84828614 Feb 20225.9910

Fixed: inline label splitting when xref breaks across lines.

84790514 Feb 20225.9910

Fixed: the display of heading numbers so they are visible in the insert xref dialog.

84301725 Jan 20225.9909

Fixed: Ctrl-S not always saving existing drafts.

83996724 Jan 20225.9909

Fixed: “Unable to load feed” error on project home.

84404918 Jan 20225.9909

Fixed: default filename handling on “create document”.

84265312 Jan 20225.9909

Fixed: problem when Display whitespace & special characters is turned on and xref contains special characters.

84245111 Jan 20225.9909

Fixed: various issues with the document compare.

61154015 Dec 20215.9908

Fixed: decimal list type being lost when editing.

84190414 Dec 20215.9908

Fixed: missing option "Apply this version to all the documents in the current publication".

8412808 Dec 20215.9908

Modifications to the Version 6 user interface:

  • Added: show archived comments preference option.
  • Added: improved compare between versions and documents.
  • Added: option to revert a document to a previous version.
6115403 Dec 20215.9907

Fixed: problems with "use defaults" check box on groups properties in v6 UI when creating/editing projects/groups.

83950626 Nov 20215.9907

Added: the following service to revert a whole document to a previous version. Also added an option to revert in the UI and support for revert events in the document history and activity.

 POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}/uris/{uri}/revert
68866926 Nov 20215.9907

Fixed: error adding URLs using bookmarklet when description is very long.

bookmarklet must be removed, then added to browser again.

84001526 Nov 20215.9907

Added: tick and non-breaking hyphen special characters under "User Defined" in the PSML editor.

Also added insertion of non-breaking space by pressing Shift+Space and display non-breaking characters with a striped background if Display white space is selected.

83919917 Nov 20215.9907

Fixed: display of assignee drop-down menu on tasks page.

83943010 Nov 20215.9907

Fixed: performance and fragment update problems when editing.

6115405 Nov 20215.9906

Added: search and replace option for processing only documents in the current publication.

8382183 Nov 20215.9905

Added: new service and Validation option for processing only documents in the current publication.

POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}/validate
8391163 Nov 20215.9905

Added: defaultTemplateSchemas project property – if value is false, the default template will not list Schematron schemas.

6115403 Nov 20215.9905

Modifications to the Version 6 user interface:

  • Added: search and replace functionality.
  • Added: group edits by author in document compare.
  • Added: author to edit notes.
61154029 Oct 20215.9904

Modifications to the Version 6 user interface:

  • Added: group edits by author in fragment history.
  • Added: the option to accept, reject or ignore, draft edits from other users.
  • Added: the creation of edit notes from validation results.
  • Added: tooltip to display edit note detail.
  • Added: configurable options for edit noterequired and prompt in document-config.xml.
  • Added: pre-defined PSML roles to the document-config.xml.
61154013 Oct 20215.9903

Added: real-time notification when multiple users begins editing the same document.

After running the PageSeeder upgrade on Linux, but BEFORE starting it, enable WebSockets by entering:

service pageseeder config

at the command prompt, then press Enter to accept each defaults setting.

Any system using a proxy server must have WebSockets configured.

NGINX admins must add the following after the last proxy_set_header line in your current config file (e.g. /etc/nginx/nginx.conf )

      proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade;
      proxy_set_header Connection $http_connection;
      proxy_http_version 1.1;

After saving the file, enter:

service nginx restart
83718213 Oct 20215.9903

Added: a service to add an edit note to the most recent edit on a fragment. If no edit exists, the edit note will belong to the original content.

POST /members/{member:member}/groups/{group:group}
83783513 Oct 20215.9903

Fixed: re-ordering of content after adding block-label to some multi-level lists.

8375856 Oct 20215.9903

Added: to the comparison panel, “show differences” between any edit, or workflow events, in the history of the document.

8378105 Oct 20215.9903

Added: “docking to the side” any comment, workflow and version dialog – so content is visible while dialog is open.

8354165 Oct 20215.9903

Added: an XSLT transformation to <ps:transform> ANT task – for files in a folder including all subfolders.

Use instead of the <xslt> ANT task, to avoid an “out of memory” error when transforming large numbers of files.

83751527 Sep 20215.9903

Fixed: accept, or decline, invitation not updating the page.

83711815 Sep 20215.9903

Fixed: the Projects & Groups page only showing groups to administrators.

83548010 Sep 20215.9903

Fixed: the “share folder” action.

8352643 Sep 20215.9902

Modifications to the Version 6 user interface:

  • Added: options to image dialog – upload filename, override, and scaling.
  • Added: option on “create document / folder” or “upload image / document” dialogs – to select previous locations.
6115401 Sep 20215.9901

Fixed: fragment history if <fragment> element does not close in diff XML.

8334811 Sep 20215.9901

Added: “Keep as a single document” option to the docx upload.

Also, section/fragment IDs now display in docx preview, if the option is selected in the document view.

83381727 Aug 20215.9901

Fixed: default parameters in batch export.

82702113 Aug 20215.9901

Fixed: display of reverse xref if reverse title is missing.

8252446 Aug 20215.9901

Added: history icon of the last three locations to folder fields for “create document / folder” and “upload document / image”.

61154013 Aug 20215.9901

Fixed: URL metadata cache and URL validation results syncing.

61154011 Aug 20215.9901

Added: automatic addition of new properties from template, when editing document metadata in the version 6 user interface.

8236112 Aug 20215.9900

Added: “Clear formatting” option to context menu in PSML editor.

8016482 Aug 20215.9900

Fixed: display of publication numbering when switching between documents.

82367927 Jul 20215.9900

Fixed: possible write.lock errors on multi-index searches.

81650720 Jul 20215.9900-beta-17

Modified: “archive document” to include associated workflows and prevent their inclusion in find, or search, results. Unarchiving a document will also return any associated workflows.

79380513 Jul 20215.9900-beta-16

Modified: the document editing action “Reset fragment content” to “Reset to last saved”. This now deletes the current draft for the fragment.

68779216 Jul 20215.9900-beta-16

Added: a “group workflows” panel, to the left of the document view, to support navigation by workflow states or updates.

6115409 Jul 20215.9900-beta-15

Added: to the “Add URL” dialogue, options whether to:

  • customize the title, description or labels,
  • display the URL in the group feed, search, or URLs page,
  • create a comment to notify group members.
8149129 Jul 20215.9900-beta-15

Added: to developer mode, a structure view of the Table of Contents (ToC), by clicking the wrench icon on the ToC panel. This helps to explain the configuration of the publication numbering.

Also, new to the Developer tools panel, is support for editing and refreshing the publication config.

8159176 Jul 20215.9900-beta-15

Added: to document-template.psml to aid the maintenance of template documentation, is support for:

81649129 Jun 20215.9900-beta-15

Improved: performance of document activity reporting, by excluding shared documents unless the folder is specified, and removing attachedto events.

61154015 Jun 20215.9900-beta-13

Added: support for strikethrough, superscript and subscript text, and emojis characters in comments. Also, simplified the addition of code blocks and code samples.

8144549 Jun 20215.9900-beta-11

Added: to publish script, autosuggest, using parameters:

<autosuggest filters=""
   group="" />

under <param type="document"> in the following files:

7603809 Jun 20215.9900-beta-11

Improved: performance of DiffX algorithms, when processing comparisons of document and fragment history, especially for large fragments.

8144099 Jun 20215.9900-beta-11

Added: ability to define, and color, regions of images and PDFs, to improve readability.

7938159 Jun 20215.9900-beta-11

Modified: docx styles in default word-export-template.docx and word-export-config.xml to shorten "Heading unnumbered [x]" to "Heading unnum [x]" for improved usability.

Projects using the default DOCX template with a custom config must be updated.

8142778 Jun 20215.9900-beta-11

Added:  to webhooks, support for server.started event.

Also, improved webhook performance.

8139114 Jun 20215.9900-beta-11

Added: content sanitization before saving XHTML comment.

To improve security and consistency, the process strips unsupported elements/attributes and replaces named entities.

75772831 May 20215.9900-beta-11

Added: publish scripts for a specific URL-type. Defined in url-config.xml under the URL publish section from the global template, Publish scripts page and stored under:

[project template]/url/[URL type]/[action type]/build.xml
79986231 May 20215.9900-beta-11

Added: for users with “edit all URLs” permission, an option to edit the URL of an external URI.

80447431 May 20215.9900-beta-11

Fixed: saving content when copy/pasting from one markup property to another.

81206931 May 20215.9900-beta-11

Added: a Validate button on the group URLs page for the following:

  • Users with “edit all URLs” permission can validate all URLs on the server.
  • Group managers can share URL and document validation reports with other group members.
  • To prevent blocking from external sites, schematrons validating URL metadata will limit requests per domain to one every ten seconds. This interval can be set in the urlRequestDelay global property.
  • To check for broken URLs, use the built-in URL schematron –status .
80263626 May 20215.9900-beta-11

Added: a Move option to the document / folder actions in version 6 user interface. This includes the ability to move between groups.

75892919 May 20215.9900-beta-11

Added: Templates validation page to the Administration menu to validate all configuration and ANT script files on the whole server.

IN PAGESEEDER VERSION 6.0, MOST DEPRECATED OPTIONS WILL BE REMOVED. Use the Templates validation page to find these.

80446512 May 20215.9900-beta-11

Added:  to <ps:export> ANT task, support for binarymetadataonly="true" to export metadata for non-PSML files. Also deprecated imagemetadataonly attribute.

Projects using imagemetadataonly attribute should be updated to use binarymetadataonly.

80183520 Apr 20215.9900-beta-11

Added: support for indexing the content of CSV files.

75695731 Mar 20215.9900-beta-11

Removed: email notifications for edit notes.

74053730 Mar 20215.9900-beta-11

Modifications to the Version 6 user interface:


  • “Compare documents” panel now compares document variations as well as document versions.
  • Document comparison is now enabled in edit mode.
  • Document comparison is now available in the document preview panel.
  • Generate docid for original document when duplicating.
  • Support reloading panels for document compare, Table of Contents (ToC), references, and document preview.
  • Image label and link label now in label config and search interface.
  • Accessibility support for toolbar, side bar and panel buttons.
  • Visual indicator in header bar when developer mode is active.
  • Support for WEBP, HEIC, HEIF, AVIF, APNG format images.


  • Image grouping in references panel.
  • Display image filename instead of alt text for image references.
  • Display of archived and unresolved xrefs, plus links and images.
  • Document search panel so the results highlight the current document and support document preview.
  • Creation of document version to prevent any clash with the publication version.
  • The logic and formatting of the document bar.


  • Badge position on toolbar buttons.
  • Button styles when archiving documents.
  • Column widths on individually adjusted table cells.
  • Publication and version display of PSML source view on developer tab.
  • Duplicated facets in columns and filter dialogs.
  • Xref white space handling in view mode.
  • Unresolved xrefs showing a mediatype error in xref dialog.
  • Tooltip performance issues in group documents page.
  • Display of incoming references to URL fragments.
  • Display handling of large file sizes in group documents.
  • Status displayed after un-archiving.
  • Timezone issues with logs.
1154015 Mar 20215.9900-beta-10

Fixed: existing xrefs removed when uploading with:

<fragments overwrite="false">
7929199 Mar 20215.9900-beta-10

Removed: support for shareDocumentEdits and shareXrefsWithTarget group properties. Edits are now always shared to groups that the document is shared with and reverse xrefs are always shared with target groups.

6884915 Mar 20215.9900-beta-10

Added: support for <fragments overwrite="false"> attribute in PSML for metadata-level documents (documents bound to media objects rather than PSML content). This leaves existing fragments untouched but adds any new fragments.

7906501 Mar 20215.9900-beta-7

Fixed: performance problems on project home and search when a user has many groups with many documents.

79097626 Feb 20215.9900-beta-7

Modifications to the Version 6 user interface:


  • pscontent field of URL to decoded URL to improve searching (requires re-indexing URLs).
  • Activity graph performance by excluding URLs from query.
  • Display of document title in references panel to disambiguate document xrefs with the same value in Folder and URI ID.
  • References panel to include images, and locations for links and images.
  • Rendering performance of search results by lazy-loading images.
  • Search results to connect workflow value to workflow panel or document.
  • Clarity of Edit button styles for active, hover and focus.
  • Context-sensitive Help files.
  • Display of archived documents on workflows and tasks in group tasks.
  • Display of link modal to disambiguate URLs with same title.


  • Archive document modal to include link count with references.
  • Compare panel displaying the removal of link or xref property values.
  • Document info panel highlighting publication fields in focus.
  • Rejection of some URLs by validation process.
  • Title editing in document toolbar.
  • Display of zero-value cells in edit sheet.
61154026 Feb 20215.9900-beta-7

Fixed: Display of URL title, description and labels.

61154016 Feb 20215.9900-beta-5

Added: servlet and service to store and list arbitrary member data such as XML, JSON or images.

GET, PUT, DELETE /ps/servlet/members/{memberid}/data/{data name}
GET /ps/service/members/{member}/data
75708910 Feb 20215.9900-beta-3

Added: to PSML, the <link> element for storing a URL in a property:

<property ... datatype="link">
61154010 Feb 20215.9900-beta-3

Fixed:title too long” error when extracting URL metadata.

7801298 Feb 20215.9900-beta-3

Fixed: duplication and extra whitespace in URL titles.

7762385 Feb 20215.9900-beta-2

Added:  @allurls attribute on ps:export ANT task to export all URL metadata in a group.

Also added @embedlinkmetadata attribute on ps:process ANT task. When this value is "true", the process will embed the <document level="metadata">... for the URL in the <link> element.

URLs must have been exported using xrefdepth=1 or allurls=true.

6115405 Feb 20215.9900-beta-2

Added: favicon cache to URL hosts for ver 6 user interface performance improvement.

7762395 Feb 20215.9900-beta-2

Added: new features to the ver 6 user interface. See What's new in the PageSeeder Help for further information.

  • URL types.
  • URL-backed links.
  • Link and xref tooltips.
  • Regions for images and PDF pages.
  • Persistent member data including profile picture.
  • Context-sensitive global search.
  • Global template administration.
  • Developer tools to view document source, clear cache and reprocess URL metadata.
  • Visual improvements to interface.

This upgrade will clear any group-specific URL title, description, labels and metadata. After upgrading, automatically refresh the title and description of source URLs by selecting Reprocess on the default URL type in the Global Template Types page.

Alternatively, BEFORE upgrading PageSeeder, use the Search interface to list existing URL data and download the results as a CSV file. Ensure the URL column is in the search results for uploading after the new PageSeeder version is running.

61154029 Jan 20215.9900-beta-1

Modified: URLs from being group-specific to global objects and extended them with type, config, and template.

Added the following services:

POST   /members/{member}/externaluris
POST   /members/{member}/externaluris/{uri}/archive
POST   /members/{member}/externaluris/{uri}/unarchive
POST   /members/{member}/externaluris/{uri}/editmetadata
PATCH  /members/{member}/externaluris/{uri}
DELETE /members/{member}/externaluris/{uri}
GET    /members/{member}/externaluris/{uri}
GET    /members/{member}/externaluris/forurl
GET    /members/{member}/uris/{uri}
GET    /members/{member}/uris/{uri}/reversexrefs
GET    /members/{member}/uris/forurl
POST   /members/{member}/groups/{group}/externaluris
GET    /members/{member}/groups/{group}/uris/urlconfig
POST   /members/{member}/externaluris/{uri}
POST   /members/{member}/urlmetadata/{type}/process
POST   /members/{member}/groups/{group}/publications
POST   /members/{member}/groups/{group}/publications
GET    /hosts/{host}/externaluris
GET    /groups/{group}/documents/configs
GET    /groups/{group}/validations
GET    /templates/validate

Deprecated the following services and servlets (the URI services now ignore the group):

POST   /members/{member}/groups/{group}/externaluris
POST   /members/{member}/groups/{group}/externaluris/{uri}
POST   /members/{member}/groups/{group}/externaluris/{uri}
PATCH  /members/{member}/groups/{group}/externaluris/{uri}
DELETE /members/{member}/groups/{group}/externaluris/{uri}
POST   /members/{member}/groups/{group}/publications
GET    /groups/{group}/uris/forurl
POST   /members/{member}/groups/{group}/converttopsml
GET    /servlet/

Removed the following services:

GET /groups/{group}/externaluris/hosts
GET /groups/{group}/hosts/{host}/externaluris
GET /groups/{group}/externaluris/{uri}/externaluris
GET /groups/{group}/externaluris/forurl/externaluris
Projects or apps using any of these deprecated or removed services should be updated to use alternatives. IN VERSION 6.0 ALL DEPRECATED SERVICES AND SERVLETS WILL BE REMOVED. Check the general log in v5.99 for warnings about deprecated requests.
75748529 Jan 20215.9900-beta-1

Added: project- and server-level autocomplete services including:

  • a prefix-only parameter,
  • wildcard (*) in fields parameter, and
  • generally improved performance.
GET /members/{member}/projects/{group}/autocomplete
GET /members/{member}/autocomplete
76056211 Jan 20215.9900-beta-1

Modified: the PSML schema to version 1.3 with the main change being support for links to URL objects.

  • Add metadata/@checked datetime attribute for URLs.
  • Add the following attributes to <link>:
    • @archived
    • @uriid
    • @frag
    • @mediatype
    • @urltype
    • @labels
    • @unresolved
  • Allow value link in reversexref/@forwardtype.
  • Add uri/@urltype, uri/@source and reversexref/@urltype attributes.
  • Add the following attributes to <compareto>
    • @scheme
    • @host
    • @port
    • @path
    • @decodedpath
  • Add @archived to <image>, <uri>, <xref> and <blockxref>.
  • Add fragmentinfo/@structure-modified datetime attribute.
  • Add image/@labels attribute.
  • Add note/author element.
  • Add compareto/@versionid attribute.
  • Allow <link> elements inside <property> elements.
  • Disallow <link><xref> and <image> elements inside <link> element.
  • Deprecate link/@role – instead, use link/@labels.
  • Deprecate uri/@folder – no longer supported for URLs.

To find disallowed markup in existing documents validate with 'old psml' schematron.

76749820 Jan 20215.9900-beta-1

Added: support for PostgreSQL – however, this is still experimental and not recommended for production systems. The MySQL database schema has also been updated to improve performance and better align with PostgreSQL.

BEFORE upgrading backup the database. After upgrading and starting PageSeeder – allow 30 minutes for PageSeeder to process the schema updates in an existing server.

View progress at:

72861312 Jan 20215.9900-beta-1

Modified: the index to remove pspagecount-numeric and psxrefcount-numeric fields and to add the following fields for URLs:

  • pscontextexternal
  • psgroupcount
  • psimagelabel
  • pslinklabel
  • psmetadatachecked
  • pssource
  • psurltype
  • psurlmediatype

Also updated the index version to 5405.

For URLs to work properly you MUST re-index all groups and URLs after the upgrade. Note that indexing groups and URLs are separate processes.

67554919 Jan 20215.9900-beta-1

Modified: the quality of filename search results by tokenizing:

  • the file extension;
  • any non-alphanumeric character, and;
  • the “dot” as a separate word.
74813219 Jan 20215.9900-beta-1

Modified: discussions, so that new comments are added in the same group(s) as the first comment. Only the first comment in a discussion can now have the group value modified, which then updates the group values on all other comments in the discussion.

Because of this change, the following services are deprecated:

POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}/comments/{commentid}/reply
POST /groups/{group}/comments/{commentid}/reply

Projects where single discussions have comments in multiple groups will need to be modified.

7603608 Jan 20215.9900-beta-1

Deprecated: the common group option. 

Posting comments to existing common groups will no longer have extra confirmation and rejection of emailed comments.

7670986 Jan 20215.9900-beta-1

Added: option to unarchive a document or folder and the following service:

POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}/uris/{uri}/unarchive
76070622 Dec 20205.9900-beta-1

Modified the following services to support move document events.

Modified the returned XML so the <change> element contains only @type@from@to or <from><to> elements.

GET /groups/{group}/uris/{uri}/history
GET /groups/{group}/uris/history

Projects using these services may need to be updated to support the new XML structure.

52267721 Dec 20205.9900-beta-1

Modified: the user interface to default to version 6.

To continue defaulting to version 5, add version6=false to the

76065225 Nov 20205.9900-beta-1
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