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PageSeeder installation and upgrade instructions

Release Notes – Version 5.99 beta 6 (16 February 2021)


Fixed: incorrect URL title, description, labels appearing in some groups.

61154016 Feb 20215.9900-beta-5

Added: the following servlet and service to store and list arbitrary member data such as XML, JSON or images.

GET, PUT, DELETE /ps/servlet/members/{memberid}/data/{data name}
GET /ps/service/members/{member}/data
75708910 Feb 20215.9900-beta-3

Added: support to PSML for storing a URL (using the <link> element) inside a <property>.

61154010 Feb 20215.9900-beta-3

Fixed: “title too long” database error when extracting URL metadata.

7801298 Feb 20215.9900-beta-3

Fixed: duplication and extra whitespace in URL titles.

7762385 Feb 20215.9900-beta-2

Added:  @allurls attribute on ps:export ANT task to export all URL metadata in a group.

Also added @embedlinkmetadata attribute on ps:process ANT task. When this value is "true", the process will embed the <document level="metadata">... for the URL in the <link> element.

URLs must have been exported using xrefdepth=1 or allurls=true.

6115405 Feb 20215.9900-beta-2

Added: favicon cache to URL hosts for ver 6 user interface performance improvement.

7762395 Feb 20215.9900-beta-2

Added: new features to the ver 6 user interface. See What's new in the PageSeeder Help for further information.

  • Typed URLs
  • Links backed by URLs
  • Link and xref tooltip
  • Image and PDF regions
  • Persistent member data
  • Member profile picture
  • Context-sensitive global search
  • Global template administration
  • Document developer tools to view source, clear cache and reprocess the metadata of URLs.
  • Cosmetic improvements to interface
61154029 Jan 20215.9900-beta-1

Modified: URLs to global objects rather than being specific to a group. Extended URLs to have type, config, and template.

Added the following services:

POST   /members/{member}/externaluris
POST   /members/{member}/externaluris/{uri}/archive
POST   /members/{member}/externaluris/{uri}/unarchive
PATCH  /members/{member}/externaluris/{uri}
DELETE /members/{member}/externaluris/{uri}
GET    /members/{member}/externaluris/{uri}
GET    /members/{member}/externaluris/forurl
GET    /members/{member}/groups/{group}/uris/urlconfig
POST   /members/{member}/externaluris/{uri}/urlmetadata/process
POST   /members/{member}/urlmetadata/{type}/process
GET    /hosts/{host}/externaluris

Deprecated the following services:

POST   /members/{member}/groups/{group}/externaluris
POST   /members/{member}/groups/{group}/externaluris/{uri}/archive
POST   /members/{member}/groups/{group}/externaluris/{uri}/unarchive
PATCH  /members/{member}/groups/{group}/externaluris/{uri}
DELETE /members/{member}/groups/{group}/externaluris/{uri}

Upgrading to this version of PageSeeder will clear group-specific title, description, labels and metadata for URLs. After the upgrade, title and description may be automatically populated from the source URLs. To do this, select Reprocess on the default URL type in the Types page for the Global template.

Alternatively, BEFORE upgrading PageSeeder, use the Search interface to list existing URL data and download the results as a CSV file. Ensure that the URL column is in the search results.

75748529 Jan 20215.9900-beta-1

Added: project- and server-level autocomplete services, a prefix-only parameter, wildcard (*) in fields parameter and generally improved the autocomplete performance:

GET /members/{member}/projects/{group}/autocomplete
GET /members/{member}/autocomplete
76056211 Jan 20215.9900-beta-1

Modified: the PSML schema as follows to support links to URL objects and updated the PSML version to 1.3.

  • Added metadata/@checked datetime attribute for URLs.
  • On the following attributes to <link>:
    • @uriid
    • @frag
    • @mediatype
    • @urltype
    • @labels
    • @unresolved
  • Allowed value link in reversexref/@forwardtype.
  • Added uri/@urltype and reversexref/@urltype attributes.
  • Disallowed <link><xref> and <image> elements inside <link> elements.
  • Deprecated link/@role use link/@labels instead.

To find disallowed markup in existing documents validate with 'old psml' schematron.

76749820 Jan 20215.9900-beta-1

Added: support for PostgreSQL – however, this is still experimental and not recommended for production systems. The MySQL database schema has also been updated to improve performance and better align with PostgreSQL.

Make a database backup BEFORE upgrading. After upgrading an existing server with a large database allow 30 minutes for PageSeeder to start while the schema updates. Progress can be monitored by viewing:

72861312 Jan 20215.9900-beta-1

Modified: the index to remove pspagecount-numeric and psxrefcount-numeric fields and add the following fields for URLs:

  • psgroupcount
  • psmetadatachecked
  • pssource
  • psurltype
  • psurlmediatype

Also updated the index version to 5405.

For the new URL functionality, groups and URLs must be re-indexed after PageSeeder is upgraded.

67554919 Jan 20215.9900-beta-1

Modified: filename searching by tokenizing the extension including dot as a separate word and otherwise tokenizing at any non-alphanumeric character.

74813219 Jan 20215.9900-beta-1

Modified: discussions so that all new comments are in the same group(s) as the first comment. Groups can now only be modified on the first comment which will update groups on all the other comments in the discussion.

Because the group now comes from the first comment, the following services are deprecated:

POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}/
POST /groups/{group}/comments/{commentid}/reply

Projects where one discussion has comments in different groups will need to be modified.

7603608 Jan 20215.9900-beta-1

Deprecated: the common group option. 

Existing common groups will no longer have the extra confirmation posting comments and the rejection of emailed comments.

7670986 Jan 20215.9900-beta-1

Added: an option in the ver 6 user interface to unarchive a document or folder and the following service:

POST /members/{member}/groups/{group}/uris/{uri}/unarchive
76070622 Dec 20205.9900-beta-1

Modified the following services to support move document events.

Modified the returned XML so the <change> element contains only @type@from@to or <from><to> elements.

GET /groups/{group}/uris/{uri}/history
GET /groups/{group}/uris/history

Projects using these services may need to be updated to support the new XML structure.

52267721 Dec 20205.9900-beta-1

Modified: the user interface to default to ver 6.

To change the default back to ver 5 add version6=false to the

76065225 Nov 20205.9900-beta-1
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