Folders and files

This is a directory of the files that control key functionality in the PageSeeder application. The overall file organization is the same for both the PageSeeder server and the PageSeeder Publisher.


Not all files are documented in this section as the file organization is subject to change for each release. Some files are documented directly in the Configuration guide.

 Unless specified otherwise, all paths given start from the root of the Web application directory, generally webapp for the main server and ps-publisher of the publisher.

Template folder

This folder is not visible to the Web as it is the repository of templates, scripts, and configuration files for the default PageSeeder installation as well as files which are specific to each PageSeeder project.


woconfig folder

This folder is a container for all files which are meant to be visible to the Web, such as styles, scripts and graphics which are part of a project customization. This folder is only used on the PageSeeder server, not the Publisher.


weborganic folder

This folder includes all files which are meant to be visible to the Web but private to PageSeeder. They are part of a normal PageSeeder installation and there should be no reason to change anything in this directory. There is no folder on the Publisher that corresponds to /weborganic.


other folders include the following:


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