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Folders and files

This is a directory of the files that control key functionality in the PageSeeder application. The overall file organization is the same for both the PageSeeder server and the PageSeeder Publisher.

The content of this section provides guidance for important files, but it isn’t a comprehensive listing.

Also, the organization of files for systems that inherit their install from an earlier version of PageSeeder might be significantly different to this documentation. Additional information is in the Configuration guide.

Unless specified otherwise, all the following /{paths} start from the root of the Web app directory. For the main server, this is:


and for the publisher, this is:



documents folder

This is the default location for user-created documents in a PageSeeder group.


Other default, user-facing folders are the following:


template folder

This folder is not visible to the Web as it contains the default files for the PageSeeder installation, including:

  • Templates.
  • Scripts, and
  • Configuration files.

config folder

This folder is not visible to the Web as it contains the files that customize any project. These include:

  • XSLT templates.
  • ANT scripts, and
  • Configuration files.

It also contains the style folder, which is visible to the Web using the /ps/woconfig URL. This folder contains files such as:

  • CSS.
  • JavaScript, and
  • Graphics.

weborganic folder

This folder includes all files that are visible to the Web but private to PageSeeder. This folder is part of a normal installation and there should be no reason to change anything in this folder. 


state folder

The state folder contains files generated by the system including:

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