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PageSeeder installation and upgrade instructions

Release Notes – Version 5.9715 (28 August 2019)


Fixed: ps:process ANT task generating incorrect internal xref/@href when processing alternate XRefs.

69013428 Aug 20195.9715

Modified the v6 General UI as follows:

Added: support for media fragments.

Fixed: document/fragment/locator info appearing in transclusions/math xrefs.

Updated: context on discussions and tasks.

Updated: add link to discussions page.

Updated: AsciiMath editing, preview and media fragments.

Fixed: display of math transclusions.

Updated: force search in xref modal when changing xref config.

Fixed: error handling when creating an index with multiple threads.

Updated: display options in dropdown menus.

Fixed: always loading selected discussion.

Fixed: Apply background to v6 header image in v5.

Fixed: favicon in v6.

Fixed: lock theme if defined by organization.

Fixed: support Cmd+S shortcut in code mirror (for MacOS).

Fixed: markdown comments processing.

Fixed: handling of section titles.

Fixed: scrolling issue on column selection.

Updated: Labels page to display the usage across groups.

Updated: editing comments in tasks.

Updated: specify the location to load document browse using a path parameter.

Updated: Get fragment to return 404 if fragment not found or the wrong case.

Fixed: selector not displaying existing labels in the list of available labels.

Updated: side navigation to show project and server options in Administration view.

Fixed: missing publish actions in document context.

Fixed: IE 11 issues due to incorrect FlatPicker import.

Updated: default v6 error handler in all cases when version6 global property is enabled.

Fixed: moderated registration error when creating groups.

Fixed: character encoding on email from address.

68996227 Aug 20195.9713

Modified the v6 General UI as follows:

Added: support for placeholders.

Added: Organization properties and branding.

Updated: “sign in” and “sign out” pages.

Updated: error page with “report error” option

Updated: other public pages (reset email/password, unsubscribe, legal).

Updated: publishing at document level.

Added: full support for property editing.

Added: support for metadata editing.

Added: version6=true global property to switch emails and user interface to v6.

Added: discussions page.

Added: support for multiple publications in the Table of Contents.

Updated: accessibility support.

Added: support for spellcheck in editor

Improved: linking between administrations pages.

Updated: document types page to include diagram and list of existing types.

68951916 Aug 20195.9712

Added: support for <placeholder name="my-property"> element in PSML (only supported in v6 UI).

68951716 Aug 20195.9712

Modified the v6 General UI as follows:

Major changes

Added: support for edit sheet.

Added: publish actions for folders.

Added: protection for editing clashes.

  • fragments lock if draft created by another user

Added: limited support for xref-config.

Added: limited support for custom CSS in documents (to enable remove @import line)

Added: support for @role in editor

Added: syntax highlighting of PSML source and preformatted content

Added: custom themes (in user profile)

Minor changes

Added: Table of Contents title to Publication document.

Updated: display of attachments in comments and tasks.

Updated: display of some SVG documents.

Updated: numbering and prefixes in CSS

Modified: xref icon in tool bar to edit, instead of remove, existing xref

Updated: core property to update when uri changes

Added: links to fragment history in account drafts page.

Updated: window title when changing document.

Added: global search/facets services.

Added: support for multiple column sorting in tables (using CTRL to select).

Added: support for resizing and reordering of columns in search results and edit sheet.

Added: support for auto-grouping of cells in search results.

Fixed: create workflow button.

Added: shortcuts to home and documents

Added: link to group activity.

Added: notification to memberships table in administration interface.

Updated: admin page for email template layout.

Simplify: admin menu

Improved: handling of shared documents

68879924 Jul 20195.9711

Modified: maximum thumbnail size to 400 x 400 pixels.

68879824 Jul 20195.9711

Fixed: error on docx import preview when document contains UTF-8 characters.

68878924 Jul 20195.9711

Modified the v6 General UI as follows:

Added: global and project “powerbar” search of documents/comments/tasks.

Added: highlighting of current document in Table of Contents.

Fixed: reset password for administrators.

Fixed: Internet Explorer issues.

Fixed: loading discussions when changing documents.

Fixed: loading draft content when changing documents.

6885718 Jul 20195.9710

Added the following features to the v6 General UI:

  • Properties editor,

  • Xref list editor,

  • add/edit/reply comments and tasks,

  • add/update workflows,

  • cardwall for tasks,

  • fragment history,

  • label editor for fragments and edit notes,

  • automatically reload numbering on documents,

  • CTRL+S now saves the entire document,

  • Double-click on document turns on edit mode.

6883692 Jul 20195.9708

Modified: the ANT process task as follows:

URL encode xref|blockxref| reversexref/@href and image/@src when document/@level="portable", and

URL decode xref|blockxref| reversexref/@href and image/@src when @level="processed".

Added: strip reversexrefs option.

Added: only prefix section|fragment/@id with URI ID if Xrefs are being processed.

6882931 Jul 20195.9708

Fixed: error "The commenting must be 'reviewer','email' or 'all'." when editing group or project config.

68822321 Jun 20195.9708

Fixed: block/inline labels duplicating in Character menu display in CK after multiple edits.

6874975 Jun 20195.9707

Fixed: UI v6 Xref editor not preserving @titlewhen @display="template".

6874544 Jun 20195.9707

Added: to web services XML for extended <group> elements, the value "none" on @moderation when the group has no moderator.

68448531 May 20195.9706

Added: the following features to the v6 General UI:

  • support for labels, cross-references and images in document editing.
  • Group tasks
  • Document activity
  • Group/project home now includes publications, “about” page and quick links

Modified: powersearch to always displays matched string and thumbnails if available, includes all pages.

68675631 May 20195.9706

Modified: multi-term autosuggest to use AND instead of OR to better refine results.

68538131 May 20195.9706

Fixed: problems selecting when the document versions page has more than 10 values.

68512222 May 20195.9706

Modified: publications so that numbering bound to document labels continues to increment between documents regardless of location of the labels. They no longer need to be in their own container for numbering to be continuous (e.g. no Appendices document is required to contain Appendix documents).

68603322 May 20195.9706

Added: more features to the v6 General UI including basic document editing however DO NOT use this to edit on production systems.

Added: v5 button under the drop down menu from the top bar to toggle interface back to the v5 UI.

6813371 May 20195.9703

Added: new ps:split ANT task to split a single PSML into multiple documents and fragments according to a split config file.

68096330 Apr 20195.9703

Fixed: some files not being exported when Xref types includes "none".

68054624 Apr 20195.9703

Added: “Assigned to Nobody” option to group tasks page.

68026023 Apr 20195.9703

Modified: the Admin UI v6 (beta) link to open in a new window. Also, the button in the bottom left corner of the v6 UI does not return to the v5 UI but toggles between the v6 Admin interface and an incomplete preview version of the v6 General user interface.

67849110 Apr 20195.9702

Added: display numbered paragraphs in Table of Contents (ToC) by including:

@block-labels="[comma separated labels]"


@para-indents="[comma separated numbers]"

to the <toc> element in


Also, added new Numbering check report under the Dev  menu. To understand and debug numbering in the publication ToC.

67847510 Apr 20195.9702

Added: Alert message on Search page when a group is being re-indexed.

67456010 Apr 20195.9702

Added: group welcome message to membership-confirm and membership-new-member emails.

6766543 Apr 20195.9702

Fixed: validation error on <media-fragment> in document-template.xml

67573327 Mar 20195.9702

Fixed: custom folder project properties and publish scripts for document types not being inherited.

67475513 Mar 20195.9702

Fixed: edit sheet not using editor-config.xml to validate entered data.

6745678 Mar 20195.9701

Fixed: edit sheet not filtering by location when exporting to CSV.

6744736 Mar 20195.9701

Fixed: project files import and upload (using post) not creating backup files for history.

6741551 Mar 20195.9701

Fixed: words breaking in Chrome tables.

6741541 Mar 20195.9701

Added: beta version of Admin User Interface (UI) for PageSeeder v6 – accessible under the existing Admin menu as “Admin UI v6 (beta)”.

66701326 Feb 20195.9700

Added: support for OAuth refresh tokens when using password grant type.

67095715 Feb 20195.9700

Fixed: problem editing XRefs when the title of the target document  contains an apostrophe.

Also, fixed the “Browse” tab being unavailable when inserting an XRef with the default configuration.

67016015 Feb 20195.9700

Fixed: the list of groups for a logged-in user not being updated when they are a subgroup member being added, removed or modified.

66957213 Feb 20195.9700

Fixed: transcluded AsciiMath and MathML occasionally not formatting on document view page.

67059812 Feb 20195.9700

Added: support for MySQL 8.

  Use the v5 JDBC driver. Do NOT use Connector/J v8.

6620206 Feb 20195.9700

Fixed: ANT script errors when file extension contains upper case characters.

66909925 Jan 20195.9700-beta-8

Modified: default group/project creation to use “Normal” (immediate) notification when joining existing member accounts to a group.

Added: check box option “Join this group/project automatically after creation” on group and project creation pages.

Projects or external applications that require notification of “Announcements only” (send only exceptional messages) will need to modify this setting.

66884125 Jan 20195.9700-beta-8

Modified: sharing functionality as follows:

  • Fixed: problems searching shared folders when the folder name contains upper case letters (to fix existing folders, rename them and then renamed them back).
  • Allowed: project managers to share folders instead of administrators only.
  • Deprecated: sharing sub-folders of shared folders with different groups. Or editing their ancestors.
65964925 Jan 20195.9700-beta-8

Added: the following new services:

DELETE /members/{member}
GET /groups/{group}/supergroups
GET /groups/{group}/uris/{uri}
GET /publish/schedule
GET /groups/{group}/publish/checkall
GET /threads/{threadid}/logs

Deprecated: the following service:

POST /members/{member}

Removed: the following service:

GET /publish/about

Modified the following services:

Added: createdocuments parameter to:

POST /members/{member}/creategroup

Modified: response XML root from <peek> to <cancel> for:

GET /members/{member}/publish/cancel

Modified: response XML contents for the <parameters> element:

GET /members/{member}/groups/

Modified: response XML contents for the <parameters> element:

GET /members/{member}/groups/{group} 

Any apps or projects using these services may need to be updated.

66805015 Jan 20195.9700-beta-8

Removed: the following obsolete servlets:

66804915 Jan 20195.9700-beta-8

Fixed: possible memory and performance problems with PDF thumbnail generation.

66562815 Jan 20195.9700-beta-8

Modified: reverting deleted fragments back to the document location where they previously existed (when possible).

66801414 Jan 20195.9700-beta-8

Modified: fragment history and document activity pages so that adjacent edits from the same author, on the same fragment, appears as a single event.

66462614 Jan 20195.9700-beta-8

Reorganized: the folder / file structure, state, publish scripts and custom config files.

These are automatically moved to the following locations when PageSeeder starts:

  • **All top-level folders under template/[project] will be renamed to lowercase (i.e. config, index, label, layout, member, notification, publish).
  • Publish script files will be merged into the corresponding template/[project] folder using their existing folder structure.
  • The woconfig files will be moved to the template folder as follows:
woconfig/[project]/psml/[type]/* -->
woconfig/[project]/organization/* -->

All these files will remain accessible via /ps/woconfig using the path under template but removing the style folder. For example: 


If PageSeeder fails to start on Linux after upgrade enter the following commands and then restart pageseeder:

chown -R pageseeder /opt/pageseeder/webapp
chown -R pageseeder /opt/pageseeder/ps-publisher

Manually move any other woconfig files, such as shared CSS or images, to the following folder and adjust any URLs that reference them:


After upgrading, check the Recent logs on the Admin Console page for warnings about renamed files. Naming clashes are possible when merging publish scripts with config files. Pay specific attention to the following:

  • Update .custom index XSLT files to correctly reference the default XSLT.
  • Update any apps or deploy scripts that upload config files to use the new locations.
  • Rename to lower case all top level template folders in code repositories. On Windows, this can be done by adding a suffix and committing, then renaming to lowercase and committing (e.g. Publish -> Publish2 -> publish).
6420777 Jan 20195.9700-beta-8

Added: <publication> to PSML under <documentinfo> on the root document of a publication.

For root documents, uploading can also be done using publication id/type:

<publication id="mypub" type="mytype" />

On Upload, an existing publication id/type will only be overwritten if the “overwrite metadata and document properties” option is selected under the Developer options menu in the Developer perspective.

6652894 Jan 20195.9700-beta-6

Added: convertasciimath attribute (default value = true) to the ps:process ANT task. This setting converts to MathML the content of either of the following elements:

<inline label="asciimath">
<media-fragment mediatype="text/asciimath">
6646192 Jan 20195.9700-beta-6

Added: to PSML support for a comma-separated list of fragment types in section/@fragmenttype with default as an allowed value.

6669622 Jan 20195.9700-beta-6

Added: to document-template.xml support for <t:description> under <t:fragment>. For usability and maintenance, every fragment type should have a description.

66720521 Dec 20185.9700-beta-6

Added: to XRef and document config files, support for @folder, @filters and @group on <target>. These replace the @folder, @filters and @group on <autosuggest>

66526819 Dec 20185.9700-beta-6

Added: index fields psfragmenttype, psinlinelabelname, pspublicationroot, psrootpublicationid and updated index version to 5402.

Also, added the following fields to the change columns dialog on the search page: pslastediteddate, psfragmenttype, psinlinelabelname.

66558414 Dec 20185.9700-beta-5

Added: to indexing, parsing of inline label dates using written format e.g. 2nd March 2010

66695310 Dec 20185.9700-beta-5

Modified: new document page to always display “Default” and “References” at the top of the list.

66505110 Dec 20185.9700-beta-5

Modified: the Publish engine to run under the /ps webapp and removed the /ps-publisher webapp.

6463795 Dec 20185.9700-beta-5

Fixed: problem selecting XRef config with * in the target folder when under a sub-project.

6651634 Dec 20185.9700-beta-5

Added: “open in new tab” right-click option on XRefs and links in the CK editor.

6597924 Dec 20185.9700-beta-5

Added: to xref-config.xml and editor-config.xml support for a comma-separated list of target document-types in the XRef config.

6601764 Dec 20185.9700-beta-5

Added: support for fieldsize parameter on the services below (default 1000, maximum 10000) which is the maximum number of characters allowed in a result field:

/groups/{group}/search [GET]
/groups/{group}/search/predicate [GET]
/members/{member}/projects/{group}/search [GET]
   search/predicate [GET]
6601463 Dec 20185.9700-beta-5

Added: to document-config.xml, support for @description  attribute on <document>. This allows the description to be set programmatically upon creation of the document.

6601583 Dec 20185.9700-beta-5

Added: the extendedmember=true parameter to the following services (administrators only):

members GET
find-members GET
find-project-members GET
**list-member-memberships GET

**administrators or self

6664243 Dec 20185.9700-beta-5

Fixed: errors when exporting files and viewing folders with filenames that include square brackets "[" or "]" characters.

66560716 Nov 20185.9700-beta-5

Added: featured image thumbnails for PSML and PDF documents to list and grid views of search results and to the edit sheet.

66492217 Oct 20185.9700-beta-5

Fixed: error in fragment history when PSML contains an XML namespace.

6646788 Oct 20185.9700-beta-5

Deprecated: "ps-" prefix on Default servlet parameters. Also add support for comparing different documents.

Except for "ps-reload", old parameters still work in this release. However, any apps using the Default servlet must remove "ps-" from the start of all parameters.

6642103 Oct 20185.9700-beta-5

Fixed: non-admin users unable to change Projects under “insert XRef” browse.

6638832 Oct 20185.9700-beta-5
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