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PageSeeder installation and upgrade instructions

Release Notes - Version 1.x

Version 1.12a (19 December 2001)

The following changes were made:

  • War configuration included
  • Fixed problem with port in group documents
  • Modified SSI processor for war configuration
  • Added /ps/filter servlet
  • Modified Topic servlet for war configuration
  • Modified RealPath method for war configuration
  • Made non PDF documents open in a new _blank window

Version 1.12 (5 December 2001)

The following features were added:

  • DB2 configuration created
  • Integration with PDFs to allow hosting and management of Acrobat 5 comments
  • Allow uploads with .htm extension
  • Added New Version option to SeedFilter
  • Made expanded comments more readable in document
  • Enable off-line linking of emailed comments to seeds
  • Added choice of links after a page is closed
  • Added general comments page for group
  • Added -archive modifier for email comment submission
  • Create Groups function enhanced and simplified
  • Added new group options and documents interface
  • Added PageSeeder reply to functionality to Acrobat 5 interface
  • Added document/folder creation/deletion functions

The following changes were made:

  • Fixed admin access on SiteBuilder edit/insert links
  • Fixed SiteBuilder previous link not appearing
  • Fixed shared email confusing AcceptForm & MessageProcessor
  • Fixed 'no seed' problems with Word 2000
  • Stopped invalid characters being allowed in filenames
  • Fixed SiteBuilder null datetime bug
  • File upload re-written to improve performance
  • Secondary search for email address added to Edit Registrations

Version 1.10a (30 August 2001)

The following changes were made:

  • Fixed problem with Edit Groups changing Public Comments setting to Yes when an editor made any changes.

Version 1.1 (2 July 2001 - also called 1.06)

The following features were added:

  • New features for handling multiple groups
  • Added List Available Groups feature to admin options
  • upload.pshtml page included
  • Allow contributors to submit links
  • Made autoseeding configurable

The following changes were made:

  • Major enhancements to handling multiple groups
  • Email submission of comments use less concurrent database connections

Version 1.05 (4 May 2001)

The following changes were made:

  • Fixed problem running with Java 2 v1.3 JVM

Version 1.04 (26 April 2001)

The following features were added:

  • Allow processing of .html files by setting autoExtension2=.html
  • Major improvements to registration process
  • Allow uploads to sub-directory for Word 2000 documents
  • Added group prefix to comment's subject in emails
  • Allow unlimited no. of topics in productKey
  • Allow manual seeding by entering plain text <!-seed-> etc.

Other Changes:

  • Fixed admin link to wrong domain problem
  • Updated help links to point to /ps/topic
  • Fixed character encoding for special characters

Version 1.03 (24 November 2000)

The following features were added:

  • Upload/download content pages through browser
  • Protection from auto responder emails
  • Accept messages with BCC to PageSeeder
  • Accept messages forwarded as attachments
  • Update formats to new XLink and XTM specs
  • Template customization framework
  • Function to Move URIs
  • Custom sort order for links
  • Allow direct SQL queries
  • Expanded mode for viewing comments
  • Automatic seeding of any .pshtml file
  • Automatic toolbar insertion
  • Manual toolbar insertion with <!--toolbar--> comment
  • Suppression of seeds with <!--no seed--> comment

Other Changes:

  • Upgrade to Xalan1.1D01 and Xerces 1.0.3
  • Fixed email to all sending to administrators
  • Fixed setting strings to "" bug in database
  • Fixed double click on Refresh in IE problem
  • PageSeeder URLs now prefixed by /ps
  • Change logging to use ServletContext.log()

Version 1.02 (1 May 2000)

The following features were added:

  • Site Builder XSL template capabilities
  • Automatic seeding of templated pages
  • Manual seeding with <!--seed--> comment
  • Moderated registration to groups
  • Member lists function
  • Group administration by editors
  • Force email to all group members
  • Date of birth for members
  • Allow members with no email
  • Reset password function
  • Member notification of registration changes

Version 1.01a (20 March 2000)

  • Fixed problem accepting a reply to a different seed and entering moderator reply

Version 1.01 (24 October 1999)

  • Added com.pageseeder.calendar servlet
  • Fixed disappearing seeds after Delete All Comments
  • Fixed problems with different cases in page URLs
  • Upgraded to XML4J version 2.0.15
  • Added support for Informix database
  • Fixed problem with Product Key
  • Increased speed of loading pages under error conditions
  • Changed 'Edit Moderators/Editors' to 'Edit Moderators/Contributors' in Admin

Version 1.0 (25 September 1999)

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