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Configuration manual for PageSeeder

Global properties

The global properties apply to the entire PageSeeder server.

These values, stored in, can be found in:


PropertyDescriptionDefault value
anchorPrefixPrefix used for PageSeeder HTML anchor namesps
attachment​SubDirThe group folder name to store email attachmentsattachments
autoResponder​​LimitAllowed number of email messages to the same locator within the auto responder time (autoResponder​Minutes) before sending warning emails25
autoResponder​MinutesReaching the auto responder limit (autoResponder​​Limit) in less than this period triggers warning email90
autoResponder​​​Reply​LimitAllowed number of email replies allowed to the same thread within the auto responder time (autoResponder​Minutes) before sending warning emails10
autoResponder​WarningsHow many emails with warnings to accept before rejecting comments5
apiAccountIPsComma-separated list of IP addresses for API accounts (apiAccount​Usernames)

Comma-separated list of API account usernames. API account passwords cannot be reset.

apiAccountIPs must also be set for API user accounts

apiPortHTTP port for the Publish Engine to communicate with PageSeeder8282
diffXMax​EventsMaximum size of number of words multiplied by number of compare words when diffing content in history4000000

Path on host file system for storing documents. If no value is specified, the folder used is:

[pageseeder install]/documents

The domain designated for email sent to and from the PageSeeder server. Also, the domain in the user interface.

If set to pshosts, email uses the domain of the default folder for the group. If blank incoming email is disabled.

emailEmbed​ImagesA boolean indicating that images in outgoing emails should be embedded as attachments – useful for intranet testing (always done when webSiteAddress=localhost or *.localhost)false
emailMaxThread​MessagesIf the number of recipients for a notification is more than this, the emails are sent in the background20
emailSender​​DomainThis can send PageSeeder emails from a different domain than that in the user interface. However, with any version more recent than 5.97, the  organization config is a better way of doing this
globalTemplateA custom project template that applies to all projects on the server

Number of groups allowed by PageSeeder license or

licenseExpiresThe date when the PageSeeder license expires (ISO 8859 format YYYY-MM-DD)
logsAccess​HistoryPositive integer corresponding to the number of days the access log history is kept7

Must be one of DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, OFF.

  • Use DEBUG or INFO to log all access.
  • Use WARN to only log access that generates HTTP status code >= 400.
  • Use ERROR to only log access that generates HTTP status code >= 500.
  • Use OFF to not log any access.
Absolute folder path for log files. If no value is set, the following folder is used:
mailIpIP address the PageSeeder email server is bound to, if not all IPs
mailPortPort for PageSeeder email server25
mailServerA boolean indicating that the PageSeeder mail server should be enabledtrue
maxAccount​LockoutThe maximum number of minutes an account can be locked for60
maxAttachment​NumberThe maximum number of files that can be attached to a comment in the web interface20
maxAttachmentSizeThe maximum number of bytes allowed for an attachment in a notification email10000000
maxBadLoginsThe maximum number of incorrect login attempts before an account is locked10
maxFacetSizeThe maximum number of facets that can be returned in a search result1000
maxForwardXRefsThe maximum number of forward XRefs in a PSML document3000
maxIndexingSizeUpper threshold number of bytes for non-PSML files to have their content indexed. For DOCX files, this number is for the uncompressed size of the document.xml file30000000
maxIndexing​ThreadsThe maximum number of indexing threads. More threads increases indexing speed but should not exceed the number of CPUs on the server2
maxOpenedIndexesThe maximum number of open indexes at any one time50
maxPageSizeThe absolute maximum number of search results returned per page10000
maxReverseXRefsThe maximum number of reverse XRefs that are output in a PSML document (must not be more than maxPageSize)1000
maxUpload​Notification​AttachmentsThe maximum number of document attachments on an upload notification (if more than this, then none are attached to the notification – there is no limit for email attachments)20

The maximum size in bytes to upload a single file. To support more than 1GB, update Nginx client_max_body_size.

Exceeding the size value generates an error:
Request Entity Too Large

maxVersion​NotificationsThe maximum number of notifications when adding bulk versions by upload, folder or search (if more than this, then none are sent)20
maxWorkflow​NotificationsThe maximum number of notifications when adding bulk workflows by upload, folder or search (if more than this, then none are sent)20
membersNumber of groups allowed by PageSeeder license or unlimitedunlimited
minAccount​LockoutThe minimum number of minutes an account can be locked for30
minBadLoginsThe minimum number of incorrect logins before an account is locked5
notifyDailyTimeTime in 24 hour format when daily comment digests are sent out23:59
notifyProcessA boolean indicating that daily comment notifications should be enabledtrue
notifyWeekly​DayThe day that weekly comment notifications are sent out (they are sent at the notifyDailyTime) – must be monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday or sundaysunday
outOfOffice​LimitNumber of emails matching outOfOfficeString allowed before member is set to 'on vacation'2
outOfOffice​StringComma-separated list of strings to look for in email subjectout of the office,out of office
password​AlgorithmThe algorithm for hashing passwords – must be sN where N >=0 (weakest/fastest) and N<=9 (strongest/slowest)s5
productKeyProduct key for PageSeeder licensedev
profilingNumber of milliseconds a database query can take before it is logged as a slow query5000
projectsNumber of projects allowed by PageSeeder license or unlimitedunlimited
publish​EngineUrlURL to use the Publish Engine on a different PageSeeder server. For example:
redirectPortsComma-separated list of TCP ports which are redirected to webSitePort (for example, 80,8080) – only supported on Windows, for Linux we recommend using Nginx
serviceStrictA boolean indicating whether an HTTP error should be returned for deprecated or non-released servicesfalse
servletPrefixThe path used to access PageSeeder servlets as defined in the Web configuration (web.xml)/ps/servlet
sitePrefixThe path of the PageSeeder application as defined in the Web configuration (web.xml)/ps
slowIndexing​SizeNon-PSML files with larger than this number of bytes join the slow indexing queue to conserve memory1000000
smtpServer​AddressSMTP server to use for outgoing email messages (if blank, outgoing email is disabled)localhost
smtpServerPasswordPassword for SMTP authentication of outgoing emails
smtpServerPortPort of SMTP server to use for outgoing email messages if not using localhost25
smtpServer​​UsernameUsername for SMTP authentication of outgoing emails
version6To default the user interface to version 6, add:
webhookRequest​IntervalThe number of seconds to collect webook events into a batch before sending as a single request (0 means 0.5 seconds)5
webhookRequest​​​SizeThe maximum number of bytes in a single webhook request (requests are split if they exceed this limit)1400
webhookRetriesThe maximum number of times a failed webhook request is resent before the webhook status is changed to “unreachable”12
webSite​AddressSpecifies the host of PageSeeder; must be a valid host name localhost
webSitePortThe port to access PageSeeder; must be a valid port number 443
webSiteSchemeSpecifies the URL Scheme used to access PageSeeder. Supported values: http or httpshttps

Role override

These properties affect the default functionality assigned to a role—they are optional.

save-release is now deprecated, use create-workflow instead.

set-style-owner on adminEnable is now deprecated

PropertyAllowed values

Deprecated properties

The following properties have been deprecated and are no longer used in the latest version of PageSeeder.

PropertyDescriptionSince Version
attachmentDirFile system path to save email attachments to save them in PageSeeder5.8
customFolderA custom project template that applies to all projects on the server (use globalTemplate instead)5.98
customPackagePackage name for customized java classes – requires a special license5.93
documentPortThe port for document URIs in PageSeeder (default 80)5.98
documentSchemeThe scheme for document URIs in PageSeeder (default http)5.98
mailRelayList of IP addresses that are allowed to send email using the PageSeeder email server.5.7
topicsNumber of groups allowed by PageSeeder license or unlimited (use groups instead).5.98

Obsolete properties

The following properties are obsolete and no longer used in recent versions of PageSeeder. They can be safely removed from your file.

PropertySince version


  • Wherever multiple values occur, the values are separated by commas. Spaces are not permitted before or after the comma.
  • For properties that expect boolean flags, the allowable values are: true or false.
  • The default values are provided for convenience only; look at the on your PageSeeder installation.
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