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Configuration manual for PageSeeder

Incoming emails

Incoming emails trigger specific operations in PageSeeder.

Incoming email domain

PageSeeder will process incoming email messages for the emailDomain value in global properties. If the value is pshosts, PageSeeder processes any incoming email from hosts.

For email sender information, see From address.


To be valid, a recipient email address must:

  1. What comes after the @ character must match the incoming email domain (see above), and
  2. What comes before the @ character must match one of the following:
  • [group_name]to ensure the address is unique, the group must include the project name separated by a hyphen character.
  • [uri_id]-[fragment]
  • [comment_id]-reply
  • [group_name]//returned


Adding an instruction (switch) to the recipient email address, will customize the message processing. Append the switch value to the recipient address immediately before the @ character. Each switch is initiated with a string of two hyphens ‘--’. The following describes switch behaviour and the permission requirements:

  • --announce – sends the email to be sent to all members regardless of their notification settings. Only available to group contributors and higher.
  • --silent – captures the message but does not send it to any members. Only available to group contributors and higher.
  • --preserve – relays the message without reformatting it in the new-comment template. Only available to group managers and higher.
  • --announce--preserve – combines the announce and preserve switches. Only available to group managers and higher.
  • --noreply – ignore the email regardless of prefix.

PageSeeder will reject a message sent by a member with inadequate permission to use a switch.

Group comments

Every group has the following email address:


For example:

Messages sent here are considered general comments, and after processing through the new-comment email template, are sent to group members according to their notification settings.

PageSeeder will reject any message sent to an address that does not match a valid group name.

Summary of group email recipients

ProcessingEmail address
Announce & preserve[group_name]--announce--preserve@[incoming_domain]

Document comments

Comments on a specific document instead of a general comment on the group have the following format:


For example, sending a message to the document generally, would look like the following:

Posting a comment to the seventh fragment, would look like:

PageSeeder will reject any message sent to an address that does not match a URIID on the incoming domain.


Any comment, workflow or edit note can accept a response via email. The format for the reply address is the following:


If the value of comment ID does not correspond to a valid comment, workflow and edit note, PageSeeder will return a delivery error to the sender.

A comment that belongs on multiple groups, is posted to all of them.

Group returned address

Incoming messages, with the following address, are forwarded to the value of mailReturnedAddress in the group properties:



By default, PageSeeder messages have a Sender value of:


PageSeeder ignores messages sent to this address.

Ignored recipients

In addition to the postmaster, the following addresses are ignored:

  • error@[incoming_domain]
  • email_suppressed@[incoming_domain]
  • no_email@[incoming_domain]

As well as any recipient ending with --noreply.

Delivery error

Any incoming email that is not a valid PageSeeder email recipient returns an email to the sender coming from pageseeder@[outgoing_domain].

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