Configuration manual for PageSeeder

Incoming emails

Incoming emails trigger specific operations in PageSeeder.

Incoming email domain

By default, PageSeeder will process incoming emails from the domain defined by the emailDomain property in the  template properties. If the emailDomain property is set to "pshosts", PageSeeder will process any incoming email from hosts.

For information for the sender email domain see From address.


Valid PageSeeder recipients must match the incoming email domain defined above and their local part (i.e. the part before the '@') must match one of these values:

  • [group_name]
  • [uri_id]-[fragment]
  • [comment_id]-reply
  • [group_name]//returned


A number of switches can be used to change how incoming emails are processed. Switches are appended to the normal recipient and all start with '--'.

  • --announce will cause the email to sent to all members regardless of their notification settings. Only available to group contributors and above.
  • --silent will prevent the email from being sent to anyone in the group, but will still be recorded as a comment in the group. Only available to group contributors and above.
  • --preserve will prevent PageSeeder from using the new-comment template and will forward the email verbatim to group members. Only available to group managers and above.
  • --announce--preserve combines the announce and preserve switches. Only available to group managers and above.
  • --noreply ignore the email regardless of prefix


If a user sends an email with a switch not available to them the email will be rejected.

Group comments

All groups have a group email address defined as:


When incoming emails arrive at this address, the email is considered to be a general comment for that group. It is sent to all members of the group who have elected to receive emails and is processed by PageSeeder using the new-comment email template.

If the group name specified in the email address does not match a valid group name, a delivery error is sent back to the sender.

Summary of group email recipients

ProcessingEmail address
Announce & preserve[group_name]--announce--preserve@[incoming_domain]


Document comments

Comments on a specific document instead of a general comment on the group have the following format:


The URI ID must be a number corresponding to a valid document. 


Replies to comments, workflow and edit notes have the following format:


The comment ID must be a number corresponding to a valid comment, workflow and edit note. Otherwise a delivery error is sent back to the sender.


If a comment belongs on multiple groups, replies to that comment are automatically posted on all these groups.

Group returned address

Any incoming email arriving at:


Will automatically be forwarded to the mailReturnedAddress defined in the group properties of that group.


The default Sender for emails sent by PageSeeder is



Replying to this address has no effect - the email is automatically ignored by the mail server. 

Ignored recipients

The following recipients are always ignored:


As well as any recipient ending with --noreply

Delivery error

Any incoming email that is not a valid PageSeeder email recipient will return an email to the sender coming from pageseeder@[outgoing_domain].

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