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Configuration manual for PageSeeder

Custom member details

A custom member details page allows group managers to capture and maintain specific information about members of a group.

Where additional information is a requirement, up to 15 custom member fields are available for each Group. The information in these custom fields can either be shared with other groups in the same project or limited to the group that has been customized.

A project manager or admin can configure custom membership details by going to:

Administration menu > project [Project] > file-template Template > Template files

In the project folder, in the drop-down select the Membership config option then type in a filename for the member, ending with .xml. For example type in jjones.xml.  A member folder is created that contains a file with the name you entered.

By default, custom details are only available to groups in the current project, not groups in sub-projects. However, you can create custom details in sub-projects or change the group template to the parent project in the group config so it can use those details.

The XML configuration file in:


For further information, see details.xml.

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