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Configuration manual for PageSeeder

From address

This document explains how PageSeeder determines what the from address is.

PageSeeder does the following:

  1. Determine which email domain to use.
  2. Determine which type of email is to be sent.
  3. Select/generate the appropriate email address.

Effective email domain

The effective email domain used by PageSeeder for the ‘From’ address is based on the Global Properties.

PageSeeder uses the first property if it is defined in the global properties:

  1. emailSenderDomain
  2. emailDomain
  3. webSiteAddress

The email domain is often configured to be the same as the website address.

If emailDomain is set to “pshosts”, the effective email domain is based on the host for the default group URI. This is an advanced feature.

Type of from address

The actual business rule for the from address is based on the value of notifyFromAddress group property. The default is noreply.

If notifyFromAddress is...Email address used
useruser email address
or pageseeder@[domain] if no user
group[group name]@[domain]
groupReturned[group name]//returned@[domain]
noreply[hash unique to user]--noreply@[domain]
or pageseeder@[domain] if no user

See Group Properties.

Member address

When the member email address is to be used, PageSeeder uses the following:

If the member...Email address used
Has an email visible to group membersmember email
Has an email but does not disclose itemail_suppressed@[domain]
Has no emailno_email@[domain]

In case of errors

If there is an error processing the email address, the from address is set to:


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