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Configuration manual for PageSeeder

Document types

In PSML, document types are controlled by a collection of template configuration files. These files control not only custom document types but can be used to add style or validation rules to the built-in PSML document typesdefault, references, and help.


The configuration files have the following roles:

  • document-config.xml – defines the naming scheme, location and folder structure for the documents, which editing interfaces to use, labels and publishing options.
  • document-template.psml – defines the dynamic and proforma content, the document hierarchy, options and semantics for the document type.
  • default.sch – binds validation to the content using XPath and ISO Schematron. For further information, see Schematron sample code or Validating documents.
  • editor-config.xml – can override the default settings with customizations for the editing interface. 
  • document.css – modify the default UI display.
  • template-icon.png – associates a graphical icon with the document type in the PageSeeder interface. This file is obsolete and ignored as if PageSeeder v6.
  • xref-config.xml – can be used to configure xrefs across a whole project to make it uncomplicated for users to create them consistently for different purposes.

Creation and maintenance

The straightforward way to manage the customization process is on the Template configuration page, available from the following locations:

Administration menu [Project] > Template > Template configuration, OR

In the Document developer panel, click the Manage document types button, OR

Navigation menu > Project > Document types page, then click the Manage document types button at the top right

However, developers used to working in their own environment such as editor, code or repository won’t have any trouble integrating PageSeeder with external tools.


Internal files specific to document types are located in:


For further information, see Folders and files.

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