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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts


In PageSeeder, a host is one of the attributes of group folder and URI. It must be a valid hostname as defined by RFC 3986 .

Default host

The default host on your server is the websiteAddress global property.

Host configuration

Other hosts can be specified. They can only be configured by administrators on PageSeeder.

PageSeeder can support:

  • Multiple hosts which are considered by PageSeeder to be different.
  • Host alias which are considered by PageSeeder to be equivalent.

Internal and External hosts

Internal hosts are generally used for documents stored on PageSeeder and can only be added by administrators. Only internal hosts can be used for group folders.

External hosts are used for external URLs and are automatically added when a new external URL is added to a group.

External hosts can be made internal hosts by administrators so they can be used in group folders and give a group ownership of certain URLs. Ownership allows editing server wide properties of URLs. Another way to achieve this is to enable “Allow editing server wide properties of all URLs in this group” in the group config.

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