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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

group config – advanced options

These settings can be found in Advanced Options on the Group configuration page located under Group administration. For more information about the API, see Service: edit-group.


  • Group owner – Owner of the group.
  • template – Usually the same as the project for this group.
  • Related Website URL – URL of external website for this group.
  • Details form – Name of the template for collecting member details.
  • Group Visible to – Name of group this group is visible to (usually the same as name). Set to public to allow self registration.
  • Allow contributors in this group to edit all URLs on the server – This allows contributors or higher in the group to edit title, description, labels, URL, metadata or archive/unarchive any URL across the whole server.
  • Common group (obsolete) – Indicates whether group is a common group (all posts are confirmed).
  • Access Log (deprecated – access logs are now controlled by Global properties) Indicates whether the access log for the group is saved.



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