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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

Global template

The Global template (previously known as custom folder) is a custom project template that applies to all projects on the server. It is specified by the globalTemplate optional global property.

It defines types, publish scripts and labels for use in all projects.

A global template is the only way to specify URL types, because they are defined at the server level, not within individual project templates.

If the Global template page exists, it is accessible through the system administration and provides shorthand options to update the labels and types it defines.


To specify an existing project template to be the global template, make that project name the value of the globalTemplate property in the global properties, visible on the Server properties page. If no project name is in the globalTemplate property, the default template is used.

There is no way to edit the global properties through the user interface. Updates require an administrator with access to the file system and a text editor.

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