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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

personal group

A personal group is a reserved PageSeeder group used as a private space for PageSeeder members to receive messages and store personal documents.

Group vs Project

The name of the personal group is always "member-[memberid]-home".

The personal project "member-[memberid]" is the container for the personal groups of a given member. For the moment, members can only have one personal group 'home' within that project. This could change in future releases.

User interface

When a user has a personal group, its parent project appears as the full name of the user in the project list of the navigation menu.


A particular feature of the personal group is that it is only accessible to the member and cannot be accessed by system administrators unless the "adminEnable" template property includes the value "access-personal".


There are several ways personal groups can be created:

  1. An administrator can create a personal group manually from the user interface when looking at the personal details of a member – if a member does not have a personal group.
  2. An administrator can create personal groups by selecting that option when importing members.
  3. Personal groups can also be created programmatically via the API using the service /members/{member}/creategroup [POST] or /members [POST] with personal-group=true
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