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Configuration manual for PageSeeder

Project properties

These are name / value pairs set at the project level and inherited by all groups under the project.

Every property not defined by the project automatically inherits the default project property. The project properties cannot be edited with the group properties interface, but changes to the group.propertiesfile override them. See processing order.

Christophe is looking at the code to verify the processing order for group properties set in the project configuration vs group properties set in the group configuration. Also, maybe state briefly where the project level group properties can be edited, before stating where they can't (as this is also stated in subsequent fragments.

The file is different from the file. The file must never be changed! NEVER!!! 

Individual project properties

Are stored in a file located in the project folder. The location of the file is:


Default project properties

These are Java Properties that apply to all projects. The location of the file is:


The following properties might need to be updated as some are obsolete.

The following table describes the project properties.

PropertyDescriptionDefault value
perspectivesThe list of available perspectives (deprecated) (formerly known as ‘style views’)standard, developer,
defaultPerspectiveThe perspective that members default after log instandard
featuredImageDocumentTypesThe list of document types that display the first image in the document as a thumbnail in the search results. See image shell for further information.
acceptInvitationRequiredA Boolean datatype to determine whether members need to accept an invitation to join a group.true
overrideDefaultXsltA Boolean datatype for overriding the default layout XSLTfalse
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