A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts


PageSeeder provides several types of logs for developers and administrators to assess the health of their system and diagnose problems.

Most logs contain the date and time, context, level and when possible the user or stack trace. 

Group logs

Group logs can be accessed by group managers. They provide detailed information about:

  • jobs run by the PageSeeder publisher,
  • how PageSeeder indexed your documents, tasks or comments,
  • process jobs which are triggered whenever a group or a collection of PageSeeder documents or comments are moved, batch edited, archived, imported, uploaded or exported.

Server logs

Server logs can only be accessed by administrators. They provide detailed information about all available group logs in PageSeeder.

Additionally, they provide information about:

  • detailed access logs which can be useful to determine the sequence of actions that could have lead to an error,
  • recent system logs which list the most recent messages logged by the system, other publish, index, access or process logs.


Logs can be configured using the global properties via the following properties:

  • logsLocation
  • logsAccessLevel
  • logsAccessHistory


The section below is only for the more adventurous developers. Tampering with the logs configuration is not recommended as it may be overwritten during upgrade. It may be useful however, for diagnosing perplexing problems.

PageSeeder uses logback  as a logging framework. The configuration of the logs is controlled via the logback-pageseeder.xml configuration file which is loaded at start up.

PageSeeder predefines the following loggers and appenders:

PAGESEEDER.AccessACCESSDaily log, 7-day history
PAGESEEDER.IndexINDEXDaily log, 30-day history viewable via interface
PAGESEEDER.ProcessPROCESSDaily log, 30-day history viewable via interface
PAGESEEDER.PublishPUBLISHDaily log, 30-day history viewable via interface
* (any other)GENERALDaily log, 30-day history. Recent logs viewable via interface

It is possible add new appenders and associate any logger to a different appender. Refer to the logback documentation for more information.

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