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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts


Is a value that can be assigned to a document using a workflow. The status values are configurable in the group properties.

Document and task status

The document status applies to the workflow associated with the document. The status of the last workflow step is the status of the document

The task status applies to comments in a discussion. The status of the last comment is the status of the task.

Active status

A status is considered active when there are activities associated with the task or workflow. In other words, an active task or workflow indicates work to be done.

PageSeeder displays active tasks and workflows by default in the user interface so that it is easier to see which items require action.

The default active statuses are:

  • Task – Open
  • Workflow – Initiated, In Progress, Complete


The document and task status depend on the role that a member has in the group.


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