A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts


In general, PageSeeder does not encourage 'deleting'. The XLink architecture means that, regardless of presentation, PageSeeder objects are rarely discrete and self-contained. Instead, artifacts such as documents, comments and tasks are assembled from multiple, linked components.

Although a single PageSeeder comment might seem equivalent to a standalone email message, it is the resolved view of multiple components such as the comment content, a group member, a group (or groups) and possibly a location in a document.

To preserve the integrity of the view, users are encouraged to use archive rather than delete. This removes the object from the index without breaking the links. 

One good use case for ‘delete’ is the removal of a collection of test documents with no comments or edits. These can waste valuable resources for no benefit. To enable delete, use either of the following settings in the template properties

  • adminEnable=delete-documents
  • managerEnable=delete-documents


delete is only available in the Document -> Browse interface through the developer perspective

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