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 Folders and files

A explainer on files and folders

Config folder


This folder contains your PageSeeder configuration.

Please ensure that you have a copy of this folder outside your deployed solution. We recommend that you backup this folder. Typically the some of the configuration files would also be maintain in a version control system.

The PageSeeder configuration includes:

analytics.xml file

Use this file to inject some code into the user interface. This is typically use for Web analytics.

  <include location="head">
    <script><!-- This will be included inside the <head> --></script>
  <include location="body">
    <script><!-- This will be included at the end of <body> --></script>

identity-config.xml file

Use this file to specify Open ID providers and external portal apps to support SSO.

   <portal title="SSO Example" href="" />
   <provider client-id="[registered client ID with the external identity provider]" authority-url="[authority URL of the external identity provider]"            [title=""] [description=""]/>
   <domain name="" />
   <domain name="" external-only="true"/>

This file is returned by the /identity-config service.

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