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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

Weekly digest

Weekly digest is a method of notification, allowing the member to keep up to date with the latest comments and discussion related to a group by receiving a single email once weekly.

Announcements are always sent immediately to group members regardless of their notification settings.

Email template

When a member has set their notification to daily or weekly digest, they receive the comment-digest email instead of the new-comment email, unless the comment was sent as an announcement or is an essential notification.

The frequency attribute of the notification element is then set to weekly.


Administrators can configure daily digest email using the global properties.

Use the notifyDailyTime global property to set the time of the day the daily and weekly digest emails are sent to group members.

Use the notifyWeekly​Day global property to set the day of the week the digest emails are sent to the group. It must be one of monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, or sunday.

Daily and weekly digest comment notifications can be disabled by setting the notifyProcess global property to false.

Digest emails can only be configured globally – they cannot be configured differently for individual groups.

Changing the notification

Members can change their notification settings for each group by editing the membership in the groups and invitations pageAdministrators can also edit the notification settings on behalf of users from the user’s account profile page and managers from the group administration, manage members page.

Edit membership – Notification settings

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