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/setup [GET]


This service returns the setup information if PageSeeder is not already configured. 


No parameters required.


If the value of DBURL database property is empty, this service can be invoked without authentication as PageSeeder assumes that the setup has not been completed.

Otherwise, only administrators can invoke it.


The response reflects the current state of the PageSeeder setup. It includes the values from the global and database properties used to set up PageSeeder.

The response is identical to /setup [POST] except for the following fields:

loginrequiredAlways false boolean
productkeyinvalidSet to true if the product key is not valid when PageSeeder is already set upboolean

Error handling

HTTP status codeError condition
401If PageSeeder is already set up and the user is not authenticated
403If PageSeeder is already set up and the user is not an administrator

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