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Configuration manual for PageSeeder

Template properties

The file is now obsolete. As of PageSeeder v5.98 these properties are under the Global properties.

Controlling a range of settings, the PageSeeder template properties are the following:

PropertyDescriptionDefault value
webSiteAddressSpecifies the host of PageSeeder - must be a valid host name 
webSitePortThe port to access PageSeeder - must be a valid port number 80
webSiteSchemeSpecifies the URL Scheme used to access PageSeeder. Supported values: http or https.http
documentPortThe port for document URIs in PageSeeder80
documentSchemeThe scheme for document URIs in PageSeederhttp
emailDomainThe domain to use for emails sent to and from PageSeeder and in the user interface. If set to pshosts, makes incoming and outgoing emails from PageSeeder use the domain of the default folder for the group.
emailSenderDomainThis can be used to change the domain on emails sent by PageSeeder if it needs to be different from that in the user interface. A better way to do this is through the organization config.
customFolderThe default template used by projects for the server if not default
servletPrefixThe path used to access PageSeeder servlets as defined in the Web configuration (web.xml)/ps/servlet
sitePrefixThe path of the PageSeeder application as defined in the Web configuration (web.xml)/ps
anchorPrefixPrefix used for PageSeeder HTML anchor namesps
autoResponderMinutesThe auto responder time in number of minutes90
autoResponderReplyLimitThe number of email replies allowed to the same thread within the auto responder time before warning emails are sent10
autoResponderLimitThe number of emails allowed to the same locator within the auto responder time before warning emails are sent25
autoResponderWarningsThe number of emails with warnings allowed before comments are rejected5
outOfOfficeLimitNumber of emails matching outOfOfficeString allowed before member is set to ‘on vacation’2
outOfOfficeStringComma-separated list of strings to look for in email subject.out of the office,out of office

Role override

These properties affect the default functionality assigned to a role—they are optional.

save-release now means create workflow

set-style-owner on adminEnable is now deprecated

PropertyAllowed values
contributorEnablesave-release (if manage-documents disabled)
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