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unlock member

/members/{member}/unlock [POST]


This service lets an Administrator unlock the account of a member.

Accounts are automatically locked after a number of failed attempts at login. After an account is locked, members are not able to access their account even if they supply the correct username and password: only administrators can unlock their account.

Account locking can be configured in the global properties.

If the account of the Member is not locked, this service has no effect and returns a successful response.

When a member successfully resets their password, their account is automatically unlocked. So users can unlock their own by going through the reset password flow.


No parameters required – the Member to unlock is specified in the URL.


This service can only be invoked by an administrator.


This service returns a single <member> element wrapped in a <member-unlock> element.

    <!-- Member XML -->

Before PageSeeder 5.93 this service wrapped the member inside a <member-account> element instead and the @locked attribute (of absence thereof) on the <member> element was used to check whether the member account had been unlocked:

<member-account locked="false">
    <!-- Member XML -->

Error Handling

CodeCause / Description
0x0204The member not found
0x0101Access forbidden
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