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start group publish

/members/{member}/groups/{group}/publish/start [GET]


Start a group publish job.

The target PSML ANT script must already be configured on the Publish Engine.

The Publish Engine on a different PageSeeder server can be used by setting the property publishEngineUrl in the

The progress of the job can be monitored by getting the log messages from Service: /members/{member}/publish/check [GET]. The logs for the publish job can be accessed through the Admin user interface and are stored under the following location: /WEB-INF/state/logs/publisher .

To invoke this service from ANT use the publish task which will return logs from the publish action and wait until it is finished.

Parameter values can be used in the ANT script through ${ps.param.[name]} after calling the <ps:config /> task. e.g.

<ps:config />
<echo>The xyz parameter is ${}</echo>


NameDescriptionRequiredTypeDefault value
projectThe project containing the ANT scriptyesstring
targetThe target name in the scriptyesstring
typeThe type of action import|export|publish|processyesenum
log-levelThe level of logging the script outputs info|verbose|warn|error|debugnoenuminfo
ps-param-[name]The value of a parameter for the scriptnostring


Requires guest or higher access to the group.

In PageSeeder v5 this service must be accessed with a jsessionidfrom a username/password authentication instead of an OAuth token so that ANT tasks in the publish script can access PageSeeder.


XML returned:

<check date="2018-10-08T14:11:51+11:00">
  <publish id="[job ID]">
      <param name="ps-userFirstname"
             value="[first name]" />
    <message logged="false"
      Publish Job started

Error Handling

No specific errors expected for this service.

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