A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

External URL

Also known as simply a URL or external URI, this object stores the location of a resource outside PageSeeder. It is a first class citizen in the system and can be the target of cross-references. Because an external URL is a specialized PSML document, it can labbelled and searched just like other documents. They can also be uploaded with metadata as part of the Universal Portable Format.

The display of reverse cross references from external URLs can help to track and manage links to external sites.

For more information on creating and searching URLs see Version 5.4 features.


The URL component of an external URI is only stored once per server and “shared” to other groups whenever a members add it to a group. Because of this, by default, no single group can change the URL. Instead, a member must archive it and create a new one.

For a group to manage URLs at the server-level, that group must “own” the domain. Do this by adding the domain to the Group Folders (e.g.*) on the Hosts page located under the Admin tab.

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