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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts


Documents in PageSeeder are composed of fragments.

Fragments can have a comment thread attached to them. If the document can be edited or is in an editable format such as PSML, its fragments can also be edited.

Fragments have unique identifiers (IDs) which can be represented in a URL or email address. These IDs are either generated by the system or can be assigned through markup.

Where fragment IDs are created through markup, fragments can be edited programmatically. This can be very useful where there is a need to update only specific parts of a document.

Fragments are grouped into sections.

All documents have a default fragment, which is used to refer to the entire document.


In PSML, fragments are usually represented using the <fragment> element. 

There are also specialized fragments:

If the section or document is not locked, fragments can be repositioned within the section or document.

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