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A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

Document metadata

A set of properties that can be attached to a document based on its document type or media type.

Since PageSeeder 5.9, any document can have a predefined set of properties.

Metadata template

The list of properties that is defined in a PSML document template, using the <metadata> element. Although metadata are defined in PSML, they can be defined for any document in PageSeeder.

  • For PSML documents – the metadata is defined in the template for the document type.
  • For other documents – metadata are defined in a template that is used for all documents of the same media type.


For example, metadata can be used to provide information about a photograph, such as copyright, location, date, orientation, etc... in a manner that is consistent across all documents of the same kind.

Following is a sample metadata template for a document to enter a title, publication date and an xref to an alternative document.

When a document is bound to a media type rather than a PSML document type, the document level is 'metadata’ rather than ‘portable’ and when uploaded, it must be in the META-INF folder as described in  Universal Portable Format.

<document level="metadata">
      <property name="title"
                value="{$ps.title}" />
      <property name="pubdate"
                datatype="date" />
      <property name="alternate"
                datatype="xref" />
  • When uploading and overwriting an existing document, the metadata is only modified if the Overwrite metadata and document properties checkbox is selected under Upload options.
  • Metadata for a non-PSML file can only be modified when the file itself is uploaded along with the corresponding PSML metadata document.
  • Metadata properties that aren’t defined in the document template can still be uploaded and edited, but only text and date properties can be added through the UI.
  • New metadata properties can be added to the document template at any time and are added to a document when its properties are edited. 
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