A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

Document metadata

A set of properties that can be attached to a document based on its document type or media type.

Since PageSeeder 5.9, any document can have a predefined set of properties.

Metadata template

The list of properties that is defined in a PSML document template. using the <metadata> element. Although metadata are defined in PSML, they can be defined for any document in PageSeeder.

For PSML documents, the metadata is defined in the template for the document type.

For other documents, metadata are defined in a template that is used for all documents of the same media type.


For example, metadata can be used provide information about a photograph such as copyright, location, date, orientation, etc... in a manner that is consistent across all documents of the same kind.

Below is a sample metadata template for a document to enter a title, publication date and a cross-reference to an alternative document.

<document level="metadata">
        <property name="title"   title="Title"     value="{$ps.title}" />
        <property name="pubdate" title="Published" value="{$ps.currentdate}" datatype="date" />
        <property name="alternate" title="Alternate" datatype="xref" />


When a document is bound to a media type rather than a PSML document type, the document level is 'metadata' rather than 'portable'. 

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