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Configuration manual for PageSeeder

PSML document labeling

This article describes how to use the <labeling> element in the PSML document-config.xml file to control what labels are available in PSML documents.

It has the following structure:

<labeling [override="true"]>
  <labels type="..." ... />*


By default, the labels configuration extends the default configuration so that labels defined here are added to the project labels. To override the labels configuration, use the @override boolean attribute.

If the <labeling> element is not defined or the document-config.xml doesn’t exist, the labels are automatically inherited from the project labels.


Each <labels> element defines the following:

typeThe type of label to define (content-block, content-inline, image, link, xref, edit-note, fragment, document)

Each <labels> element can have one or more <label> elements which define:

nameThe name of the label
descriptionA description for this label (optional)
fragmenttypesA comma-separated list of fragment types to restrict the label to, default means only fragments with no type  – does not apply to type="document"  (optional)
colorThe color of the label in the document view (optional - only applies to type content-block or content-inline ) – can be black, navy, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink or purple.


  <labels type="content-block">
    <label name="deprecated"
           description="Feature no longer supported"/>
    <label name="note"
           description="Displayed in a special box"/>
    <label name="warning"
           description="Big and red"
           color="pink" />
  <labels type="content-inline">
    <label name="parameter"
           description="A function parameter"/>
  <labels type="xref">
    <label name="glossary" 
           description="Link to a glossary item"
  <labels type="edit-note">
    <label name="spelling"
           description="Spelling correction"/>
  <labels type="fragment">
    <label name="thumbnail"
           description="A thumbnail image"
  <labels  type="document">
    <label name="important"
           description="An important document"/>
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