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Configuration manual for PageSeeder

PSML document editing

This article describes how to use the <editing> element in the PSML document-config.xml file to configure custom PSML editors.

The element has the following structure:

<editing [override="true"]>
  <editor ... />*

For further information on how to configure the editing environment, see document template.


By default, the editing configuration extends the default configuration so that editors defined here are added to the base editors. To override the editing configuration, use the @override boolean attribute.

If the <editing> element is not specified or the document-config.xml doesn’t exist, then the editors are automatically inherited from the default configuration.


 Each <editor> element can define the following:

fragmenttypeTo bind a specific fragment type to a different editor

The attributes name, mediatype and format are obsolete as of PageSeeder v6.

The following parameters can be sent to the editing software using the <options> element under <editor>.

editnoteWith the following allowable values:
  • optional – user is not prompted to enter an edit note (default).
  • prompt – user is prompted to enter an edit note but can save without typing or selecting an edit label.
  • required – user is prompted to enter an edit note and must type something or select an edit label before saving.

The attributes html and tidy are obsolete as of PageSeeder v6.

In PageSeeder v6 you can remove <editor> elements unless they have options above that are not obsolete.


This is the default editor configuration:



Prompt for an edit note every time a fragment is edited and require one for fragments with type details.

    <options editnote="prompt"/>
  <editor fragmenttype="details">
    <options editnote="required"/>
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