Configuration manual for PageSeeder

PSML XRefs editor

This editor is used for <xref-fragment> which contains a list of cross references.

It can be customized using the <editor-config name="PSMLXRefs"> element.

<editor-config name="PSMLXRefs">
  <xref-config fragmenttype="[fragment type or default]" [name=""]>
    <!-- xref config options -->

The <xref-config> element has the same content as for the PSML XRef config except that @name is optional and @fragmenttype is required.

If @name is specified then the configuration from the PSML XRef config for the project (xref-config.xml) with the same name is used and this <xref-config> element should be empty.

If @fragmenttype is not "default" then the config will only apply to <xref-fragment> elements with that value in the @type attribute.


  <editor-config name="PSMLXRefs">
    <xref-config fragmenttype="default">
      <xref type="transclude"/>
      <autosuggest questionfields="pstitle,pslabel,pscontent"
    <xref-config fragmenttype="special">
      <xref type="embed"/>
      <target documenttype="tutorial" />
      <autosuggest questionfields="pstitle,pslabel,pscontent"
                   folder="books/*/tutorials" />
    <xref-config fragmenttype="suggested" name="related" />


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