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Configuration manual for PageSeeder

PSML content roles

This article describes how to use the <roles> element in the PSML document-config.xml file to control what roles are available for specific content in PSML documents. The roles are used to control the formatting of certain elements and are different to user roles.

This element can only be used from the version 6 user interface in PageSeeder v5.99 or higher.

It has the following structure:

  <role type="..." ... />*


Roles can only be configured for a specific document type and there are no default roles, therefore there is no @override boolean attribute on the <roles> attribute.

There can be multiple <role> elements with the same @type value. If there are no <role> elements for a particular @type, then the editor allows any role for that type, otherwise, only the roles defined for that type are allowed.


Each <role> element defines the following:

typeThe PSML element the role applies to (preformat, table, col, row, cell, hcell, list, nlist)
nameThe name of the role
descriptionA description for this role (optional)


  <role type="cell"
        description="Indentation level 1" />
  <role type="cell"
        description="Indentation level 2" />
  <role type="cell"
        description="Indentation level 3" />
  <role type="table"
        description="Table used for presentation" />
  <role type="table"
        description="Table containing data" />
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