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 Web service API

How to use PageSeeder's Web service API

rename project

/members/{member}/projects/{group}/rename [POST]


Launch a rename thread for the project.

Invoking this service starts an Asynchronous process.

The thread does the following

  1. Update the project name, template (style owner) and visibility (control group) if not public.
  2. Rename the project default folder path in the file system.
  3. Update all URIs and group folders which start with the project default folder path.
  4. Update the name, template (style owner) and visibility (control group) if not public, of all subprojects/groups. Also, rename the project’s folder under template and woconfig.


NameDescriptionRequiredTypeDefault value
nameThe new name of the groupyesstring


This service requires administrator.


This service returns the following XML:

  <thread ...>

Error Handling

CodeCause / Description
0x1101Illegal character in group name
0x1103Group name in use
0x1102Documents folder already exists
0x1106Parent project missing or is a group
0x1110Config folder already exists (for template or web folder)
0x110FCannot change a group to a project or a project to a group
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