Web service API

How to use PageSeeder's Web service API

project search predicate

/members/{member}/projects/{group}/search/predicate [GET]



Search multiple groups by predicate.

The indexes

The current implementation of PageSeeder produces one Lucene index per group. All the groups under the project on the request that the member has access to will be searched. The groups parameter can be used to narrow the groups selected. It must be a comma separated list of group names.

The query

The parameters used for a predicate query are predicate and defaultfield. The predicate specified must be parseable by the Lucene classic parser. See http://lucene.apache.org/core/5_2_1/queryparser/org/apache/lucene/queryparser/classic/package-summary.html  for more info.

For details see Service: /groups/{group}/search [GET].


The predicate specification may change with different Lucene versions so this service should not be used for production systems.


Name Description Required Type Default value
defaultfield The default field, only used with the predicate parameter no string pscontent
facets A comma-separated list of fields to use as facets no strings
facetsize The max number of facet values to load (max 1000) no integer 10
groups A comma-separated list of group names (only used when there is a project on the request) no strings
page The current page to view no integer 1
pagesize How many results does a page contain no integer 100
predicate The lucene predicate, takes precedence over the question parameter no string
searchgroups If 'all' then search all groups under the project (administrators only) no enum user
sortfields A comma-separated list of fields to sort the results no strings


Undocumented permissions requirements.


The XML response is:

  <query> ... </query>
  <facets> ... </facets>
  <results>  ... </results>

For details see Service: /groups/{group}/search [GET].

Error Handling

0x1501 If there is an invalid group specified
0x1502 If there are no indexes selected
0x1503 If the predicate is not valid
0x1504 If a sort field cannot be used for sorting
0x1505 If the facet size specified is bigger than the global property for face size ( maxFacetSize)
0x1506 If a numeric field is specified as a facet

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